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  1. The writing was on the wall when we started the season with Monk still in charge. Defies any logic that he was still manager of this football club after some of the defeats we witnessed, honourable mentions to Blackburn and Brentford 5-0 hammerings. He was then allowed to shape this new ‘young and dynamic side’. That cost us and we never recovered.
  2. He is no where near as bad as Craig Armstrong was in the centre of the pitch at the same level. Don't get me wrong he is no Pirlo but there are way more players ahead of him for worst ever player.
  3. Pelupessy is not good enough at this level, however he has probably improved his own level of performance from what it was last season and before. He would be okay in League 1 I reckon but I would still want to see him released. We have to get rid of the majority of this squad. Every stat out there shows you the mentality is all wrong, from throwing away leads to not coming back when we go 1 down. I would genuinely like to see a whole new team next season and I would like to see everyone leave.
  4. We need assertive players. Players who take responsibility when on the ball and when off it. Too many of our players react, they point but hardly any take any responsibility. We have to start signing characters. Mentally strong men. Not the absolute wimps and weasels see seem to attract.
  5. It’s hard to stomach just how bad some of these players are. At the end Rhodes snatching disgustingly at that shut, and then Kachunga flapping around. Can we not expect a professional footballer to put their foot through the ball and get a shot on target? Their are so many players to dislike in this team. The only thing keeping me going is knowing most of them will be gone soon. This is the worst SWFC team I can remember and we’ve had some crap.
  6. FF scored all his goals for a team finishing 6th and then 4th. Yes he was here last season but unlike Fletcher, FF was getting played at full back.
  7. Going public. A well ran club does not throw their own players under the bus.
  8. I mean if we did the unthinkable and actually won a game, Derby would be catchable and if Hudds keep losing. Oh why do we do it!
  9. FF was wrong not to play vs Norwich but we all make mistakes. Di Canio was wrong to push Alcock over but we all make mistakes. Both fiery Italien players who act on emotion. Both let down by the club in how the club reacted to both situations. We cut our nose off despite our faces both times and were worse off for it.
  10. Fletcher was a waste of money. Spent most of his time injured. He is a fantastic CF but did we need him? Probably not. We needed a CB and CM. We had Hooper, FF, Joao and Nuhui. For the money spent on Fletcher we did not get value for money. Did we for FF? I think we did. FF will live long in the memory for some of his performances. Even second season I remember him away at Wolves - one of the best performances I have seen from a Wednesday striker post prem. He signed for a minimal fee compared to others and produced. For what it's worth I rate them both.
  11. FF took us to Wembley that first season. He scored more goals in a season pretty much from midfield than Fletcher ever scored in a season, plus assists. It was poor management as ever by the club. I am not saying how he behaved was correct but it was stupid rewarding his performances that season by bringing in another player om more money.
  12. If your the best at your workplace and then your employer pays someone else miles more than you it’s going to cause issues.
  13. What a player. Will miss seeing players of FF quality Almost single handedly took us to Wembley on his own at times. His reward? A past it 31 year old failed striker coming in on way more money then him. And people blame FF. LOL
  14. New Keeper Hutchinson, Iorfa and Urgohide as the back three first choice options. Still have Borner in contract and Dunkley too. Hutch better than both. RWB - New LWB - NEW CM Luongo, Bannan and NEW or FDB/Patterson CF Windass CF NEW Need at least 5 players for the starting 11 if we keep hold of Bannan, Luongo, Iorfa and offer Hutch a new deal. Would keep Windass for League 1, he will be a real threat at that level and aim to sign a decent mobile target man to play alongside him. If we could keep Westwood as player coach and 2nd choice to a younger keeper on a salary that works for us all, it should be done. He is the best keeper we have seen at this club in his prime and what better mentor could a new keeper have then a Westwood who knows he is no longer able to command 1st choice spot but can pass his experience and leadership skills on and be there if needed. Would release Lees, Reach, Palmer, Rhodes and anyone else. The four mentioned, the time has come for them to leave, the four of them have become the face of SWFC failure. Hutchinson at the right wage is a no brainer despite the flack I may get for suggesting this. He is 10x the player Dunkley or Borner are and played at CB for the duration of a season he won't get as many niggles imo. I would go as far as to say he should be captain. He is a leader and would offer a great backbone with the pace of Iorfa and Urgohide next to him, with him sweeping. Have a feeling we will keep Bannan and Luongo will stay as who will take a chance with his recent injuries. Sign the right players around the above and let Moore have the final say and it could be worse.
  15. You can at least see some improvements in how we are trying to create an identity under Moore. For the first 20-25 mins yesterday some of the football was excellent, quite enjoyable to watch in fact. Moore is the only manager since Carlos that has actually got us playing some attractive passages of play, first manager where you can say, okay I can see what they are doing here. Hated Jos, Monk and Pulis but at least under Moore he has us playing some okay football, which gives you faith with a pre season and more time with his own group in the longer term things might improve. The difference in style under Moore and Pulis is clear, despite as you say the points not essentially showing this. I do believe if Moore had been in charge for majority of the season and we played like we have been in certain games, we don't lose some of the awful games vs our close opponents that we did under the managers before him. I am personally warming to Moore and first time I can say that since we had Bruce.
  16. Shaw is so over hyped. He won’t do anything once he leaves us. Slow and cumbersome players never do.
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