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  1. Why did Jamie smith follow him? He’s supposed to be part of the management team, acknowledge he’ll be annoyed, let him cool down, let it slide and deal with it dressing room. Clown
  2. Peterborough announced its now an all ticket event due to us being close to selling out just under 3800.
  3. How many sold? Have the end blocks been on sale yet? Fu1 gu2?
  4. Let Peterborough releasing a statement saying it’s all ticket only and we’ve sold 3800 be our team talk, the players know they wouldn’t get that following anywhere else in the football league. Time to step up.
  5. Don’t have the biggest away following in the football league for no reason
  6. Why not? Took similar numbers to Wigan last season, similar sort of distance but easier to get to on train at night.
  7. That makes no sense as away end wasn’t fully sold out, maybe 50-60 short.
  8. How are clowns gonna blame Wednesday for a player on the end of a strong tackle getting injured? Almost like it doesn’t happen in football.
  9. The odd few returns keep popping up on the ticket site, it won’t be officially sold out.
  10. This and the awareness our fans have raised for the minutes applause for Lucy at MK next Saturday are why we have a superb fanbase.
  11. No chance, took about 2.5k to Cambridge last year which was about 90 short from a sell out, similar distance and on a Tuesday night.
  12. Weird, don’t recall telling anyone what to do with their money. Are you okay ‘mate’?
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