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  1. Gave his all in our shirt, and a top bloke to boot. Get well soon.
  2. Absolutely, but there's scope for a couple of other clubs to try it yet whilst most clubs are still spaffing millions/billions on random punts
  3. It's something we do well at Oakwell. Our late owner Patrick Cryne started the philosophy of buy low, sell high to keep the club afloat because he was one of the least affluent owners in the division and simply couldn't subsidise millions upon millions of pounds to be competitive. When he was gravely ill and looking to sell the club to the right owners to secure its long-term future, he passed on this philosophy to them, and they have taken it a couple of steps further. There were flaws in 'the plan' as we affectionally called it under Cryne. We stayed afloat and had a few good se
  4. It can be really effective, but it was so frustrating today watching us mindlessly hoof it with the same outcome every time. Was screaming at the telly for us to get it on the deck and try a plan B. Dike did well but only had inbound meteors to feed off.
  5. I'm not surprised at all. You lot always find a way against us, I was more surprised we won at your place So many last minute winners over us through the years, 30 yard thunderb*stards against the run of play, Winnall doing Winnall things, us gifting you goals. It's a proper hoodoo
  6. Out-tacticked today by DM. You didn't look like a bottom 3 side, can't see you going down if performances stay like that. There were a couple of dubious decisions today IMO, but prior to us actually scoring it felt like we could play while Monday and not get one. Good luck.
  7. Playing out from the back against us was more viable in the first half of the season. It took a while for VI to get his philisophy going in our squad, and even in a lot of those defeats we didn't look a bad side - just not the finished product. The best way to beat us is to stretch our 3 man defence. So many teams try to lump it over the top for a central striker to beat our high line. It doesn't work because our goalkeeper is more than happy to head/boot it out of play from practically inside your own half. Bournemouth actually got their attack right against us; they lofted throu
  8. And this is a huge problem that will one day sink football.
  9. Also, just to add, our tickets have remained affordable with adult season tickets starting at £235. This is important in areas like ours where there isn't much cash sloshing about.
  10. Honest assessment from a Barnsley fan. Most of us (some were a bit brighter than me) went from optimism over a new board in 2017 with 'billions of pounds', to disappointment and resentment because they sleepwalked us into League 1 football, then to elation because we came back to the Champ at first time of asking, and finally to anger at the sale of the spine of that team last year. We were fortunate to escape relegation last season. It took two 90+ minute winners in our last two games and a Wigan points deduction to keep us up (although to be fair they spent over their means, whi
  11. Northern towns/cities are at an automatic disadvantage because economic and industrial reforms in the 70s/80s crippled us all. Manchester and Liverpool got through that period football-wise because they had already built an impressive footballing reputation that brought in money from other parts of the country and abroad. That allowed them to ride out the widening of the north/south divide - it was just about timing and recent footballing success as to which cities rowed through it. Leeds, Newcastle, Sunderland etc in the north did well because they were one-club cities.
  12. IMO every Football League/PL club should be run by a collective of fans with solvency and the club's future security as the number one concern. There is too much at stake to risk one incompetent owner sinking a football club. We've dropped on decent foreign owners (so far); you've dropped on a wazzock. Could easily have been the other way around and there's nothing us fans can do about it. Good luck guys, genuinely. I like to see us beat you, but I don't want to see any football club out of business. You grow up with your football club. Your grandad watched them, and his grandad b
  13. Reyt, you're gonna have to explain this meme to me. I've seen it mentioned but am fackin clueless
  14. I'm a Barnsley fan but I look out for all Yorkshire clubs' results. I know local rivals are supposed to just randomly hate each other, but I like to see Yorkshire clubs do well. We've got more in common with you lot than we have the Brentfords and Bournemouths of this world. I mean, obviously when we play you I'd like to give you a thorough spanking, that's just part of supporting your local team, but it genuinely p1sses me off to see one of our county's historic clubs (not just a football club, but a centre of local community) being treated as one man's ego project. It feels like
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