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  1. Reminds me a bit of that situation we had after the Colchester game back in 2011/12. Having only drawn whilst United had won and being four points behind and a worse goal difference with only three to play all the talk as we left the ground was that automatic was over and we'd have to chance the play offs. Lots of extremely glum faces. But in true Wednesday style we'll almost certainly lose at Boro.
  2. Who owns the rights to use the city names....Manchester, Liverpool etc? Could the local councils stop them using the city names if this went ahead?
  3. You can apportion the blame however you want. And the players have to take their share of that. But what I am 100% sure of is that nothing will change until the last vestige of Chansiri has been banished from the club.
  4. I look at my Pete McKee print from that day, the one with Llera being held aloft, and it doesn't make me weep.....it makes me f@@@ing angry. The sooner this utter too-hat gets out of MY club (not his....it never will be) the better.
  5. Aren't different parts of the ground....the pitch, the floodlights, the stands etc....now all owned by different people? Or so I've heard. Could make any sale very problematic.
  6. If this club were a horse it would be put down and turned into dog food.....
  7. I liked Hastings little speech to the DCC when he was told his unit was being merged and cut. "God give me strength - a bare faced liar promoted to our highest office....."
  8. Agree with this entirely. When I rebuilt my PC at the beginning of lockdown I based it on a Ryzen 5 3600 and a GTX 2070 Super; I already had the case, two monitors and keyboard but it still cost a grand plus. And that was doing it myself, as I've always done. If you're spending £400 on a "gaming PC" then you're just wasting money.
  9. Ask your son what type of game he wants to play on it first. The PC you quote has integrated graphics, there is no separate card handling the visuals, so if he's expecting to play most of the recent stuff on it he's going to be sadly disappointed.
  10. Cav wins Stage 2 of the Tour of Turkey. First win for three years. Brilliant stuff.
  11. "We'll fight for every point...." Isn't that what they're paid to do?
  12. Really began to come into his own in the 1976/77 season after Ashurst had brought in Tommy Tynan from Liverpool. The pair linked together really well and scored 40 goals between them that season. Could never really understand why Big Jack sold him towards the end of the promotion season. Was really shocked at his departure; took me quite a while to get over it.
  13. When we knew we were leaving Olive Grove back in 1899 we looked at a number of sites....Ecclesall Road, Hillfoot, Carbrook, elsewhere in Owlerton and we were also offered temporary accommodation at Tinsley. Does anyone know where any of these sites are precisely?
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