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  1. got tickets in the home end. if you go by train then taxi is best option to the Stadium and maybe book a return trip at the same time. there is a Frankie & Bennies burger bar directly next to Stadium for a burger & beer, but probably best to book in advance.
  2. approx 70 grounds Fulham is usually fun Old Den was a nightmare, Cold Blow Lane in every sense.
  3. I had issues trying to renew online, had to phone the ticket office and they sorted it .. also deducting my remaining credits from renewal price.
  4. I was not able to renew online, for some reason it wouldn't let me, i just phoned ticket office and they did it for me.
  5. if it happened every game then it would be a big deal, a bit boring and we would be in trouble, but we shouldn't get worked up over the occasional joyous outbreak with no violence involved.
  6. heh come on .. 6 mins of time added on and we didn't concede , how many times are able to say that
  7. anyone know how Pompey have done over the last 7 games ?
  8. well I saw them cos I knew people who were in the box with them, and had drinks , but I'm inclined to think that you are just being a wind up .. so I'll leave it there.
  9. don't know if you are just doing a deliberate wind up, and if you are well done you have hooked me in, but if not then you are 100% wrong the AM are Owls .. fact ...and they had a box at Wembley for the Hull play off final. Jarvis Cocker was also at Wembley that day.
  10. Agreed. It is a sad situation, the fact that we have a revolving door of managers is one of the contributory factors in our decline and the inability to reverse the trend. Like many I hoped (and still do) that Moore could help change the tide. He did a good job in the Summer of replenishing and revitalising the squad on next to nothing, it gave us optimism and hope, and as we all know it is the hope that kills you. I don't like to hear Moore and the team being booed, he seems a decent bloke doing a tough job, we should give him a fair chance to succeed and regardless of whether he succeeds or not, he should be treated with some respect. WTID
  11. I would drop Wing from team .. not impressed at all.
  12. looking at this table it highlights that scoring enough goals is a bigger problem than conceding them .. the Top 6 all scored more.
  13. I like this guy and enjoy his match round ups. Talks a lot of sense.
  14. it's not surprising he was downbeat .. he would have clearly heard the " we're F----g Sh-t " chants and booing at the end. How is he supposed to react to that. Whilst it is painful to watch and experience at the moment, I think we should hold the faith at least until the new year. One of the contributory reasons for our decline has been the revolving door of managers, at some point we need stability or we will keep going around in the same old circles. Whether DM is the one to build that stability around is obviously open to question, but we should give it a fair crack.
  15. Wimbledon High St is approx 30 mins walk from the ground it has pubs & restaurants I'm in the home end as well. UTO
  16. surprise , surprise it is all down to SAG. They have asked Wimbledon to make a few alterations to the away end and until this is completed the away capacity has been reduced from 1400 to 1000
  17. looks like the whole ground has now sold out, home & away tickets.
  18. There aren't that many tickets left in the home stands at Wimbledon, small ground, so don't leave it too long to decide.
  19. I have a ticket in the home section at Wimbledon, as I think the 1K away tickets will be gone before I am eligible. I have registered with Oxford, Cambridge, Wimbledon, Cheltenham, Wycombe .. all in the expectation that the away tickets will go quickly and I may need to buy a home ticket. Should be ok at MK Dons as they have loads of seats and also Pompey on a Tuesday night. The irony is that if I could add the 10 points for each of the away games I go to in the home ends I would have a much higher points tally to get Wednesday away tickets easily. and BTW I am a season ticket holder at Hillsborough but live in the sunny south.
  20. Thought Wing was very poor last night with too many long balls to no one in particular. A lot of running around not achieving very much. I prefer Bannan in the side, just need to stop him taking the set pieces
  21. I watch Wednesday home & away, but don't watch any other football games on TV (unless Utd happen to be losing, then I might tune in to enjoy otherwise it's Rugby Union for me .. much better !
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