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  1. Invicta Ground - Arsenal 1890 to 1893. Part of the terracing still exists in the back gardens of Hector Street
  2. Fascinating interviews with Bronco, Swanny and Tony Kay; ironic that it was Stuart Hall. Never realised Bronco's wife was killed in a car crash. Must have been pretty awful with everything else. https://youtu.be/IVBdJZS1MhA
  3. A truly magnificent race which I watched from start to finish. Moscon so unlucky but that's part of the "beauty" of this race!
  4. Used to be one of our bogey teams in the 70's, as I remember. At Hillsborough it would always be 0-0 or 0-1 and at their place they'd always score in the last minute. Was quite a novelty when we went there in 1980 when we were on that long unbeaten run and they dominated possession but we won 2-0. Knew from then on we were going up!
  5. That course and the race were both ideally suited to him. Tough, but not mountainous, course, frenetic pace and a team totally devoted to him. He just seems to have that extra level of power which he can turn on repeatedly and which no one else has. Brilliant ride.
  6. Watched the last episode on Monday night on catch up. Absolute garbage. And Suranne Jones? I suppose you could call her an actress in the same way as you could have called Fred McIver a footballer.
  7. A guy near me taking a dump on the terrace at the Villa Park semi against Everton in 1986. A cart horse would have been proud of it.....
  8. One that hasn't been mentioned.....Jimmy Mullen at home to Boro 1972. Think he surprised himself he could hit it so far. And also Tony Coleman's screamer at home to Man City in that infamous game in 1970. That makes two....
  9. I've been watching Chelmsford City since I first came here back in 1985. And I'm pretty sure I've seen more, probably far more, of their games than Wednesday's in the interim. I do love the non-league vibe; you can get a drink in the club bar before the game or after and mingle with opposition fans with some friendly banter. There's absolutely none of the sinister atmosphere you get at some league games and particularly outside the ground. It's football as it should be. But will that ever replace Wednesday? Of course not. I take it for what it is; support my local side and enjoy the good times. But given the choice of success for one side or the other, well, there's only ever going to be one winner.
  10. Went to a pub just off the Pendine Sands in South Wales a number of years back when down there for a weekend. Not quite sure how but I was talking about Wednesday with the pub landlord who knew all about Tony Toms; he was well known in the area. The story he told me was that in the Big Jack days they'd take the squad down there in early pre-season to do training on the sands. When they'd finished they'd have to leg it to the pub; the last to arrive would have to pick up the tab. Needless to say Tony Toms never spent a penny (in the monetary sense!) there. This is really sad news as Tony was an absolutely fantastic character.
  11. Always remember him missing a sitter at Hillsborough circa 1966/67 and Ron Springett laughing his head off as Greavsie sat on the ground. The two were really big mates.
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