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  1. Discovery paid megabucks for the rights which include scheduling events to coincide for US TV audiences. The BBC's contract allows it to show only two live events simultaneously.
  2. Away kit is superb. Home kit is terrible; the stripes are way too narrow and if we do need to have a panel on the back it should be blue not white. Shame we didn't have the temporary friendlies kit instead.
  3. I've said it before on here....Carapaz is not a Tour contender. I appreciate he was their number two option for this race so I suppose you could say he's done as well as could be expected but for a team that puts the Tour above all else he was a strange signing considering the money he must be getting. Giro or Vuelta....fine, those races are always great because of their unpredictability. But everyone brings their A team to the Tour and he just doesn't fit. And I don't think G will ever do it again; he's one of those riders who had one great Tour in him but he's now just a mobile bike crash. Wouldn't be surprised to see him eased out and join Froome in ISN's old folks home! Yep, those days of an open-shirted Kiriyienka stomping up the climbs at the head of the Sky Train are long gone.
  4. Even taking account of the Cav story I have to say that was probably the most disappointing Tour I've ever watched....and my watching goes back to the Channel 4 highlights days of the mid-1980's! After the first handful of stages accounted for so many favourites there just seemed an acceptance that Pogacar would win. Even in the days of Sky's dominance the other teams, notably Movistar, would try and put a spanner in the works; who can forget Froome's first day in yellow back in 2013 when virtually the whole peloton worked early on to crack Sky and leave him isolated? Instead, all the "showdowns" were left till the final few uphill kilometres when everyone was already on the limit and it was too late anyhow. I think this has confirmed the long held thought that if you want to see real drama then the Giro and particularly the Vuelta are far better.
  5. Before I was born but I do remember my dad saying he was a brilliant player. Interesting piece on him: https://www.prescotcablesafc.com/history/long-reads/the-eddie-kilshaw-story/
  6. Back to RDR2 and the Blood Money update today.
  7. Bit of a yawn fest today. Thank God we've now got two summit finishes; for me these mountain stages which finish with flat roads just don't work. Surprised that they didn't at least have some shots of the Casartelli memorial. Struck me as a bit disrespectful.
  8. Just realised Ocana's crash was 50 years ago tomorrow! https://youtu.be/uMn6bf4mjpo
  9. Watching the start of yesterday's stage brought back memories of our fortnight in a villa near Carcassonne (in a little village called Hounoux) a few years back. As I had the bike I went on most of the roads between Montreal, Mirepoix and Limoux....and also visited many of the vineyards as well. On Tuesday the race goes over the one classified Tour climb I've ever cycled, the Portet d'Aspet in the same holiday. I wanted to visit the Casartelli memorial and also the spot (marked by a plaque on the wall) where Luis Ocana famously crashed in a thunderstorm to hand Eddy Merckx the 1971 Tour. So I put the bike in the car and we drove down to Audressein east of the climb where we stopped at a huge hotel which dominates the town and I rode from there. The climb proper starts at Saint Lary though there are some 7% sections before then and then rears up as you go through Portet d'Aspet itself but isn't too bad. The steepest section is just before the top though the summit itself is disappointing. We drove down the other side (much, much steeper and I'm not a good descender) to the memorial which is just before the bottom. Really is a pretty moving memorial. Then onto the descent of the Col de Mente (which they aren't doing this year) and found the plaque. There really is so much history in these roads.... T
  10. Class. Cav passes the Tom Simpson memorial....
  11. Was absolute text book. There was no doubt from about 2 kms out that Cav just had to stay on his bike. He couldn't have asked for a better team.
  12. He was part of the Maidstone team I saw get dismantled 7-0 by Chelmsford City back in 2007. Amazing to think of the career he's had.
  13. Unfortunately, when one rider is head and shoulders above the rest and can attack on the steepest climbs with such ease it does ring the alarm bells.
  14. Currently playing Pro Cycling Manager 2020 which I picked up for a couple of quid. Two modes of playing...the normal "team manager" mode where you control your riders and give out orders or the new(ish) "pro cyclist" mode where you are a 19 year old who is just starting out on his career. So doing the latter; a bit complex to start with but really getting into it.
  15. This is what it's all about. Finished three quarters of an hour after everyone else after a crash and having to ride the rest of the stage on his own. But finished. Bravo!
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