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  1. The logic amongst our fans is that we don't use Patterson throw because he is the only player in the whole team who can get on the end of it - a player who scored about 3 goals last season and is he really even a threat in the box? Even when Dunkley and Dean were on pitch we refused to use the long throw. It does not fit in with Moore ideology, he would prefer to stick to passing around the back so that the media see him as a footballing manager.
  2. Who in the Championship will be going all out to sign him though? End of the day he has been deemed not good enough by Cardiff City who finished 18th. He scored 2 goals and assisted 2 goals and was not always a consistent starter. Realistically only teams who went up will be interested and it may be we can offer a more attractive package. I suspect only teams in Champ we would be competing with would be Rotherham, Wigan and Birmingham. I know who I would prefer to sign for.
  3. Tom Lees was our CB when we went down playing majority of games. I am sure Huddersfield fans said the same when they signed him. Lees was immense for them last season.
  4. To release Hutchinson we must be signing better or at least a comparable but younger player. Has to be a Dean, Barbet, Sarr or Flint. If it's to replace Dunkley as a squad player that makes sense.
  5. I have a feeling Dawson will start the season and we will be looking for a new keeper in Jan.
  6. Safe to say we haven’t done that as usual 10 or so days till pre season and not one signing or new contract signed. And come the first game of the season we will be deliberating on who to play out of Dawson and Wildsmith - some things really no never change.
  7. Why do we though? We came 4th without hardly any input from him last season. I think if we got 1.5 and we could say spend 1m of it - that 100% can find a proven striker at this level or even go hard for Smith on wages then. I think if we can get 1.5m we are able to sign a couple of problem league 1 players.
  8. It would be very Sheffield Wednesday and very Darren Moore to revert back to the formation that cost us promotion and switch away from the tactics that almost got us promoted.
  9. Well Windass himself cost 500k. Callum O Hare was a free for Coventry when they were at this level (they are out there). Scott Twine You can go on and on with examples. 1.5m plus his wages of the wage bill and gives us plenty of flex to go out there and find the Callum O Hares and Scott Twinee out there. As stated before where is this belief that Windass is any good? Stevie May was garbage and yet he managed to score 25+ goals in the SPL Premier league. I think most teams in SPL are worse than the top six of league 1 last season. Its at least comparable. Windass scores ZERO goals in his first season in the SPL at Rangers and a paltry 13 the season after. Why is he scoring any more in league 1? When has he ever?
  10. 1.5-2m for Windass would be excellent and if we reject that sort of offer we haven’t learned a thing. Has Windass become better in all our minds since he’s been injured as many players do? Where is this myth Windass could be the difference between promotion and not? When he first signed Monk didn’t always play him. Second full season he was our main striker as we got relegated scoring 9. Yes 9. He looked a lot better than he was simply because he could run and the other strikers could barely move. Last season he had a few decent cameos. He has never been prolific in his whole career or assisted loads. He’s a nothing type player who isn’t a striker and he’s not a midfielder. For 1.5m you could buy 3 more Josh Windasses, younger, more robust and on lower wages. I think Windass is the new Paul Heffernan and has got better since being injured.
  11. Remember when the same paper and journos said Charles Hagan was wanted by half the prem?
  12. Lots of fans want to sign Flint and Dean but I think Naby Sarr and Yohan Barbet would be better deals for us. Younger and play more games. Sarr left footed and Barbet class at this level.
  13. Naby Sarr would be a good signing? Played in this league before. Left footed so an option for balance and very tall which is important in League 1 and may help us stop conceding from corners. Huddersfield defence very good and he was a part of it. Surely sort of signing we should have an eye on.
  14. Good link. Right age and could have a re-sell value if he improves whilst with us. We have good experience in the squad so we really need to get young energetic legs around them now. Really hope what is clear to us is clear to the recruitment team. The foundations are there to build around our experienced players.
  15. Point 4. 20 seconds seems a long time. Prefer my idea of 7 seconds
  16. I always wondered why at throw ins and goal kicks a countdown on the screens can't immediately begin from 7 seconds - if they take longer then they lose the throw and get booked and if its a GK it becomes a corner and get booked.
  17. Far better players out there then Tom Eaves imo. Seen him play a fair bit and to say he lacks quality is an understatement.
  18. Tom Eaves is diabolical. Makes Nuhui look like Zlatan. If you think a slow, unprolific and immobile striker is what we need then I guess he fits that bill.
  19. None of the three of them can get us quickly up the pitch.
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