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  1. Getting facetious now In your self regarded most important opinion, when can we start questioning Darren Moore?
  2. At least we are both agreed we can only judge Moore now then from the game as everything else is in the past
  3. Most people wouldn’t consider the present season at any stage in the past when discussing performance and debating the season. Last season was the past.
  4. I’m not really just saying there are plenty of managers out there who do brilliant jobs despite garbage ownership
  5. He’s trying to keep the club afloat during a global pandemic. Give him some leeway.
  6. As usual you’re just ignoring a solid point with waffle. The point shows managers can perform under trying ownerships.
  7. Answer the question though if you would? Did Mark Robins not win two promotions under SISU?
  8. Wednesday fans have an issue with living in the past too. With players and now with the chsirman. Yes he’s the main contributing factor why we are in League 1 but that’s in the past. The present is he has backed his manager this season and that manager has one of the better set off players in the league. He has a win percentage of 30 odd %. Yet all OT and a few others can harp on about is the chairman. Living in the past!! As far as I can see since the start of the season he’s paid the players each month despite the ongoing pandemic and he’s backed his manager.
  9. If the opposite was true we wouldn’t have managers who deserve sacking lasting for periods of time they wouldn’t at other clubs - and we wonder why we are in Leagie 1.
  10. Perfect example of a the culture at this club. Yes not ideal but did Mark Robins win two promotions at Cov with no stadium? Just asking.
  11. Yeap. Said that for a while. No way Rangers leave a manager in charge with the stats that Moore has. We all seem very happy to blame everyone but the manager at this football club.
  12. The local journalists especially at The Star do have a soft spot for Darren Moore. The article reads as making excuses for his poor recruitment. I am sure there cannot be any difference in how he can operate now and then. We will soon see. They often say that players have a real desire to play for Moore before we sign them - every single time actually. Where is the desire where it counts at 3pm on a Saturday? Berahino has been afforded so much time and chance after chance by Moore and looks like he cannot be arsed whatsoever. Is it that Moore is too nice, too patient, too understanding. I remember Farke took a while to get Norwich going but the difference was he had a competent chairman and sporting director. How the chairman has not seen that is what we need I will never know.
  13. This is true. He cannot truly be judged until he is played as an out and out winger. He is not a wing back. Perhaps when some of the defensive shackles are reduced, he can truly concentrate on his strengths and may look better for it, quicker as more energy.
  14. I cannot see him being a Prem player. No where near quick enough.
  15. Let's talk about it! The elephant in the Owlstalk Room. Theo Corbeanu. This is not a post attacking the player. He is young, will improve and always tries his best. My point with this post is he is no where near as good as some posters think or want. Even at games, people talk about him like he is Messi. From what I have seen of him this season, he lacks pace to ever really be any brilliant. He currently also lacks strength, however he can develop this as he gets older. He could turn out to be a very good player (in the future), but right now he is not doing anything whatsoever. I think he will have spells within games, where he comes up against lackluster league 1 full backs where he may have moments. (Sunderland goal). I don't think we will ever get a consistent run from him. I am not Moore biggest fan but this would explain his use of Corbeanu. Then again I am probably giving Moore undue credit there, as he continually plays Berahino. The main point is Theo should be used as an impact sub or squad player. If we revert to wingers we have NML, who will be very good once fully fit in a few games time. So we need to sign a left winger. Laughably, despite all the wingers signed it's only the one just signed NML you would want starting. Come on Darren, go and get a young winger similar in pedigree to Theo but with actual pace that can hurt teams. Slow wingers get you no where fast.
  16. One Left field appointment would be Liam Rosennoir. Speaks a very good game from his days on Sky Sports. He’s a very bright young coach. A lot of the application and fight Derby are showing at the moment and tactics will be attributed to him as much as Rooney. He will be a big reason for how they are playing and handling themselves. Rosenoir will be a good manager imo.
  17. What on earth has he done to convince you we will make the playoffs? Genuinely interested to know on that!!
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