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  1. He's very balanced and level headed. I think that probably goes a long way with the players and trusting in him, unlike the idiots before him.
  2. Correct but it's 2022 you are not allowed to call a spade a spade mate. As a fan base we are very tolerant of mediocrity imo. To balance it out MK Dons played similar, so going away in the playoffs is never easy. Look at the contrast in our games vs Brighton. I think we can moan after Monday if we don't get a home showing with conviction like Sunderland and Wycombe gave their fans. Moore clearly set up to get back to Hillsborough still in the tie. You can argue he has done that. If we beat them by the same score as in the league we are through. We already bettered the result at SOL in the league. ET and Pen I reckon. Time to be a hero BPF.
  3. Attack attack attack!! Drop one of the midfield 3 and play Windass behind strikers
  4. Bannan was injured. Looked like he was to me. Strange to leave him on for the whole game if the case.
  5. So he went for the Carlos at Huddersfield approach but came away with a defeat and not a draw.
  6. Does George Hirst look any better than Madine when Madine scored 18 at this level and a few years younger. I would say no. Hirst is by no means useless but I think he will have a career like Madine, yo yo between League 1 and Championship.
  7. Hutchinson won't be dropped for Dean. Will be Palmer. Harsh but if he does bring Dean in that will be who makes way imo.
  8. It's not as simple as that. Lot's of variables come into play. Sunderland have been in this league for 4 seasons with the biggest budget. Ipswich years too. Pigs similar amount of time. Moore had to get this side together last minute - looks at the second half of the season stats once they gelled. Not really Moore fault the start of the season and trying to desperately get a squad of players together. It was only three or four weeks before season where Bannan gave that worrying interview - suggesting all was not well. So Moore had a lot of off field work to get right first before he could concentrate on the games. I think he has done a solid job.
  9. I had a similar situation I think in the seat behind me. The kid spent whole game smacking me on my head!
  10. I don't doubt he will stick with 3-5-2. I am just hoping that the mentality within that formation is to press and attack. Not sit back like we did away at Huddersfield that time. We played the usual formation that day but there was no desire to get forward or press. We just wanted to get back to Hillsborough level. Let's get back to Hillsborough in front.
  11. What we all thinking and how do we all want the team to set up? Personally, I would like us to set up like we did away at MK. We pressed and set our stool out early that day. I don't think any of us want a repeat of Huddersfield away, and play for a draw. Also Brighton away, many of us 100% cannot handle an away day like that on the old tickers. We all know Sunderland fans get on the teams back, so an early goal is crucial. Our best form of defence is to attack. I actually trust Moore to go there and set us up to attack. I cannot see him doing a Carlos away at Huddersfield at all.
  12. Moore has been a breath of fresh air in many ways. He can frustrate with his constant tinkering but on paper he has done an excellent job. He could easily have left pre season and I think many thought he might. We had an embargo and when Bannan came out and did that interview things seemed at an all time low. Moore has been a huge factor in turning the atmosphere around at the club. At no point this season have I thought the players were not playing for him, which cannot be said about any of the managers that followed Carlos before him. He has got our home form back to the levels of the Carlos era, again something the managers before him struggled with. He has got us coming back in games when we go behind, he has to take huge credit with this, in a)changing the mentality and b)signing players like Gregory, Dean, Byers and more who have better personalities and mentalities than players before them who would cave and shrink and shirk responsibility. Let's hope we do this and get promoted but to come 4th and with our home record- Moore deserves a proper pre season without the chaos whatever happens now. Easily best manager we have had post Carlos.
  13. Fair play to Storey. Back to his best Saturday.
  14. Been brilliant since we signed him but has anyone noticed he has lost his edge this last 3/4 games? The reason I have started the thread is because I cannot see another one, but more importantly he makes almost 95% of fans teams for tomorrow. In this 3-5-2 formation a lot of the attacking comes down the sides obviously, it feels like teams are allowing Storey to have the ball as he is uncomfortable going forward, or if not uncomfortable he is no ta threat. Storey reminds me of Tom Lees when we tried playing Lees to the side of the 3. Both excellent defenders but in the middle. If we take it as a given Dean starts then surely it's better to have either Hutchinson and Palmer either side or Gibson to the left and Hutch/Palmer to the right? Have I imagined Storey has been poor last 3/4 games? This is not a dig at Storey because it could just be a case of games catching up with him, as like I say it's only the last 3/4 weeks it's become clear he has dropped a level I would prefer, Hutch Dean Palmer. UTO
  15. Everyone putting Storey in their sides. Yes he’s been a brilliant signing but he was abysmal last night. Would probably prefer Hutchinson and Palmer either side of either Dean or Dunkley?
  16. I think we have to take Storey out. He was shocking tonight and has been poor for a few games now.
  17. Thankfully Gregory got us out of jail there. We were in full control of that game until the stupid, silly and needless flapping around the back (on a bobbly pitch). So we concede that absurd goal, all of our own making and even then in the second half they almost did it again. We cannot be conceding goals like that in the playoffs vs better teams. Come on Moore and Co, drum it into your backline to clear the ball and be more decisive, with when and when not to play out from the back. Storey had struggled all night, so come on BPF have some common sense and just clear it instead of giving a player struggling the ball under pressure. Anyway, what a win. At 2-1 never envisaged we would go onto win that game. Lot's to look at for Moore in that game though. It's not all sunshine and rain. There was an awful lot wrong with that performance but well done to the lads for coming back and winning when not at our best. Final Thoughts. Storey has been looking very shakey now for a few weeks. If Dean is to come back in for the playoffs, I think we are looking at Hutchinson and Palmer either side? UTO.
  18. We've gone with the right back. Please do something CP and look like you can play the role. Not sure why Moore thinks he will, seeing as he hasn't all season.
  19. Dunkley dropped then, despite a fairly decent game on Saturday and realistically being the only really experienced CB of his type available. A very questionable call from Moore and yet we are used to this now. Not sure what he has seen in Patterson to warrant him starting upfront. Yet more tinkering. If we don't make top 6 I am afraid for all the good he has done, it will be on him and his constant tinkering.
  20. Feel like he’s come into a bit of unfair criticism. Moore has to stick with him tomorrow night and Saturday. He remains the best option alongside Gregory until Windass is back. Even though he hasn’t scored the last two games and missed some sitters his actual touch and work rate has been spot on. We play better when Berahino plays. He drops into the lines and gives the midfield a different option other than going long. I really hope Moore sticks with Gregory and Berahino as the front two. UTO
  21. For some strange reason I’m feeling confident. Also, if we go there and get a negative result we don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. It’s in our own hands and the players need to step up and make sure that our superior quality comes through. There cannot be any excuses. We should also have one eye on GD that could be crucial and try and score a few goals unlike Crewe at home.
  22. BPF Storey Dean Hutchison Hunt Johnson Luongo Byers Bannan Gregory and Berahino FDB, NML and Windass as attacking impact options from bench.
  23. I think Fleetwood have only won one game in the last 19 games and that was on January 15th vs Crewe. That’s shocking. If Moore comes out and says they are a wonderful side and we have to be careful…….. Lots of people putting Patterson in ahead of Berahino. Really don’t get that. Berahino even when quiet keeps our shape better, supports Gregory better and his touches and link up play far superior. Keep the faith in Saido and Gregory and put Windass on bench. They are the three vests filers at the club. Patterson is a right back.
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