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  1. Can the Everton lad, or anyone else for that matter, be signed whilst the club is under embargo? If not, can the embargo be lifted whist significant sums of money are still owed to players/ex-players, staff, etc?
  2. Apparently, The logo will be tailored too. Not just the kit!
  3. Harris was quality. It was just the pitch dimensions and the positioning of the goals that were all wrong for him.
  4. Are these being 'sold off' for the 'cut price' of £30 to make way for the new stock arriving? You know, with the new Golden Elephant Badge emblazoned on it?
  5. Thankfully, Sky are televising the Snarley Snarley game live on the Comedy Channel on a Thursday evening with a 10.35pm kick off. Tickets for the Sexual Perverts away game will be severely restricted. Don't worry, Chansiri's got this.
  6. .......for Player/Manager role. Worry not. Chansiri's got this.
  7. A couple more out and there won't be a need for a subs bench or anything more than a 12-seater team coach. Saves on catering, laundry, and team kit costs. After all, you can only play 11 at a time. "You know nothing about football"!! Don't worry, 'The Chairman's got this'!
  8. He's keen, well-informed, and seems to love football and the business. What's not to like? If only DC has this guy's communication skillset.
  9. If no one's getting any pay at all, won't they ALL benefit financially from walking away then?
  10. "Play-off T-shirts, 25 quid"! "Last few remaining"!
  11. Can he be added to the list for MOTM? Steady, consistent display.
  12. Am I the only one that thinks it's disgusting that that shirt implies that 'you are playing Puma and Italy'? It's as if Puma are trying to make you think that they are actually just as important and big as a national team. Naive of me I know. I realise the world has changed and the retail and financial aspects of football are increasing all the time, but for God's sake, come on. We are talking about 'Italy'. A nation with incredible international pedigree. It's just another sell out as far as I'm concerned. Companies like this should never be seen as being as 'on the same level' as the actual team and nation. Tin hat on as I know people will disagree, but just 'do one', Puma!
  13. Derby need to win as well, I think.
  14. Anyone remember Springfield Park on that old sloping grass bank? Great fun when it rained. Stockport was poor when they just had the flat, concrete slabs at pitch level on the away end, too.
  15. Horrible condition and very worrying when complications like clots set in. Get well soon, Mr Moore and look after yourself. Sincere best wishes for a full recovery.
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