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  1. I’ve said in the past that I’m not sure how the transfer rules work in league one. It seems there are many/mostly frees. That being said, if a team is relegated from the Championship and is willing to spend anything... my top target is Brandon Hanlan from Bristol City. He’s your proper striker.
  2. A few weeks ago, I looked at the transfers DM had made at WBA & Donny. To suggest any names would probably be futile, but if SWFC is in League One, DM's moves when at Doncaster could be a blueprint. He tapped loans from EPL U23 clubs for loans quite a bit, but he also seemed to scour League One and Two to find young/hungry contributors. Moore, assuming he stays, should have an excellent opportunity to build a team the way that he wants (**assuming DC would give up the reins). He should have some contacts in both the EPL and League One to target players that fit his scheme.
  3. Think that Hanlan would be a shrewd signing. DM needs to find guys that could excel in his system. My concern, however, is that very few teams in L1 make transfers w/ money involved. I believe Peterborough is the only club to exceed 2M in incoming transfers this season. Did it turnout? Yes, absolutely.. but I'm unfamiliar w/ the League in regards to transfer rules. SWFC would have almost no TV income, and I believe Nancy Frostick over at the Athletic said that the squad could lose ~ 8M in revenue by dropping to L1. I would hope that DM gets a bit of a transfer budget to get a hidden gem
  4. Forgot to mention that, along with being a novice, I'm an idiot! Woops.
  5. Since Darren Moore has been appointed, I’ve been curious to see if someone would post about his style or players that fit the way he plays in comparison to the Owls. As an absolute novice in this area, I have no idea how to even identify a player that would fit scheme X vs scheme Y. I loved the discussion about the formation, the 42321 style and how that could look for the reminder of the fight to avoid relegation. But I wonder how he’ll put his fingerprints on the club beyond the 20/21 season (assuming his contract is longer in term). I went back and did a quick look at his transfer histo
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