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  1. It’s not even funny at this point, fans will laugh and joke on here and twitter but people should be absolutely furious with that.
  2. I think there’s one block left after they’ve gone, the one closest to the terracing which hasn’t been released yet. They’ve been releasing random blocks at a time in no order, most Wednesday thing ever.
  3. Showing last tickets now, about 150 left with a week to go until the game. Absolutely incredible effort again.
  4. It’s not us that need to accept this, it’s the players. We’re well aware, it’s them lot that need to up their work rate and take a look at themselves.
  5. Always the third phase, can never sell out in the first two phases, I think that’s how they work out the points based on the allocation.
  6. Anyone else just absolutely sick of our club/players giving other fans moments to rinse us about?
  7. X2 on the kop, perfect place to do it. Close to the triangle and corner who all stand up anyway.
  8. Win at Ipswich and there’ll be around 3500 there I reckon
  9. Let’s be honest, we have a weak mentality at this club and have done for years. 1-1 against Shrewsbury at home, 6 minutes to go and stroking it along the back line, trying to do the same thing that hasn’t worked all game.
  10. It would but he’s right, why can they just say ‘deduct us 21 points now, send us down then we’ll start fresh next swason?’ How is that fair with the amount of charges against them?
  11. Suddenly close to 200 tickets back on sale in E and V2.
  12. Makes absolutely no sense, with 9 days to go we’d easily shift another block and they’d still have 2 full blocks of segregation.
  13. Can’t tell what’s happening, they keep going on and off, maybe a ticket site error but the clubs not announced they’ve sold out yet so fingers crossed for you.
  14. Just seen on Twitter another 300 have become available on the ticket buying page.
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