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  1. Yeah I doubt we would be able to get him. He may be out of contract end of season but there are conflicting reports there.
  2. Ladapo has asked for a transfer. He is Moore godson and always scores at this level. One to watch maybe.
  3. It was never going to happen was it, which is a shame for some and a relief to others. All I know is if somehow he had of come back, I would prefer to watch Fernando any day of the week play for us then Saido Berahino. Had we had a better season and better strikers, then yeah you laugh FF off. He is in the past as AM rightly said.
  4. Has to have Charisma. An absolute must. Jos, Moore and Monk lost a lot of fans early due to not having any. Fans want an engaging, interesting manager with a larger than life character like Carlos/Big Ron.
  5. I have seen fans questions how they interview Moore. Problem with twitter really. However do fans say the same to Rob Staton? No. So maybe there is some truth but the way the fans go about it is wrong.
  6. Of course. Perhaps today was just the straw that broke the camel back then.
  7. Our fans are too nice and patient at games. Never get on a managers back. Once a crowd turns toxic, most chairman act.
  8. Also regarding your point on Dom Howson. I disagree. Recently he has been calling it as it is. If you show me the screenshots of the abuse? I have genuinely not seen any? I am on twitter a lot. They are getting tweets about Moore and people disagreeing with them but nothing to warrant that tweet? Then it gets sensationalised on here? Like the media with Covid Stats. ** I could be wrong if I am missing tweets that have been deleted by them**
  9. Who cares what the idiots say if they have blocked them for valid reasons. Most of the tweets I read today were just SWFC fans voicing their frustration at the manager. None of it was personal. I get that previously they may be getting abuse and that is wrong but if fans are tweeting them, coherent, reasoned replies that disagree, I don't think that is an issue? They are grown blokes, I don't know what being Lee Bullened is, but it sounds like something you could easily shrug off. Just block the losers, I am sure plenty of fans appreciate their work and the fact they engage.
  10. They should block anyone who is offensive but people will disagree with their opinions too. From my experience of listening to all the podcasts and reading all our local journalist tweets, I would say The Star is the one where fans are getting frustrated it is too Pro Moore?? The podcast was saying trust the process. I can see why some fans would disagree. I quite like Dom Howson. I think he stays quite balanced.
  11. I get that tbf, and I think you are right. I think they have just bitten. I sensed on their podcast they were a bit agitated.
  12. What is wrong in your opinion? I am not being sarcastic? Unless I am missing the offensive tweets, I cannot see anything other than fans saying it's Moore fault - but why did he take such offence to tweet his tweet - they are not aimed at him?
  13. I just read the tweets to Alex Miller article. Please tell me what the problem is? All the tweets seem fine? No abusive or personal tweets at all. Very odd reaction by him??
  14. As do everyone in football. As do Managers in real life. Not everyone goes on to do the job as you expect do they? Hence staff turnover happens everywhere. Managers get sacked up and down the country all the time in football - all those chairman appointed them too.
  15. I don't disagree on that obviously, it's common sense. My point was that at some stage, even under tenuous ownerships, you do have to judge the manager and the job he is doing. Chansiri is going no where. We can't just leave managers in because we blame the chairman. Moore needs to start winning games. He has good enough players for this league. He is going to sign some more in Jan. It is not the chairman fault if Moore plays everyone out of position or cannot get a cohesive team together. At some point Moore has to be judged on this.
  16. Can't blame the chairman here either can we? This is on Mr Moore.
  17. Not that bizarre. If we had sacked Monk after the 5-0 at Brentford and given the pre season to a decent manager, would we still be in League 1? Bearing in mind we still took it to the last game? The last time we sacked a manager when we should have was Megson. Look at what happened. Had we sacked Jos earlier, I think we might even of made the playoffs that season.
  18. Hope so that would make sense. I mean if we can get 3/4 signings in quickly and they can really make an impact we will still come 6th. Sometimes even one, as we saw with Antonio. Two decent CBs and a winger with pace would be ideal, anything else a bonus.
  19. I guess we have to look at this in a positive way and hope Moore has someone lined up better. I referenced earlier Corbeanu is not that good (atm), Moore clearly thinks the same, so let's see if we get better.
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