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  1. Billy Walker. First game in charge was a 3-1 win at Liverpool on 9 Dec 1933 (he'd been appointed the previous day) but wasn't defeated until losing 0-2 at Man City in a replayed F A Cup tie on 21 Feb 1934....his 17th game in charge. The original cup tie against City saw the Hillsborough attendance record of 72,841 set. As he later managed Chelmsford City who I also watch regularly I did a couple of articles on him for a City publication three or four years back. I found some interesting snippets; for instance he tried, at different times, to sign both Stanley Matthews and Tommy Lawton for Wednesday, he also used to follow some training sessions perched by the scoreboard on top of the old Leppings Lane shed. Some years later, when he was managing Forest and in a game against Bury which they had to win to stay up, he stayed in his office all afternoon rather than watch the game. Forest won but the still went down as other results went against them. Oddly enough both he and his Wednesday successor, Jimmy McMullan, died on precisely the same day....28 Nov 1964.
  2. My God, that was an awful day. The ground (Springfield Park) was shocking; worse than a building site. We stood on the touch line covered terrace, one half of which was occupied by hundreds of Manure fans whose game had been called off and came along for the punch up. There were bricks flying everywhere and a fair amount of claret. On the pitch we were terrible; totally outplayed. They scored from a free kick with not long left, Oscar had a goal disallowed right at the death and that was it. Deservedly beaten. And we were bottom of Division 3 to boot. Big Jack hadn’t (yet) begin to turn us round and we just seemed doomed. Happy days!
  3. Went to all the games.....brilliant memories. Was on the Kop for the first game and threw a snowball.... As mkowl said because of the weather there was very little football being played so everyone was following the saga. They chose Filbert Street for the final three games because they could virtually guarantee the games would be played; they had a huge pitch covering which blew up like a balloon with hot air fans so the pitch could be kept frost free. Brian Hornsby was simply superb on those games, against his first club. But what did for us was losing Dennis Leman after the fourth game. We lost the impetus from midfield which he gave us and quite frankly the last game was a bit of an anti-climax. But the whole series of games really helped kick start us back to the big time.
  4. He never lived down his "Europe in five years" promise when he took over.
  5. Bruce was all lined up before the Bolton game and I reckon if we hadn't won he'd be in by now. But events have changed since. He's not coming.
  6. The only reason he hasn't been sacked is cos Chansiri wants a replacement ready and no one wants it. Basically, we need someone to be available who is so desperate that he'll take anything.
  7. 16 Oct 1976....it wasn't a night match, but a Saturday afternoon. I went down to my sister's in Maidenhead for the weekend. First away win since Southampton, 28 Dec 1974.
  8. Even from where I was sitting in the North the fourth goal was as clear an own goal as you could ever see. The ball was crossed to the edge of the six yard box, straight onto the head of Nobby Stiles, and he was trying to put it out for a corner but only succeeded in heading into the net. The reason it got awarded to Whitham was because Eric Taylor came out with some crap along the lines of "there's no such thing as an own goal" and so as Whitham was the closest Wednesday player it got given to him. At least he got another later to make sure!
  9. I was there with my dad and uncle in the North. When they went 4-2 up after half an hour it looked like we were in for a real hammering. But a fantastic fight back....and was it Ritchie who missed an absolute sitter? It was also the same day that Gary Sobers hit Graham Nash for six sixes in an over at Swansea.
  10. Dooley pleaded with Alan Brown not to sell Hickton back in 1966 but it fell on deaf ears. The irony was that six months after he'd sold him Brown decided he needed a Hickton-type centre forward and bought John Ritchie. And as you say one of the first things Dooley did as manager was to try to bring Hickton back but by then he was way beyond our price.
  11. Bronco got shipped off somewhere on loan, Hereford if I remember rightly, but never played for us. He got injured pretty early on and that was it.
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