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  1. I was at Cheltenham away and I honestly heard nowt. I was also at Bolton away and you were right there were some chants that day - but they were pathetically quiet from memory. Before you ask, my hearing is fine
  2. This thread is a great example to those on these forums who say there is no one out there to replace Moore. Most were turning there nose up at Bruno Lage for god sake lol. Post above is one I agreed with at the time. Lage should have been a real option for us when we were in the Championship and should have been thought of way before the likes of Jos Moore and Monk. You could see even when he was our Ast Manager, how motivational and liked he was.
  3. The fact that he started yesterday was enough for me to say enough is enough with this manager, then to also play him 90 mins. Everyone can see it, may as well play a kid in the U18s. What was the point of signing Sow? He seems just as poor but tbf to him has had no where near as many chances as Berahinio and when he has played he actually does look faster and more willing to make some actual effort to run. The message Moore is sending out to the squad with this favouritism to Berahino is damaging. No wonder we look like we have no team spirit.
  4. True but nothing is guaranteed is it. If every club had this mentality no one would ever change manager.
  5. Its flawed logic though. Man Utd had a run of managers that didn't do much before they got to Sir Alex. Can say the same about almost any club.
  6. Was at Cheltenham and I have to admit I did not hear anything. Someone asked on here the other day why none of our managers ever resign. Terry Yorath was the last one - I remember the Yorath out chants out. We are far too polite as fans and that is why the managers never go when they should and the chairman does what he wants imo.
  7. Alex Neil would be a good appointment. The type of manager most of our fans would sneer at because he is not a sexy appointment. He has won promotion a few times in his career. When he took the Norwich job they were really struggling. He took over from Neil Adams and instantly had them on an upward curve. He always did well at Preston and had them competing with no budget, better than any of our managers in the same period. He is a far better manager than Darren Moore. So I wonder why he is sneered at.
  8. Do you ever think the main reason these managers like Monk, Jos and Moore get so long in the job, past the point they should have gone, is how nice we are as fans? Monk - Should have gone at Brentford away. Got ages after. Moore - Should have gone after Sunderland 5-0. Should defo go after yesterday. He will get majority of the season. Jos - Should have about 6 months before he did, Millwall away springs to mind. When was the last time you ever heard our fans get toxic at a game and chant for a manger out?? Why are we so tame, other clubs do it all the time. The only time our crowd turned toxic was at Jos at Hillsboorugh when they started chanting for Westwood and Hutchinson - even then why not just chant we want Jos out. Makes you wonder how much a demographic of opinion twitter and OT is compared to the matchday crowd. The opinion on here and twitter is all pretty much we want Moore out, other than a few nutters who want us in League 2 because they can't think of a replacement
  9. It's a mouth watering prospect being at Hillsborough to witness BPF rolling the ball out to Beevers in our own box. Exciting times.
  10. I would do what the new manager will do, back to basics and 4-4-2. BPF Hunt Hutchinson Iorfa Palmer NML Luongo FDB Bannan Gregory Windass So from that, it's clear we need a left back, CB (Iorfa injured), left winger and a striker in Jan.
  11. It's not all about you though Let's hope our esteemed chairman is not keeping this shambolic manager in charge because some fans 'cannot cope' with rumours and speculation, ironically what forums are all about HNY
  12. Does this way of thinking irritate anyone else? It is all I am seeing, mainly on Twitter but have seen it mentioned on most portals in discussion of Darren Moore. It is such a flawed way of thinking, to leave a manger in control of a business because you cannot be bothered to recruit better. Surely this just creates a really apathetic culture around the club, which is how it feels right now. No other business would ever leave a manager in charge because the replacement is not clear, and continue to mis perform. There are so many examples out there for people to look at when it comes to clubs changing managers. I bet none of the Sheff U fans were ecstatic when Heckingbttom replaced Jokanovic, but he has had an impact. Even if you look closer to home, not many of us would have been asking for Megson to be replaced by Jones, look what happened there. You could go on and on, of manager who were surprise appointments at various clubs and went on to have an immediate impact. Not many Forest fans were that chuffed that Cooper was the man to replace Hughton, again he has had a great impact. I referenced Mark Robins yesterday, that situation proabbly the closest to our own. You could argue SISU and the Cov situation is far worse and Robins won two promotions with all that going on - did the Cov fans want to stick with Russell Slade? No, they were on his back. Do you really think the players in the changing room, don't hear the same unmotivating, delusional, cliched drivel that we do? There is no way Moore is any different in that changing room imo and the performances suggest the same. I understand the thought of can the chairman actually appoint a good manager. However, all of his manager appointments have on paper had a chance and not been that bad. Other than Jos, all of the others had some sort of track record or you could see why he went that way. Surely it is better that he acts now to try and save the season, whilst we are 5 points off 6th and at the start of the transfer window and two weeks before the next game? It's almost the perfect time for a change. We made the change in far less troubling times with Megson and Manderic had a reputation at getting appointments wrong, it can sometimes work. Where is the risk? It cannot get any worse on the field. Most of the squad is loans and frees and short term deals. It's not like any new manager will be lumbered with 10-15 players he cannot get rid of in the summer. If there ever was a time to actually change our manager it is today. The chairman gives these managers far too much time to try and turn things around. We are not in the Sir Alex era anymore. If it's not working it's not working. You could see with Moore even in the Championship, he was making odd choices. I would actually say from the list of comedic managers we have had recently - Moore now topples Jos as the worst. Hopefully we will hear something today.
