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  1. If we'd wasted 20 minutes in the first leg, come away with a 1-0 win and drawn last night I doubt anyone would be talking about time wasting today. All part and parcel of the game. The problem for us is that everyone else does it better.
  2. The two outfield players he didn't use were Dunkley and Kamberi. Would bringing either of those on have improved things?
  3. Undoubtedly the games against Gillingham, Lincoln and Shrewsbury have cost us. Six games and just four points out of 18. Rotherham got 11 points from those games; Wigan got 15. It made the doubles over Wigan and MKD almost irrelevant. We have to start putting these sorts of games to bed.
  4. Whoever wins this tie will, in my opinion, go on to be promoted. The problem is I can easily see Sunderland getting something like a 3-0 tonight which we are simply never going to come back from. But if we do go through I do hope it's Wycombe. Considering they were our final opponents in this league last time it would be quite poetic.
  5. I've been following the 2011/12 season on this YouTube channel....sort of brings the twists and turns back. As for that day itself we actually went to Europa Park in Germany for a week. Arrived at the hotel and the first thing I did was swich on my app....it would have been about 4.45 UK time. United were losing....great....but we were only drawing and only a minute or two plus additional left. We never got late winners so I knew we'd thrown it away.....but..... We decided to go straight down for some grub and decided I wouldn't check the final score till we got there. A few minutes of "we might have.....but I know we haven't" until I eventually summoned up the courage to put myself out of my misery. F**k me.....couldn't believe it. Was absolutely certain from then United would blow it and we'd do it. Was a bloody brilliant week! If only lightening could strike twice.....
  6. Watched it last night. Excellent. Whilst Stephen Graham was superb (playing his usual role) I thought Vinette Robinson was even better.
  7. Last time I saw AFC Wimbledon was back in March 2008....at Chelmsford City. A virtual decider (which City won 3-2) for the Ryman League title.
  8. Currently playing Elite Dangerous. Don't know why I didn't pick this up when it first came out. Far and away my favourite game on my old Amiga was Elite Frontier (I still have the massive manual/story book somewhere) which I played for hundreds and hundreds of hours. Huge learning curve on ED but being a bit of a flight sim/space fanatic this is perfect. As very much a newbie I haven't yet tried the online world. To give an idea of its scale as at the end of January players had explored over 222 million unique star systems.....representing 0.05% of the galaxy.
  9. I always get excited about Milan-SR and also Paris-Roubaix but the Flanders classics are always a bit "meh" for me. Will probably watch the last bit of it but can't really be too fussed. Anyhow, official road book for those who are interested available here.... http://velorooms.com/index.php?topic=2384.720
  10. I seem to recall us beating Huddersfield twice in the league and then buggering it up in the play offs. Would have no worries about playing Oxford.
  11. Finished watching Pieces of Her on Netflix last night. Yet another over-complicated and overblown US drama. Seems to be de rigueur these days that "thrillers" have to be eeked out and become exercises in staying awake.....
  12. Saw Robert Plant was on Desert Island Discs(!) today so an excuse to listen to my favourite Zepp track. Also, just as an aside to say he once bought me a pint in The Golden Lion, Fulham High Street, circa 1978. Saw him in there on a couple of occasions as he then had a flat just round the corner. This particular time he bought everyone at the bar a drink; I'd timed it perfectly!
  13. The crowd actually was 11,185; called off ten minutes into the second half just after Willie Henderson and Peter Rodrigues had started chucking snowballs at each other. The replayed game we won 3-2 and Dave Sunley scored one of the best goals I've ever seen.
  14. Totally agree. Away games especially have not only never been beaten since, they've simply never been approached. When Big Jack came, even though we were bottom of the Third, we were all totally convinced that great days lay just ahead. We were always just that one signing away from greatness. And those games against Arsenal; even given the end result what I wouldn't do to experience those days again.
  15. Watching Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime. About a guy who is released from prison but takes over the life of his ex-cellmate to try and escape his own past. A cross between Ozark and Hustle; has Bryan Cranston in the first series. Very enjoyable.
  16. I'm truly shocked. I've followed Warney on Twitter for years and he only tweeted earlier about Marsh. Awful.
  17. Villa Park - Aston Villa since 1897. My first visit there was for the Cup semi final in 1966; been there several times since.
  18. I would have been at that game too as that was the first year I had a season ticket...in the North with my dad and uncle. Worth mentioning that for the first two seasons substitutes could only be used to replace an injured player; it wasn't until 1967/68 that they could be used for any reason. Also, although subs could be used in 1965/66 in league games you couldn't in the FA Cup. They could only be used from 1966/67 and our first one was Johnny Quinn.
  19. Southbury Road - Enfield to 1999. This is a ground I went to back in early 1986 for an FA Trophy tie between Enfield and Chelmsford City. Back then Enfield were the top non-league side in the country; they won the Gola League (now the Vanarama National) that season which was the last before automatic promotion with the FL. City came second in the Southern League and were a decent side themselves with Peter Taylor, the old Palace, Spurs and England winger pulling the strings in midfield and a guy called Ron Pountney who some may recall from the winner takes all match against Southend back in 1976. It was one of the most remarkable games I've ever seen. City were 3 down after seven minutes, got it back to 3-4 with about 15 to go as the weather turned into an absolute blizzard but as they piled everyone forward they conceded a breakaway fifth in the last minute to go down 5-3. The second picture is from that match...0-3!
  20. Well, I live in Chelmsford and the roads to the top right from Ongar I've cycled loads of times. Might have to join in incognito.....be lovely to cycle on the A414 from Writtle to Ongar and not be scared s**tless of cars doing 100 mph plus!
  21. I think this was a fair point, in the light of Bernal's accident, for Froome to make. Are TT bikes really safe....and why not just do TT's on road bikes? Also, was interesting to see his bike collection. Presumably he takes his old Pinarello's out for a spin occasionally so I assume when he does he goes incognito as he would be precluded from wearing his trade team kit?
  22. Got up to episode 6 last night. Really good. Only watched it because Julia Garner from Ozark is the lead but rather glad we did.
  23. Park Avenue - Bradford (Park Avenue) 1907 to 1970. The football ground is now a gym but the cricket ground next door, which hosted first class matches until 1996, is still there. Unfortunately the wonderful pavilion was demolished many years ago. The cricket ground was the scene of one of Jim Laker's remarkable performances when he took 8 for 2 when playing in a Test trial in 1950.
  24. Watched it on TV. And it was brilliant that Big Jack was the summariser; he must have been so proud of us that night knowing that he'd played no small part in getting us back there. The half hour or so after they'd scored was just incredible beyond words and I remember thinking that we were on course to becoming one of the top three or four sides in the country. But the best performance I've ever seen from us over 90 minutes will always be that 6-1 v Chelsea on New Year's Eve, 1966. How it only finished at six I will never know.
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