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  1. Until it's mathematically impossible, there is hope, regardless of the year, situation, Club, Squad, Manager, and Club owner. I know, it doesn't look good for Wednesday, but it remains possible, that SWFC will remain in the second Tier. Either way, I will still be a Fan, Wednesday isn't a stranger in Tier 3, or whatever it's called these days. See you next season, regardless of Tier. WAWAW.
  2. Great OMDT Lord. I used to post as "Neon Nick", the Missus changed my name & password...she does that with all of our "social media" every few years. I'm still here, looking forward to the OMDT next season, in whatever Tier, been following Wednesday since 1970, not going to jump ship now, or ever. You're right, FANS ensure the survival of a Club, owners, players, and circumstances change, but without FANS any Club will die. WAWAW.
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