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  1. Surely your more at home with club forums of your stature, City, utd, arsenal, spurs?
  2. I think the Chansiri name will be part of swfc longer than we've got left on this earth. (well defo me u may b ok if your 11)
  3. Cheers, but we did move the stadium sale forward a year and got the compo for Bruce, so in actual fact...... They're r8 ish.
  4. Read a lot of comments on here saying the accounts are late because they were so bad, admin, points deduction etc......... Its all above my head, so could someone with a bit of expertise, are they better, worse or about what was expected.
  5. I aim what I say at local support mate, I get what you say, 400 mile round trips another level.......the effort you put to attend 1 game is credit to you.
  6. But what if we don't keep winning the battles..... Those with the £30 rifles dessert their post and we're just left with the £40 gunmen watching the slaughters.
  7. On another footing, I miss maybe 3 or 4 home games a season through mainly holidays. I guess I won't be the only s/t holder to do this. So on the prices you quote we all may as well pay on gate costing the club cash up front. P. S no prob with what your saying but looking at it from clubs angle.
  8. Chelsea, Leeds, Leicester, forest, West ham. Nowhere near when I started, Everton got to be there or above, pigs getting flattered.
  9. You don't always catch fish, don't always reach the peak....... But u still love it.
  10. FFS, not about bein super doopa, it's people's hobby, passion, some like to fish, mountain climb. It's what people love doin.
  11. Forgot league Cup final win, nah... beating that trash twice even tops that.
  12. 4 nil up 3mins to go BDM.......... Final whistle pigs semi..... easy.
  13. He must be marched out in chains to the centre spot naked, and one pog fan come from each side of the ground....... and flick his bum with a Wednesday beach towel.
  14. Saying "thank fizz" at end of a defeat to someone gobbing "that's me done"
  15. When did he say he can't pay the players?
  16. £15, seems a little low but that may be me, any body any idea what average pog is in league 1?
  17. Cos since the loss to the pigs we've steadily dropped to where we are now while they've (temporarily) gone the other way. It's all added to the angst to some of our fanbase........ if and when we have success again(whichever league we're in) the crowds will come back and sell out for crucial games.
  18. Thanks, you've emphasised my point perfectly.
  19. No bitterness from me, and I think it describes all football fans not just ours. But this is the only forum I use so I just see it on here...
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