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  1. That makes no sense as away end wasn’t fully sold out, maybe 50-60 short.
  2. How are clowns gonna blame Wednesday for a player on the end of a strong tackle getting injured? Almost like it doesn’t happen in football.
  3. The odd few returns keep popping up on the ticket site, it won’t be officially sold out.
  4. This and the awareness our fans have raised for the minutes applause for Lucy at MK next Saturday are why we have a superb fanbase.
  5. No chance, took about 2.5k to Cambridge last year which was about 90 short from a sell out, similar distance and on a Tuesday night.
  6. Weird, don’t recall telling anyone what to do with their money. Are you okay ‘mate’?
  7. Another point- why is nobody thinking to themselves that season tickets have been on sale months and The Star have decided to post this the day before a new season? Does that not seem convenient to anyone else?
  8. Did that happen in this case? I remember seeing 2-3 different updates at the time from the club telling people they were still in the process of issuing rebates.
  9. This is what I tried explaining earlier with the trading analogy.
  10. Course they are. They don’t have to offer an explanation or reason.
  11. Depends if I knew beforehand if it was going to be a slow drawn out process; like we did.
  12. Who says I’m not annoyed at the club about how the handled it? I can just see it from their point of view- Wednesday didn’t have to offer a refund (a lot of other clubs didn’t), then when they did and explained the procedure would take time, they’re getting taken to court over something they outlined (the timeframe). I’d be annoyed too.
  13. It isn’t about taking the refund, thousands took that option, and the same thousands have been allowed to purchase season tickets again, it’s just the one person who took the club to court who hasn’t been allowed.
  14. Don’t think anyones after that title, I think it’s called having an opinion mate, something some people can’t grasp on here, others having different opinions to their own.
  15. Nothing anti-fellow fan about laughing at the suggestion they should get a free season ticket. People have cried about the financial state of the club for years now they’re wanting them to dish out free season tickets?
  16. Absolutely not. Say it was two businesses trading and one took the other to court over an unpaid expense, do you think they’d carry on trading after or cut ties? As a business, swfc can cut ties with who they see fit.
  17. Sold over 6k, still a week to go and payday coming up. We had the highest average away attendance in the entire football league last year and will do again this term.
  18. Showing last tickets now. I reckon closer to 30k.
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