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  1. Here's a little known fact about the 6-1 Chelsea game. They had to make a late change in goal when Peter "The Cat" Bonetti failed a late fitness test and they called up Tommy Hughes, a young Scottish keeper. He made a bit of a mess with the first goal, from Jim McCalliog, but to be fair he didn't have a prayer with the others so it wasn't his fault. But you could say he had the last laugh as he was goalie for Hereford United when they beat us 2-1 at Hillsborough in Jan 1976. That was ten years, two divisions and basically light years away....
  2. That 7-0 game was a strange one. First half an hour was absolute garbage; typical end of season stuff. But once Ford got the opener Burnley fell apart and we scored seven in 40 minutes. The crowd was shouting for Whitham to be given the spot kick to get his hat trick; perhaps McCalliog thought he could still get one himself. Also remember the 5-0 against Sunderland in an evening game at Easter a few weeks earlier. Never seen rain like it but we were fantastic that night and Meggy got one of his rare goals.
  3. Just come across this one....much longer highlights! But typical YTV missing Andy Mac's goal..... Also, look out for a pre-Liverpool Ian Rush.
  4. I didn't go to the Leeds replay though I did see the 1-1 draw at Hillsborough. We haven't had a crowd that big (52,111 according to the book!) since and I suppose we won't ever again. I remember watching highlights of the replay on TV so they must be around somewhere. My dad's reaction to the Eustace free kick was "they're learning....." Alas, what was to follow over the next few years!
  5. 31 Dec 1966 beating Chelsea 6-1. Probably the best Wednesday performance over 90 minutes I've ever seen. And can still remember so much of it.
  6. This goal v Norwich......not that one but this. No one else in our squad would have done this.
  7. That was Don Megson's last game for Wednesday. He ended up being subbed cos he was absolutely roasted by some kid called Keegan..... Was a sad end to a fantastic career.
  8. Billy Walker tried to sign Matthews from Stoke back in 1934 when he'd just become Wednesday manager but failed. Even at that stage (he was only 19) Stoke considered him irreplaceable. The only time I definitely saw Matthews play was the testimonial match for Joe Shaw, the old United player, back in March 1965. He played in an All Stars XI against a United side that also included Jimmy Hagan, years after he'd retired. The crowd was 29,500!
  9. Can I just say that the Liverpool game, 1968, I chucked a cushion on the pitch. It was all my dad's fault.....never seen him get so worked up about a ref's decision!
  10. When I moved to London in the mid-70's and lived in Harrow I used to support the local team, Wealdstone, who then played at their old ground at Lower Mead which was just at the bottom of our road. They had a forward called George Duck who was a legend for them, scoring over 250 goals. Also, a midfielder called John "Willie" Watson who was the biggest (though not in size) thug I've ever seen on a football pitch. I remember on one occasion them playing Altrincham in what was then called the Alliance Premier him laying out one of their lot and then walking on his face. The Stones also had a teenage full back called Stuart Pearce.... After moving to Chelmsford in 1985 I've been a regular at City games; in fact, I've probably seen more City games since then than Wednesday. I've even been to a few away games at such exotic places as Enfield (when they were the best team outside the league and played at Southbury Road, Braintree (the local variant of the Pigs) and Thurrock. City are serial play off failures....this season was the seventh time in eleven years they've reached the National South play offs and they've got to the final once!
  11. The clip also misses the male streaker who, if I remember rightly, it was subsequently discovered had some sort of mental issues. Nothing to do, though, with watching Wednesday. Apparently.
  12. Remember the Save Our Owls campaign only too well. Our football was embarrassing enough but that really took it to another level. Pretty sure it was launched for the away game at York City on a Friday night; last day of January 1975. There was a guy from The Star taking pictures of the Wednesday fans behind the goal; I'm sure someone will be able to link to the pictures somewhere. But we were terrible that night and lost 3-0. For the next game we had Phil Henson, our new star signing from Man City, in the side and actually he was a bit better than what we'd seen thus far that season but he soon descended to the abject mediocrity of the rest. And after a couple of weeks when it had become clear that we couldn't even score a goal let alone win a game the campaign was quietly dropped. Really brings me out in a cold sweat when I think of that season.
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