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  1. Thanks for the information its just that I take exception to being called a Fuclwitt I wouldn't say anything abusive to anyone on here. But your comments say it all. Thanks.
  2. I have never (unlike you) been personally abusive to anyone on this site. I will be attending the match on Tuesday night and will be outside Costa Coffee on Middlewood Rd at the top of Leppings Lane at 7.15pm. Would you care to join me and call me that to my face.
  3. Ah yes the local community. Didn't realise they appreciate matchday supporters peeing in their front gardens in their passageways etc. Dont tell me it doesn't happen Ive seen it often enough. There's a reason modern stadiums are built away from urban connurbations one being the disruption caused to residents on matchdays.
  4. Looks a nice ground - makes ours look a little err how shall I put it - tired I think is the word.
  5. And according to some on here it will all have been his fault.
  6. If only we could attract a ridiculous manager of similar quality. All football staff and players cover their mouths now because of TV cameras and microphones.
  7. Here we go - Dont even think about it aint going to happen so why waste time.
  8. Stopped me in my tracks too. Bannan is excellent at this level, reasonably good at Championship level, but couldn't get a regular game in the Premier.
  9. There is one massive problem at Sheffield Wednesday and has been for a few years now. His name is Dejphon Chansiri. While ever he stays mediocrity will ever be thus.
  10. Careful Social Services dont get to know. Seriously hope they get hooked.
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