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  1. On This Day

    Saw both those games. Remember bunking off school for the day for the Pele match as it was played on a midweek afternoon due to the three day week. I seem to recall there was some controversy about that Santos tour. They apparently used a tactic of asking for more money ten minutes before kick off or they wouldn't go out. Don't think they tried that with us but I seem to recall they did at Plymouth (or was it Stoke?) and it caused a bit of a stink. Tommo had asked the ref to give him the nod just before he was about to blow for time so he could make sure he was next to Pele and get his shirt.
  2. One thing in common...

    Both scored for and against Wednesday.....along with millions of others including David Hirst and Carlton Palmer!
  3. Sam Hutchinson training Wednesday

    Sounds like the old Solomon Grundy rhyme.... Training Wednesday Injured Thursday Op on Friday.....
  4. Young George

    ....and please make sure you wash your hands afterwards.
  5. Sam Winnall plans to stop at Derby

    He's our player. So unless someone comes in with an acceptable offer that's the way it will stay irrespective of what he wants.
  6. On this day in 1958

  7. Inept TV research

    Surprised no one's mentioned Garth Crooks yet....
  8. I think we'd all worked this out long ago. Pity he didn't tell Chansiri so after the Hudds game. He'd have been straight out on his backside.
  9. Young George

    He's presumably taken advice and gone with it so in the end it is down to him. How a lad of 18/19 can think that wasting a year of his development is actually good for him is beyond me.
  10. Tempted to go just so I can tell Carlos where to shove himself. But the early kick off means I'd have to be up by about 6.30 so round 'uns to that.
  11. Attendance - 72,841 at Hillsborough!

    One fan did actually get killed at that Man City game. It's also worth pointing out that the replay was the first game Billy Walker lost as Wednesday manager even though it was his 17th game in charge!
  12. On this Day in 1935

    The Nest was one of the oddest grounds ever....it had formerly been a quarry. But following the game against Wednesday the FA told Norwich it was unfit for purpose and they moved to Carrow Road the next season. Not surprising, really....
  13. Sam Hutchinson

    This is what I particularly miss:
  14. Sheffield Wednesday keeper may need an operation

    I did like that one!
  15. Tell you what, Mr Rowett, we'll swap our injury problems for yours.