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  1. Quality rant that Asteener if its any consolation Im with you all the way. Bit older than you so it all applies. My main worry is and Ive said so before on here that while ever this useless half wit of an owner stays we are just as likely to get out of this division but in the wrong bloody direction. If that happens there'll be some dummy spitting on here for sure.
  2. Thank you thats really interesting with some factors that I wouldn't have thought had any relevance at all. Just goes to show. Anyway I wish you all the best with your current endeavours and hope you achieve your goal.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Strangely the bigger the club the bigger the resources and in my experience the better chance of a positive response. As a matter of interest what in a nutshell were your conclusions and did you ever think about working in the game or did you do so in the sports science field.
  4. It doesn't surprise me that you didn't get a reply. I worked for a Football Club for about 12 years in all and the number of requests received from Students doing sports degrees, to would be Physios, wannabe groundsmen etc etc all wanting a route into working in football would have to be seen to be believed. We would have had to employ someone full time just to write the rejection letters alone. If we had taken them all on we would have had more there Monday to Friday than crowd on a match day. The problem is of course that many of the hopefuls thought that they were the only ones doing what they were doing. So dont take the fact you were ignored personally its more likely that what you wanted had been done or that they simply didn't have the staff with the time to respond. That said we did comply with many requests and take people on work experience etc but as I said the numbers are so great you simply cant do or reply to them all.
  5. Yes I know and so would I. Mark doesn't suffer fools and him and our owner just wouldn't fit in a million years. But even so I can tell you it wont happen.
  6. I can categorically tell you that Mark Robins is a none starter so its a waste of time even mentioning him. How do I know, I just do. Trust me on Mark.
  7. The man who brought us the great Kadeem Harris. Lets be fair if you had 8 mill to add to the rest of your millions would you come near us when you can have a great stress free life. Personally Id rather be a bricklayer in Kabul.
  8. He had to get a signing on fee to pay for his missises lip job.
  9. Hes not for me mate - ask yourself why he gets stick - cos he's generally poor. Cant run cant pass his only saving grace is he occasionally mishits one into the net. That said I hope he gets a hat trick today.
  10. Agree 100% the very same one yes. Playing well !!! you're having a laugh mate.
  11. With this guys selections you have better odds of accurately predicting 6 numbers.
  12. With the current half wit we have as an owner/chairman this club is far more likely to spiral further downwards. The days of the heady first season when he threw money about like Viv Nicholson are long gone. We have now found our level and are going to have a hell of a struggle to tread water to maintain this level. I take no pleasure in saying this having supported them for nigh on 50 years. Its bloody sad but Ive accepted what we are - a big club amongst small clubs but a very small club among big clubs.
  13. Great welcoming club. Brother in law was Club Secretary for donkeys years till illness forced him to give up. If anyone wants to see decent football amongst friendly people give it a go. You will enjoy.
  14. You could be describing Tom Lees there. We just dont learn do we.
  15. Take your point but with crap like that he's insulting our intelligence.
  16. Me too mate I haven't heard of any of em apart from that fat bloke Argent who used to knock that equally fat horrible bird off who's name escapes me. at the minute. I have a prior engagement sticking red hot knitting needles in my eyes even thought it is for charity.
  17. If only we had a player half as good. Good luck to him and his family.
  18. For us to wallop someone 8-0 its got to be the Dagenham Girl Pipers.
  19. You shoot yourself in the foot mate. You describe the players as Skilful, Proven,Pacey, and Creative. (your words). Then you bemoan the lack of quality service. If the players were as good as you describe they would be providing the level of service needed.
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