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  1. George Hirst Saga

    You aren't going to have shots on, or off, target if you simply aren't creating the chances. That's where our problem lies. Playing Hirst isn't going to be a solution to that.
  2. So when is one of these local hacks going to stand up and say that to Carlos at his press conference?
  3. Do we need Forestieri back OR...

    What's the point in throwing more money at it? Carlos will have them playing the tippy, tappy Carlos way within a couple of games. Might as well p1ss it against the wall.
  4. This Saturday's excuse.....

    .....Reading have had an extra day to prepare.
  5. VIDEO - Carlos speaks about the Ipswich game..

    Well, the way he looks for excuses.....I'm surprised he missed the obvious foul throw for their second goal.
  6. Steady Decline

    Just totally perplexes me that having sunk so much money into this club Chansiri seems happy to let Carlos keep meandering along. When is he finally going to realise he should do what he should have done months back?
  7. Ipswich Town - V - Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    This is always a home match for me. Stayed at home this time. Bloody glad. A nice, warm fire is much better than booing this lot.
  8. Hand-me-downs to bitter little sister

    Without Googling..... Simon Stainrod Danny Batth John Harris Difficult one!
  9. 18 November 1972

    He was only 17 when he came into the side and he only did then because we had injuries to Prendo (as usual!) and David Sunley. It seems odd, in retrospect, that having scored his first goal against Millwall he was promptly dropped (Sunley was back from injury and looked like being a world beater back then) and didn't get another game for two years. It wasn't really until Len Ashurst came that he was given a decent run. I remember feeling absolutely devastated when he was sold to Oldham.
  10. 18 November 1972

    Oscar! Why on earth did Big Jack sell him? The outstanding memory of that Boro game was Jimmy Mullen's goal from absolutely miles out.
  11. SWFC Celebrity XI

    Don't know how many times I've read this....it's nonsense. He was once pictured in a mid-90's Wednesday shirt but he apparently was given it by John Harkes. To quote from his website: "Cuomo grew up as a soccer fan but has not followed the sport since 2012. Persistent reports that he follows Sheffield Wednesday FC are not accurate. The only team he followed was the U.S. Men’s National team."
  12. As seen in Four in a Bed....
  13. On this day 11 November 1972

    I remember his last game. Oxford United at home, lost 1-0. We always lost 1-0 to them back then. Was absolutely pee-ing it down; got soaked to the skin on the Kop. The ironic thing about Swanny was that he was desperate to score a goal for us; he never did in 301 appearances. He then went to Bury and scored on his debut...
  14. Hillsborough in the snow!

    January 20, 1973. And it was 0-0. Wee Willie and Peter Rodrigues chucking snowballs at each other....
  15. The first time I can remember Sammy was, I think, at Peterborough in 1976 when we won 2-1 with two late Tommy Tynan goals. The last time I saw him was the cup semi final at Villa Park ten years later. But those away days in the Third Division in the late 70's were the best. We'd be losing at Tranmere or Colchester or somewhere and Sammy would just "appear". He'd be hoisted up so he was standing on top of a crush barrier, arms in the air, usually a scarf round each wrist and that smile on his God-awful face. We'd all just turn round and point to him and start singing the Sammy song. It was absolutely fantastic stuff. The team now may bear no resemblance to that (thank God) but they were the best away days ever by an absolute mile.