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  1. 1 minute ago, 0114 said:

    Seems Sheffield Star are saying the Wilks transfer may take some time. Maybe a slightly unpopular opinion but if we are going to primarily play 352 I’d prefer us to bring in a proper striker to compliment Gregory & Smith. I think it’s debatable what Paterson’s most natural position is & Windass I think is a 10 although some of his best stuff came for Wednesday in a 343 during the end of 20/21. Maybe a striker who can get in behind a bit more may be a better option to compliment what we have rather than bringing a proven goal scoring winger and just expecting he can replicate that as a striker. 

    Alfie May would be good. Maybe Even take a chance on Tyler Walker. Know he was meh last season but he has scored goals before in League 1 and would have re-sale.

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  2. I don't rate Patterson particularly, but in a 46 game season, he is a very useful squad player. The issue being, I bet he won't be that happy with that, we have all seen him throwing his dummy out the pram when he has been subbed despite another inept display.


    If he was happy to be a squad player then fine, he covers a variety of positions and can do a job for one off games. You don't want him starting games. 

  3. If we sign a decent winger with some pace and who can be direct to replace NML and we have signed Vaulks to replace Luongo - we are not weaker, much the same really.


    If anything, NML is quite easy to replace. He flattered to deceive last season, no where near as fast as some lead you to believe and I do think we can find better.


    In CM we have great options and whilst Luongo is a good player so is Vaulks and with Luongo injury record last 3 years, I would say Vaulks in for Luongo makes us stronger.


    We need two more CBs, competition for Hunt and Johnson and a young striker with pace.

  4. 10 minutes ago, WorrallOwl17 said:

    If we play a 3 i think he'll be in the middle. Can't imagine him coming to use at his age to be a back up. He'll have league 1 offers to be a first team player i can't see him coming to make the numbers up and play as and when.

    I would imagine we will sign Dean so would be Iorfa, Dean and then a left footed CB or Palmer. Leaving Wimbledon to come to us is a massive step up even as back up, and he will know with all the injuries we get he will start enough games.

  5. 4 minutes ago, WorrallOwl17 said:

    Think he'll be a good player for us. At the end of the day Hector/Flint/Storey/Dean are all championship players, they'll have a host of champ clubs wanting to sign them. Centre backs in league 1 are where we're at, so Tucker from Gills, Heneghan from Wimbledon, that's where we are currently.


    Over 2 years in League 1 he played 68 times for Blackpool, followed by another 64 for Wimbledon. So that's 132 league 1 appearances in 4 seasons, he clearly knows the league and looks a very good size. I wouldn't be complaining too much about us signing him as a first choice centre back at all.

    Won't be first choice, replacement for Dunkley.



  6. 4 minutes ago, Tommy Crawshaw said:


    Where's this from?


    He posted a video on Instagram yesterday and said he's looking forward to next season. He has another year on his contract.


    Football League World have reported it.


    "Sunderland stalwart Luke O’Nien has heaped praise on Black Cats supporters and claimed he is “looking forward to going again in a few weeks” ahead of the start of pre-season. 

    The North East club are gearing up for life in the Championship after winning promotion via the League One play-offs last term.

    O’Nien played every minute of all three play-off games in 2021/22 and looks set to be a regular fixture as Alex Neil’s side attempt to establish themselves in the second tier.

    The 27-year-old joined Sunderland the summer after they were relegated to League One and has just one Championship appearance under his belt – a two-minute cameo for Watford in 2013/14 – so this is set to be a particularly exciting season for him.

    He’s clearly raring to get going as he took to Instagram last night to post a video from Wembley and address the Black Cats faithful directly."







    My error but the last bit of that tweet was missing from his original tweet. So much so there is a thread on their forum wondering if he was leaving.


    So yeap, a non starter now.

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  7. Will judge Ben Heneghan once I have seen him play. I must admit I have no idea what he is like.


    My gut feeling is he cannot be any worse than Dunkley and is probably Dunkley replacement.


    Then we need to replace Hutchinson - hopefully with Dean.


    Then need a further CB to replace Gibson and hopefully one with a left foot.


    So options would be Iorfa, Dean, New Backup Palmer Heneghan and Brennan.

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  8. If they are worried about the factor of it effecting attendances lower down the chain, just charge more for the streams so it's a harder choice.


    If you lived in Sheffield and can pay £10 for Ifollow or £30.00 to go to the game, for the half hearted and less involved it's easy. If the Ifollow ticket was £25.00 they might be more inclined to go to the game.


    For those who are die hard but might have a wedding or what have you - the option to have a 'legal' platform to watch the game, and slyly watch the game whilst the speeches are on, could be appealing. 

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