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  1. What did for us was Man City's fixture congestion after getting to the Cup Winners Cup Final. They played that same day at home to Sunderland, and then at home to Palace on the Monday and away to Southampton on the Wednesday. The game against Palace was vital; City fielded a much under-strength side (not surprisingly) and Palace beat them 1-0. It was the result which ultimately sent us down as it meant we then had to get a win and a draw from our last two games which, of course, we failed to do. Having said that, we were given every chance to beat City but that's another story....
  2. Can remember that weekend like it was yesterday. Had only started going out with my girlfriend (now wife) about a month before and, working in the City, we'd decided to make a weekend of it. She got the train down from Chelmsford to London on the Friday to meet up with me and my workmates as I think someone was leaving; first time she'd met them. She took a shine to one of the other guys who was a spit for Paul Young (remember him?) but then she was always like that.... Got a bit merry then up to Euston (or was it Kings Cross) for the train to Birmingham as we were staying at the Holiday Inn. Just our luck; some guy half way up the train line had demolished a bridge with his car so after waiting on the train they eventually told us we were stuck. Decided to go back to Chelmsford, get refunds on the tickets, and drive up even though we were both well over. Was incredibly foggy near Birmingham and a coach ended up driving into the central barrier and we only just missed it. Got to the hotel about midnight. Up the following morning and went down to reception to find myself standing next to Graeme Sharp; it was Everton's team hotel. Good bit of banter with him....nice guy. All the Everton players in a roped off bit of the dining room. Can't remember too much of the match except we were standing on the Holte End and someone decided to do a sh*t on the terrace right next to us. A carthorse would have been proud of it. Walked back to the hotel after the match; my girlfriend said she'd make it better and I rather think she did. Thirty four years ago. Bloody hell.
  3. What a backroom line up. Tony Toms, Maurice Setters, Big Jack and Saint. And best kit ever.
  4. That was taken almost exactly from where I would have been sitting.
  5. It's worth remembering that Big Jack didn't turn it round immediately. He said, after his first game in charge at Exeter (we lost, of course) that things would get worse before they got better and, boy, was he right. The defeats at Cambridge, Wigan and on Boxing Day at Tranmere are easily amongst the worst five or six defeats I've ever seen. It did give you the feeling that if Big Jack can't sort us then no one can; the despair after that Tranmere game I can still feel now. After that game we had two successive games at home to fellow strugglers Rotherham and Hereford which were absolutely vital. We simply couldn't lose them. He brought in Bob Bolder in goal instead of Chris Turner; now I know Bolder had his detractors and he was calamity prone but I've always felt he was the better keeper. We won both 1-0; both truly desperate games but the results were all that mattered. We then had the Ian Porterfield clanger which saw us lose at Carlisle but after that we began to turn it around bit by bit. In fact, we lost only three more games the whole season. The good fortune that Big Jack had was not just the fan support, which at away games in particular was truly incredible, but the total support of those at the top. They understood that turning the club round was not going to be a five minute job but possibly a five year one and so Jack was given the opportunity to do that. Change and improvement came gradually and when we had the Arsenal cup games a year later we could all see where we were going. Oh for a Big Jack now.
  6. You mean the one right behind Lulu? Is it Ron Staniforth? Think he was coaching there at the time.
  7. It's the problem that all local hacks have; they know as well as anyone else what the problems are but don't want to destroy their relationship with the club. You have to read between the lines.
  8. Buying the club doesn't mean you buy the ground. That is now a big problem.
  9. Now that the ground is owned separately I doubt anyone would be seriously interested in buying the club. Chansiri has made us unsellable.
  10. No point saying "sack Monk" unless you can come up with a realistic and worthwhile replacement. And there is no one who will take the club on in the current circumstances. In any case the manager is the least of our problems.
  11. Best - 6-1 v Chelsea, 1966 Worst - 0-3 v Cambridge United, 1977. Strange that for every one "best" I can think of half a dozen "worst"
  12. Years ago players were subject to a maximum wage but clubs found a way around it so it was abolished. The exact same thing would happen here. If mega rich owners come in then why should they have a limit imposed on what they wish to spend? This is all basically the EFL trying to pass the blame on to clubs because they know their "fit and proper" test is a complete nonsense.
  13. What a shambles we are that a player has to make a statement like this.
  14. There was enough stuff on the internet at the time of his appointment toi suggest that since Swansea Monk has been a divisive character at every club he's been at. There seem to be quite a number of people within the game who simply won't work with him and I think we can now add a few more to that list. That is not to say he might not, ultimately, be a good manager but he clearly needs someone, be it a chairman or a DoF, to guide him. There are cliques within every club but that is where strong management stops them spilling out onto the pitch. We need someone who will provide that strength from above; Mandaric would have snuffed this out weeks ago. Instead we have an absentee chairman and a coaching staff whose purpose seems to solely extend to putting the cones out. Quite honestly without changes at the very top I don't see any way out of this.
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