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  1. Glad to hear this especially. The company I worked for got priced out early in the chansiri era, which was a shame as we had sponsored for many years before. It always felt wrong to see the sponsor page in the programme being almost empty when we would have been willing to pay a reasonable amount for it.
  2. That is true, I wish all websites had this, it's good most major sites do these days.
  3. Whilst that bit is true to some extent, passwords can be leaked due to bad security on the website's part - i.e. in no way preventable by the individual themselves. For example, years ago adobe (among many other websites) got hacked / had millions of users password information leaked, and that didn't become public knowledge until years after, so for years people's passwords were open to people who had the know how of how to find and use them and it didn't matter how strong the passwords were. A few years back I went and found my own email and passwords in password lists online from this, and surprisingly it was very easy to then log into various accounts of mine from that. I am much more careful since and keep separate passwords for each website. Some other big sites this has happened to since include dropbox, myfitnesspal, myspace, facebook, wattpad, and various universities. So then, with the rest of it, I don't post on my twitter or facebook, I just use them to get information usually, but if someone accessed one of those, they could easily cause me a lot of hassle by being toxic or abusive to people and even if eventually I could prove it wasn't me, the consequences of that if linked to my actual ID and name would be much more severe than now where my accounts tend to be under another name.
  4. This is the only worry I'd have with ID requirements and would require strict regulations. That and consequences of someone else accessing your account to cause mischief - Passwords get leaked all the time (so make sure each website has a unique password, otherwise if one site has a leak like adobe did years back, it doesn't allow access to other sites accounts).
  5. Shodipo, Shodipo, Shodipo As pacey as they get Shodipo, Shodipo, Shodipo And we can win this yet or something. to the tune of Shipoopi
  6. To this day, one of my favourite, most feels inducing matches of my life.
  7. This season hasn't felt as worth it (but of course I will always put myself through it no matter how torturous), but yeah, it aint bad for those of us who cannot get to Hillsborough
  8. ifollow isn't as bad a price when you get the full season or monthly pass (especially if it is a busy month). £20 monthly, £140 for the season. Yeah, it's a lot of money to watch ONLY Wednesday and I wish instead it covered all clubs, but since I've moved abroad it's all I have Just a pain in the backside too when a match is on the equivalent of sky over here, I either have to sign up for a month at £40 a month, or have audio only.
  9. Now to be fair... we were told we were going into that room to get a slice of the cake, we didn't know it'd take them so long to cut the bloomin thing up.
  10. Back in the good ol' days, I used to love Owlstalk for just having a right laugh at ourselves. Nowt taken seriously, it was all questioning Reda tying people to radiators and what not... Life was much more jolly when we had the expectation of us been crap season on season. At this point we'd have been starting threads on Jordan Rhodes' teacake choice rather than fretting over our demise
  11. Ah Reda, what a player. I'd always lump a tenner on him to score, for some reason the bookies had him down on the same odds as all the other defenders. He singlehandedly paid for my pints for a decent time.
  12. I'm not sure how being involved in online streaming tournaments of Fifa and having discounted days, giant fun day events etc isn't an example of exactly this... Taking just owls in the park as an example, I know lots of people who went to that, with their children, every year, despite having no interest in football previously. The summer camps are also something where I know plenty of young people have gone to even if they haven't been Wednesday supporters - why? Because it is reasonably affordable daycare that suits children who like to play football. I'm not saying there isn't room for improvement but if we are acknowledging where we can improve, we should also look at things which have been done well.
  13. I feel it is a little unfair to suggest our club hasn't been trying to attract young fans to the club. Off the top of my head, just thinking of the young kids in my extended family, there are: summer football camps (basically wednesday led daycare for summer) the games and what not played in the megastore parking lot. the players signing things pre-match in the megastore parking lot the half-time games being aimed more towards kids (In my opinion anyway, it's only kids I hear talking about "top bins" or whatever) better social media interaction which is more "poppy" The themes of recent kits like the video game theme is also something I felt was made with the younger generation in mind There's, of course, owls in the park each year There's the family zones which get visits from mascots, magicians and players, as well as things like colouring stations, face painting, table football, card games There have been a decent amount of "kids for a quid" games too by memory Fifa tournaments, including those done via live streaming, but also those done in the ground on select occasions I do agree though that the everyday cost is too high for kids when knowing an adult must take them, but that's our general ticket price issue. Overall the club has tried quite a lot of things to attract young fans to the club
  14. I think this is true... I always supported Wednesday, but I didn't get into going to all the matches and actually watching full matches on TV and what not until my teens.
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