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  1. We'd end up paying way more to get him back than we received in compensation.....for a player we developed in the first place. Are you real?
  2. Remember seeing Tommy Craig (the actor) getting chucked out of the family enclosure at Colchester's old Layer Road ground when we lost 3-1 some years back. Was rather the worse for wear, I seem to recall....
  3. Used to go on that terrace quite regularly in the 1970's until they put the fences up. After that you couldn't see a thing; the terracing was too low so reverted back to the Kop. Been in the West Stand a few times as well; first time was the Spurs v Forest semi final back in 1967.
  4. A heads up for the 6-1 win against Chelsea, New Year's Eve 1966. Easily the best 90 minute performance I've ever seen from a Wednesday side.
  5. My recollection is of it being a long, hopeful ball which Toshack could easily have left but he tried to head it back to the goalie. Except the goalie had come out and so it looped over his head into the net. Just a lack of communication but in view of who scored it it was pretty funny. The Steve Gritt one, now that was class. Brilliant chip from the edge of the area just inside the angle of post and bar. Best own goal I've ever seen live.
  6. Just re-reading the book and come across the section about George McCabe which I somehow missed before. Back in the mid-1960's George lived on Stradbroke Close; I lived on Stradbroke Way which was the next road down. My best mate lived on the Close and I used to meet him every day to walk to school. Quite often in the morning we'd see George and sometimes in the afternoon as well and as he was a big Wednesday fan and my mate supported United we'd always talk football. I hadn't realised at the time that George was a referee; probably not until the infamous Brazil v Portugal match at the 1966 World Cup. He was roundly criticised for his refereeing in that match for allowing Portugal to clog Pele out of the tournament. Anyway round about then he invited us into his home to see the mementos he'd picked up on his reffing travels. Don't remember too much about those but I do remember he had this huge box which was full of scrapbooks comprising newspaper cuttings, reports and his own handwritten comments on every first class game he'd reffed. Think he retired after taking charge of the 1969 cup final but by that time he'd moved house anyway. He always came across as an extremely kindly person, a bit like your favourite uncle. Can well imagine that he was ideally suited to looking after the kids at the club.
  7. I did also spot Willie with a "y"....perhaps, given his friendship with Lulu, that was intended? But have to say that having started this it is a real memory jerker. I almost miss those times!
  8. Aaaaargh.....Roger Wylde. One of my pet hates.... And are you sure the guy's name was Geoff Eggerton....and not Geoff Eggington?
  9. Mine arrived yesterday. Will give it a good read over the weekend. I see it includes the (anonymous) story of my trip to Shrewsbury from London in April 1976; fame at last!
  10. Sort of. Chesterfield could still, theoretically, have overtaken us after the Exeter game; with two games left they were four points behind us. But they had a 14 goal difference to make up...which clearly they weren't going to do. So whilst bar the shouting the Exeter game was the one promotion wasn't a fact until after the Carlisle game.
  11. He made his debut after the Boxing Day disaster at Tranmere in 1977 when we were adrift at the foot of the Third and immediately looked the part. It wasn't until the last minute of his third game, away to Carlisle, that he actually conceded and that was all down to Ian Porterfield. Actually, I've never heard any stick given to any Wednesday player like Porterfield got after that goal. He was always a bit error prone (anyone remember the divot episode against Barnsley....or was it Rotherham?) but for my money was the best keeper we had had since Ron Springett. And Big Jack clearly thought so too. Was disappointed when he left.
  12. One of the biggest regrets of my life that I couldn't get to the Southend match. Living in London at the time I just couldn't make it....though I had managed to get to Shrewsbury for a Tuesday night match a couple of weeks before! Didn't get to find out the result till after the 10pm news on the radio....agony! Prendo was probably the most honest player I've ever seen, gave his all. He epitomised out on the pitch what every fan on the terrace felt about Wednesday.
  13. Big Jack's first game as Wednesday manager was a night game at Exeter. I didn't go to it but some of the London Owls (I was living in London then) did and they all said we were absolutely terrible. Jack said after that game that things would get worse before they got better and, boy, was he right. Those away games at Cambridge, Wigan and Tranmere within a few weeks of each other at the end of 1977 are amongst my worst memories of watching us. It just seemed that nothing, not even Big Jack, could save us from oblivion. But just as 1977 finished we began to turn the corner, got a couple of good results, and we were off the bottom and slowly but surely we inched our way forward. The change by the end of that season was nothing short of remarkable because there was hardly a Wednesday fan who didn't honestly believe that great days lay just around the corner. It was simply fantastic having a manager who could inspire that level of belief in the fans. And what a backroom team to have. Big Jack as manager with Tony Toms, Maurice Setters and Saint as assistants. And John Harris who was one of the best signings of the lot.
  14. We were terrible that day. Mark Smith missed his first penalty for us and the initial rumour, at full time, was that Chesterfield had won at Millwall. That would have meant, with their game in hand (away to United!), that they could still overtake us. Then it came on the radio that they had lost.... On the train back to London with my girlfriend and we were in the buffet with the London Owls....and the referee with signed match ball. It was the last match he was in charge of before retiring. My God did we get him slaughtered....
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