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  1. No - sticking red hot knitting needles in your eyes is like watching Wednesday. -
  2. Bet the money grabbing sod will want paying. Bloody grabbing footballers for you.
  3. Now thats a strategy that just cant fail. Good luck.
  4. Windass one of Wednesdays best players last season. Thats no recommendation.
  5. There are quite a few gems in there but you've more chance of winning the lottery than them signing for someone like us.
  6. So would I as far away from Hillsborough as possible.
  7. With the strength of our squad at this time I suspect we need to be wary of most if not all. If we arent then we will get punished.
  8. In fact there's a club on that list who I played for and we didn't get paid at all apart from petrol money for to and from training.
  9. The likes of Corby, Kings Lynn etc arent going to pay megabucks and I suspect that many would have to go part time to make a living wage.
  10. I was in Gary Bennetts company some years ago in Chester (on the day Ians payout was announced coincidentally) He came across as a really personable likeable bloke. We talked about the tackle and he told me how much he regretted it and how sorry he was. I know they are only words but he seemed like he really meant it. I have no doubt that Ian would have gone on to play for England had he stayed fit.
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