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  1. Comparison table and graph Game 7

    How come after the first game of last season, which we won, we had a negative goal difference?
  2. Remembering the Legend Ron Springett

    He was one of my early heroes as well and the first player I can ever remember getting a 10 rating for his performance in the Sunday papers. The 1-0 win at Leicester in January 1967 it was and I remember watching it on TV; he pulled off some fantastic saves that day. Interesting to read the bit about Jimmy Greaves. They were apparently big mates and I can remember Greaves missing an absolute sitter at the Lepp and standing there in disbelief watching Ron laugh his head off.
  3. Big John Holsgrove

    To be fair Feely had a pretty decent scoring record at Gillingham and when he scored on his home debut against Aldershot we thought we'd signed a real goalscorer. But after that he was simply terrible....
  4. A walk around Wednesday's old grounds

    Didn't we almost move to a site in Carbrook back in 1899 until someone else bettered our offer? I seem to recall reading that we were also looking at sites at Hillfoot and Ecclesall Road (possibly the tennis club at Hunters Bar?) and had an option for a temporary home at Tinsley. Perhaps as his next task (if he's looking for something to do!) Kivo could find out where these sites were?
  5. Big John Holsgrove

    Certainly not from me he doesn't. He had to try and save the club from relegation to Division Four at the same time as having to clear out staff to save money.....it must have been a bloody awful situation to be in. And Big Jack always acknowledged the groundwork his predecessor had done. You mention some of the players he brought in, though Oscar had plenty of experience before Ashurst joined, but some of his best signings were off the field....notably Tony Toms and John Harris, the old United manager. Mind you he did also bring in Barry Watling who was the single worst goalie I've ever seen....
  6. Match abandoned vs Arsenal!

    As a slight aside the game wasn't replayed until 30 April; it was our penultimate game of the season. The last game, the following Saturday, was oddly the reverse fixture at home.....we lost them both. But I do remember Arsenal's winning goal in the home game; the ball had quite clearly crossed the line but the ref waved play on amid heated Arsenal protests. The game then continued for about a minute before the ref was "persuaded" to consult the linesman who obviously said it had gone in and the goal was given. Lots of controversy about it at the time which led to the Football League agreeing that the ref had made a mistake but, of course, the result had to stand.
  7. Match abandoned vs Arsenal!

    This was the abandoned game at Highbury on 9 Dec 1967. The old Highbury dug outs are clearly visible on the right and our players are wearing dark shorts; Arsenal's would have also been white so we would have changed to give some differentiation. Our players seem to be Gerry Young (6), Wilf Smith (facing), Vic Mobley (5), John Fantham (8), Don Megson (3) and Sam Ellis (4). And not a glove in sight....
  8. Joost Van Aken Signs - OFFICIAL

    Brought his own shirt with him....
  9. On this day 1975

    Just looked at the team that day: Ramsbottom, Cameron, Quinn, Mullen, Dowd, McIver, Potts, Harvey, Herbert, Prendo, Henson....sub Knighton. And Burtenshaw in charge. Bloody hell....the stuff of nightmares.
  10. On this day 1975

    Well, Happy Anniversary. And as someone who went to Hereford (on the train from London) that day I can tell you that you didn't miss much.

    It's a good job we don't buy every player we're linked with....
  12. Now the dust has settled

    Indeed. We've been playing this way with our strikers feeding off scraps for a season and a bit now; if it was going to change it would have done but seeing as we finished fourth last year it's clearly viewed as the way to success. Can't help feeling that we're now just treading water, waiting for the inevitable whilst yet another season goes by.
  13. Best Wednesday match you have ever seen

    Three games which keep cropping up....Chelsea 6-1, Burnley 7-0 and Man Utd 5-4. I saw all three....we had season tickets in the North back then and I can still remember all three pretty well. To take them in order the Chelsea game was New Year's Eve, 1966 and is probably the best 90 minutes I've ever seen from a Wednesday side. We simply controlled it from the first kick; I reckon the possession must have been something like 75:25 in our favour. So much so that I can recall the Green Un report, which I had in my scrap book, mentioned the game was about ten minutes old before Ron Springett even touched the ball. John Ritchie, only signed a few weeks earlier, got his first home goals with two classic headers after Chelsea had briefly pulled it back to 2-1. And the fifth, scored by John Fantham, came at the end of a superb passing move with the ball being stroked home from the edge of the area off the inside of the post. They had a goalie called Tommy Hughes replacing Peter Bonetti that day and he was definitely at fault for the first but had no chance with the rest. He played at Hillsborough again ten years later for Hereford in Division Three..... The Burnley game was the back end of that season and for half an hour was typical end of season dross. Neither side looked interested. Then we scored and got another before half time and in the second half the floodgates opened....Burnley were terrible. Jack Whitham came on at half time for his debut and scored twice; we got a penalty ten minutes from the end when we were already seven up and the crowd were demanding that Whitham take it but McCalliog did and made a total hash of it. We could easily have got double figures that day. The Man Utd game is all about the first 50 minutes or so. It was an absolutely frantic start....we scored, they went 2-1 up and then Ritchie made it 2-2 all in the first 15 minutes. Then Utd took control and for 20 minutes gave us an absolute pasting. Denis Law put them back in front; I remember it was a shot from George Best which Peter Springett couldn't hold and Law did the rest. Charlton scored a beauty to make it 4-2 and we were just hoping half time would come until Jack Whitham pounced to make it 3-4 at the interval. The equaliser has always been the subject of debate; it was the clearest own goal you could ever see as Nobby Stiles tried to head over the bar with no Wednesday player near him. But Eric Taylor always used to say there was no such thing as an own goal and thus, for some reason, it went down to Whitham even though he was yards away. Whitham did get the fifth, his hat trick, and Ritchie missed an absolute sitter....it really should have been 6-4. But the second half was actually all a bit of an anti climax. That game saw the last 50,000 attendance at Hillsborough for a league game. We had two 50,000 attendances later in the season for Cup games against Leeds and Birmingham....seems unimaginable now!
  14. Now the dust has settled

    Nothing has changed since last season. Nothing will change with Carlos is in charge. It's not a question of "if" but "when".
  15. Think he's off somewhere or other.