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  1. A real colossus of that mid-60's Wednesday side and a real big hero of mine. RIP Gerry.
  2. Without a few more decent signings we would struggle even without the points deduction. Can't at the moment see anything to be positive about.
  3. I don't think Dooley's was a compound fracture. From what I read it was a fairly simple one and they were getting ready to return him to Sheffield which they wouldn't have done with anything more serious. His I think was caused by an earlier injury during the game which had slightly cut the skin on the back of his leg. No injections back then, of course, and when some dirt got into it it caused the infection.
  4. Probably the guy at the EFL who would be dealing with it is on holiday.
  5. What does this have to do with whether we should appeal or not? We may not like the rules but until they are changed we have to abide by them. Chansiri found a way round it which in this instance would have worked but we didn't get the paperwork properly sorted even though we had every opportunity to do so. That is not the EFL's fault but our own.
  6. Don't be silly. We are trying to deflect the blame wholly onto the EFL when it was entirely in our own hands to have dealt with the sale properly and avoided both the charge and the points deduction. All an appeal will do is to have it hammered into us just how inept Chansiri has been. We should have the grace to accept the punishment and move on.
  7. If you read through the document it is clear that we had every opportunity to have acted and avoided the situation we are now in. We twice extended the accounting year end to have had the sale tied up and be properly accounted for and yet we did nothing. What was an absolutely vital deal was simply left in abeyance until it was too late....for what reason is unclear. Yes, the EFL have acted in a high handed manner. But the ability to have the sale properly dealt with and thus avoid both the charge and points deduction lay with us. The club, and Chansiri in particular, should be thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed. No, we should not appeal.
  8. Indeed. I remember that match only too well and always hated Ian Bowyer afterwards. Quite honestly, for the club to come out with such a strongly worded statement as a follow up and to confirm it is to appeal is simply an embarrassment.
  9. I think if you read this which summarises it succinctly..... .....we handled it totally ineptly. The charge and points deduction could have been avoided.
  10. I don't have any professional experience of dealing with people from Thailand but I have from a number of other countries in the Far East; in particular China, Japan and Singapore. I think without exception those people have always placed their personal and professional integrity above anything. So I can only imagine Chansiri's reaction on effectively being called a liar. He would treat this as an absolute slur on his character. I doubt very much he'll let this pass.
  11. They'll probably announce the decision about 9.40 tonight. It's ages since we've lost points in added time.
  12. We'd end up paying way more to get him back than we received in compensation.....for a player we developed in the first place. Are you real?
  13. Remember seeing Tommy Craig (the actor) getting chucked out of the family enclosure at Colchester's old Layer Road ground when we lost 3-1 some years back. Was rather the worse for wear, I seem to recall....
  14. Used to go on that terrace quite regularly in the 1970's until they put the fences up. After that you couldn't see a thing; the terracing was too low so reverted back to the Kop. Been in the West Stand a few times as well; first time was the Spurs v Forest semi final back in 1967.
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