  13. No it’s not just you OP. He made Stevie May or Rhodes at his worst seem like David Hirst. Berahino body language absolutely stinks. It reaks of someone who thinks they are better than everyone else but most frustratingly it’s grandeurs of delusion as like you say his touch is genuinely embarrassing. He’s weak. He is slow. He has had chance after chance. i saw someone mention in here about him at least being involved and Gregory wasn’t. Whoever said that, watch that game back and just watch Gregory and Berahino. Gregory chased everything tried his best to chase back and make runs - all whilst Berahino stood there. Gregory was poor but unlike Berahino his attitude and effort cannot ever be questioned. I can’t remember who it was but we had a good counter opportunity second half. Adrenian possibly was running with it and Berahino had the whole wing to make a run and option for a pass - and just jogged given us mo option for the counter. That was an utter disgrace from Berahino today but no different to how he’s been every game. The manager has to be questioned as to why he keeps playing him. Garbage management.
  14. We huffed and puffed today. They went to a low block. We couldn't get back into the game. We wanted a reaction today but we didn't get that. We have to get back to basics and start finding our rhythm again. A line for his post match drivel. So if they go to a low block Darren (crap new age manager drivel), change our own tactics and go to a high line and press from the front. We wanted a reaction yes, but it appears like the fans, the players take what you say with a pinch of salt. Back to basics is not playing 3-5-2 with wingers and full backs as centre backs is it? Utter nonsense from a manager who will leave us and end up managing no higher than this league.
  15. This season we have seen many teams change systems in a game when we have been on top. Moore has then used this as a reason why there was a change in the dynamics of the game - i.e they changed system to stop the flow of our attacks. That first half today was one of our worst 45 minutes of the season. They were dealing with our pedestrian 3-5-2 without any worries whatsoever. Why is our so called manager not making changes after such a shocking 45? Why is he not changing the system at least. What is he actually doing at HT? We came out for the first 20 of the second half, exactly how we motioned through the first half. NML comes on and looked fine, no rustiness. He is 29, always been fit and used to playing at a higher level. He should have been on at HT for the useless Berahino. Give them something else to think about, other than marking one static striker and one who has very little pace. I could ramble for longer but I do not want to bore everyone, the point of this post is any manger of any sort of standard, makes changes at HT. If he doesn't make a change, he tweaks something 3-5-2 to a basic and more simple 4-4-2. 4-5-1 and try and get control of the midfield and play NML in behind LG. Nothing. Moore is tactically poor. He clearly cannot motivate these players. I have never seen such poor body language and shrugging. Simply doesn't happen under a manger players play for. That felt like a game where it is definitely the managers last game, but this is SWFC, so I suspect we will still have many defending him and just like Jos and Monk we will have to put up with for another 3 months, because we cannot think of a better option!! I will use Coventry as an example. Relegated to League 2 under SISU!! Had loads of crap managers. They didn't think lets just leave Russell Slade in because there is no one better, there fans didn't just blame SISU and back the manager no matter what and keep using this retort. Robins won back to back promotions. Moore is an awful manager, WBA knew it, Doncaster Rovers fans told us. Why wait?
  16. Is he? He is okay when he has to shoot without thinking off the cuff, but his actual finishing is woeful. Did you not remember last season some of the misses
  17. Hopefully we are all in agreement the man is not a striker. Yet Moore keeps on playing him upfront as if magically he is going to start performing an understand the role. On Tuesday we were slow upfront, really slow. People may argue we had no other options seeing as Berahino and Sow are about as useful as any of us. However, he could have played NML in behind Gregory, a position he has played many times. Yes Patterson scored 10 goals upfront in the Champ for us, but we went down. Patterson can be useful but hardly ever as a CF. He is not good enough with his back to goal, he is better when facing the goal. His best performances this season have come from right wing back. Surely Moore cannot keep attempting to play him upfront.
