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  1. agreed .. it was heart stopping to watch at times. A Giraffe on ice skates had more poise and control than some of our defenders passing & receiving the ball around the 6 yard line
  2. This just reflects the official ticket sales for away tickets .. doesn't include all the tickets Owls fans also bought in the homes ends around the country .. had quite a few myself
  3. Rangers are anticipating more than 100K+ fans travelling to Seville for their European final .. that is some away following.
  4. I will be watching in Cologne at the Jameson Distillery Pub .. they have promised to put it on .. so if any other Owls happen to also be in town then make your way there ! UTO
  5. ok, I have a similar question. I will be in Koln Germany on Monday and would also like to find a sports bar to watch the game .. anyone in the know ? Thanks .. UTO.
  6. some people seem to forget that it was the same for Brighton games .. we gave them 2k in upper stand with lots of empty seats and the front rows all netted off, and they gave us 2k at their place .. which was a great night
  7. seriously ? they could sell it out many times over if they were given the option .. one of the best supported teams in the country.
  8. Pompey will make some noise, last away day party ... we want every Owl to turn up and drown them out .. UTO
  9. Best away day for a long while .. those who didn't go missed out big time.
  10. Best of all the new stadiums .. and yes .. in a heart beat. Hillsborough is long past its sell by date, a relic of the past.
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