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  1. Well on his displays last season even in JPT vs lower league sides he looked atrocias
  2. I thought that but he did make a strange loan move to the SPL last year so you never know even Yates at Blackpool would be a good option. Yates and Simms looked very lively at this level two years ago.
  3. Ellis Simms would also be a great option upfront and the last time he was in League 1 he did very well.
  4. Hope not. Where we want to be heading I don't think we want Payne as Bannan replacement.
  5. Alfie May would be good. Maybe Even take a chance on Tyler Walker. Know he was meh last season but he has scored goals before in League 1 and would have re-sale.
  6. Payne a good little player, very creative and industrious. Bannan Off? Payne is a 10.
  7. Smith is a good signing in terms of we needed a target man. Last year was his best ever scoring season though, before that he was more of a Nuhui in terms of scoring, so have to keep expectations realistic . Still think Gregory is our main man up top and will score the most, if he keeps fit.
  8. I don't rate Patterson particularly, but in a 46 game season, he is a very useful squad player. The issue being, I bet he won't be that happy with that, we have all seen him throwing his dummy out the pram when he has been subbed despite another inept display. If he was happy to be a squad player then fine, he covers a variety of positions and can do a job for one off games. You don't want him starting games.
  9. If we sign a decent winger with some pace and who can be direct to replace NML and we have signed Vaulks to replace Luongo - we are not weaker, much the same really. If anything, NML is quite easy to replace. He flattered to deceive last season, no where near as fast as some lead you to believe and I do think we can find better. In CM we have great options and whilst Luongo is a good player so is Vaulks and with Luongo injury record last 3 years, I would say Vaulks in for Luongo makes us stronger. We need two more CBs, competition for Hunt and Johnson and a young striker with pace.
  10. Think it's time football typer or Att Chansiri were given roles at one of the locals. Always there before any of the journos
  11. If we signed Wilks and Woodrow and we have Gregory and Windass. That's promotion.
  12. Not sure why everyone is so keen on Smith tbh. Before last season in 15 seasons of football he never scored more than 10 goals, large spells in League 2 too.
  13. Dawson must have been really excited about coming back to us after a great season last year out on loan. Must have thought, it was his time and last time it was just unfortunate he had an experienced 36 year old always in the background or in front of him. The moment he comes back we sign another 36 year old experienced keeper
  14. Saw on Insta that Gregory next door neighbor was hinting it was as good as done too.
  15. I would imagine we will sign Dean so would be Iorfa, Dean and then a left footed CB or Palmer. Leaving Wimbledon to come to us is a massive step up even as back up, and he will know with all the injuries we get he will start enough games.
  16. My error but the last bit of that tweet was missing from his original tweet. So much so there is a thread on their forum wondering if he was leaving. So yeap, a non starter now.
  17. Will judge Ben Heneghan once I have seen him play. I must admit I have no idea what he is like. My gut feeling is he cannot be any worse than Dunkley and is probably Dunkley replacement. Then we need to replace Hutchinson - hopefully with Dean. Then need a further CB to replace Gibson and hopefully one with a left foot. So options would be Iorfa, Dean, New Backup Palmer Heneghan and Brennan.
  18. If they are worried about the factor of it effecting attendances lower down the chain, just charge more for the streams so it's a harder choice. If you lived in Sheffield and can pay £10 for Ifollow or £30.00 to go to the game, for the half hearted and less involved it's easy. If the Ifollow ticket was £25.00 they might be more inclined to go to the game. For those who are die hard but might have a wedding or what have you - the option to have a 'legal' platform to watch the game, and slyly watch the game whilst the speeches are on, could be appealing.
  19. Dominated our CM in playoff games, always in faces. I agree technically he is not great but he is an athlete and gets through games.
  20. Apparently he missed looking forward to next season off his tweet - so looks like he is staying there.
  21. Probably not me, as I have never posted we are after anyone mate, just something someone who supports Forest and works in the industry mentioned.
  22. Looks like O'Nein has left Sunderland. Whilst not technically the greatest player he would be a good addition to add to the depth of the squad. Can play pretty much anywhere in defense and midfield.
  23. For all of those who called Westwood a 'bad egg' due to Monk banishing him from the 1st team. He did the same with Stockdale at Brum.
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