  18. It’s mad really the extended stays in the Job Monk, Moore and Jos have had despite game after game of utter dross. Game after game of failure. Game after game of us looking like a shambles. Carlos had us playing some of our best football and the first bad run he’s gone. In fact fans got on his back early but never do with the managers that actually need us getting at them. Strange one.
  19. It's a good job most businesses in the world don't operate with some of the mentalities on here. Don't change the manager because we are not sure on who to replace him, or we don't like the process. In other words Darren, you can be crap as you wish, set us with a dreadful shape continually, have one of the worse win ratios in the history of the club, but it's fine, your job is safe as we are worried about who to replace you with. History is repeating itself with the Monk era under Moore. They play the same formation and we go through games in the same manner. There is the same fragility and there is the same core weakness. There is no spirit and no leadership. At some point, some of our fans have to see this comes from the manager. Other managers go into other clubs and change everything, despite those clubs being just as dysfunctional at us. It seems at Wednesday every manager whether it's Jos, Monk or Moore, get's the excuse it is the chairman fault. Warnock went to Cardiff under the Tan ownership gets them promoted, Wilder has Boro doing well, Robins has Cov over performing. As ever we hang onto these managers for too long. Monk unbelievably got the pre season after Brentford debacle and Moore will probably get the next one too, when both at any other club in the football league would have been sacked after the 5-0s. It is the manner of the defeats. When you lose like we did in those games, managers do not come back. Players are jogging around, not racking mem, shrugging shoulders, pulling out of challenges. Our captain is getting into silly handbag scuffles, which really does summarise the leadership at this club. Yes the chairman is not great but it should not give the manager a free pass. Other managers achieve results at other clubs under just as difficult chairman. Robins under Sisu has two blood promotions. Wake up Wednesday fans, stop providing such a nice atmosphere for these dreadful managers. Simple as that.
  20. Your comments on Carlos are ironic to say the least, seeing as you won’t have a bad word to say about your hero Monk. We see teams spend far more than we did under Carlos, especially year one. Spending any money doesn’t guarantee success and certainly doesn’t guarantee the style of play we enjoyed that first season. Second season we imploded with big money signings but how are Monks signings not his fault in your opinion, yet with Carlos it’s his biggest fault. Also Carlos didn’t leave us in a worse position he left us in the Championship and even 18 months later under Bruce there was playoff talk and optimism. It was your hero Monk and Pulis who relegated us. Far better managers have had far worse squads in the Chanpionship and not been relegated I.e Warnock at Cardiff and Rowett constantly has Millwall doing well.
  21. Unfortunately no game to look forward to this weekend so it got me thinking about 2021 and Wednesday. Be interested to see what others think to the above categories. BEST MOMENT On the pitch we have not had a lot to cheer about at all with a relegation in 2021 and a sluggish start to our season in League 1 (until recently). So for the best moment of the year was being back at Hillsborough following a whole season and more away for fans. Hearing Hi Ho Silver Lining again was a brilliant moment. WORST MOMENT Ignoring the obvious and relegation, probably Tony Pulis. He did absolutely nothing but under us and probably the main reason we got relegated. Was not prepared to work with what he had and seemed to bring a real negative aura around the club during his short stay. Had we picked up more points in the time Pulis was manager we stay up. I am glad his spell in charge was short lived. VILLIAN OF THE YEAR Got to be the chairman really. End of the day his leadership got us relegated. HERO OF THE YEAR The fans. Our away support this year in League 1, especially when we go away from home, reminds the country of why we are a big club. If only the players could give us a small percentage of the commitment our fan base puts in, week in week out, we would not be in League 1. I salute the fans of SWFC. You/We are the heroes of this club and always will be. Let's hope this team can now kick on and finish the job of in the second part of the season. Have a good one.
  22. When he has played he looks better than Berahino. Then again most people would. Strange to persist with Berhaino - who rather then helps us when he comes on actively hinders us at times, when could just invest in the future and give this lad some minutes.
  23. Jack Hunt played like Cafu on his debut against Bristol City all them years ago and has never played like that since
  24. Feel like it has got better, shows you how opinions vary, felt that chap talked far to much
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