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  1. And if they did some morons on here would be screaming police brutality thugs in uniform blah blah. You know the ones on here the experts but would no doubt not be good enough if they applied to get in.
  2. Radio Sheffield commentators crying tears of relief.
  3. Im with you all the way mate Id love him to succeed because it means we are succeeding as a club.
  4. Its just a novelty for us actually seeing a team we support actually win. Dont get that very often do we.
  5. Now that my friend is sheer unadulterated quality.
  6. Yes I get that mate buts its bloody difficult to stay positive at the moment. The son;ly positive for me at the moment is it will be easier to park - sad aint it.
  7. Lets be honest any team in the professional ranks that contains Paterson Borner and to some extent Palmer will struggle. The first 2 are just awful footballers with the 3rd distinctly average. To progress we just have to discard certainly 2 out of the 3 preferably all 3. In a recent post a week or so ago I saw a remark which said something about liking Patersons 5hithousery. Remarks like that just make me want to give it all up and weep.
  8. Getting parked up is going to be a doddle. I live 7 miles from Hillsborough shan't have to set off till quarter past 2. Be even better the season after.
  9. Doesn't excite me - christ mate it bloody depresses me.
  10. Controversial to end on - and you've mentioned us bouncing straight back up and staying there - now that is controversial mate. Just one further comment has it crossed your mind that the youth may not be ready yet or good enough.
  11. That Stadium of Light really shows Hillsborough up now for what it is - a slowly crumbling dump.
  12. The priority at the moment appears to be hanging on to our money.
  13. Well if thats his position he is bound to be an improvement. Oscar Pistorius would be.
  14. Yes it is relevant its called experience. The longer you've been going the more players youve seen - some of em bloody good ones too.
  15. Unfortunately cant make it, that same evening I will be sticking red hot knitting needles in my eyes.
  16. After Mr Waddle had finished tormenting him that Saturday afternoon he was taken to the Northern General with the worst case of twisted blood ever seen.
  17. They look most dangerous when they break with pace. What are you watching.
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