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  1. That ZDS game was an incredible atmosphere. 2-2 under the big old towering floodlights and heading to penalties (I think). Then Shez realized the pub would be closing soon so decided to take on half the pigs team on his own to win the game and send the crowd into delirium. Definitely in the top five atmospheres at Hillsborough for me.
  2. It's an emotional game. It's what got us all hooked when we went to that first game - pure unadulterated unscripted drama. It's what makes us sing, shout, swear and even hug a complete stranger. I love it all. A cathartic release for the common man at the end of the working week. And when emotions are high, people will boo as well. Some people can't help it when the performance is embarrassing. It's an involuntary, emotional reaction and that makes it valid. It's all part of the show and is completely natural. Start taking the emotion out of the crowd and the game dies a bit more inside.
  3. Think he's getting as frustrated with Moore as we all are after watching this? Thought he was very close to the wind with some of his comments here.
  4. Did anyone hear Paul Warne on radio Sheff afterwards? Talked about how they dominated for 90 minutes, pressed and harried. Worked hard to let the skill do it's job. Said 'boo hoo' about players who might say they're tired as they get paid handsomely to be fit and ready. And they scored 3 without reply. Away. Are you listening Darren? Chansiri??
  5. Loved what I saw of him today. MOM for me. Direct, strong and looked to make things happen. Highlight of the day. Corbeanu also needs to take corners. Whipped in fast and dangerous. No more Bannan floaty balls please.
  6. My anger tank is empty. That first half especially was LOL.
  7. I love our city and I know it's cool for many to talk it down but I was driving my boss around in the summer and she commented 'I'd forgot how pretty Sheffield was'. Now admittedly she's from Leicester but still nice to hear and a reminder that we're generally going in the right direction. But as someone pointed out a few months ago, new buildings are becoming somewhat identikit in Sheffield with the 'brown basket' types going up with aplomb. I know we need investment and fresh construction but I'd like to think our council had a firmer say on the architecture that's submitted for planning and demanded more variety and personality in any new buildings. More of the brown boxes approved here: https://www.constructionenquirer.com/2021/10/21/sheffield-hallam-universitys-220m-city-campus-gets-nod/
  8. Hoping that the encouraging signs from the last two away games are repeated and amplified to give the long suffering home crowd something to sing and shout about on this grey and chilly day to keep us all warm. That's the hope. Fully expecting the reality being to watch us spend the majority of the game camped in our own half as Lincoln press us back and force us into giving the ball away, panicked clearances and just generally enjoy themselves on their day out at Hillsborough. Also hoping the above paragraph is wrong and we finally thump a fellow third tier team by 3 or 4 goals to nil and get motoring up the league.
  9. What a few previously have said. Basically need hot grab & go stuff like Greggs. Needs to be easy to handle in one hand and be able to get it fast. The pasties on the South Stand are decent but unfortunately are seen as old fashioned these days with too much crust for the kids. Give the majority of our fans a Steak Bake or that Cheezy Baked Bean thing and they'll fly out. The pizza oven sounds great but the wait would be far greater than 30 seconds unless they have a massive oven the length of the pitch. Could probably only have 3 on the go at once. People won't wait. Also dunno why they close up after half time and keep going a bit after full time. 45 minutes of the second half plus half an hour after = just over an hour more to stay open. They'd only have to sell about 4 items to cover the labour cost but I'd think they'd sell a fair bit more. I'd quite like to chill out with a pint in the concourse after the match, watching the scores and the league tables roll in and avoid the mad scramble out. Unless I'm missing something, I'm not sure why they don't stay open just for 15-30 mins after full time?
  10. The fire had gone out in his eyes long before he even joined us. Was literally phoning it in for a while to the Steves before finally dragging his heavy ass into Hillsborough with all the enthusiasm of a schoolkid lining up for a double maths lesson on a cold Monday morning. Never looked like he had any real enthusiasm for Newcastle either. More the relieved look of someone who'd secured one last big paying job to see him through to retirement. He should now team up with that other fat bloke off of YouTube who rates Takeaways. Bet his eyes would light up then. Mind you, he'd probably bolt off after ten minutes cos he saw someone else with an even bigger kebab over the road.
  11. It'll be 33 points when Moore unleashes the Windass. Partenered with Gregory, the goals will flow as our wingers are finally unwrapped out of their factory sealed boxes and pepper the opposition's penalty box with relentless pressure.
  12. Bielsa when Leeds sack him. No more negative, defensive-first managers. I just want to feel excitement and energy in the crowd again before my time is up.
  13. 2:27 Get that white stick ready:
  14. Bingo. Leeds were a laught stock - getting through all the usual safety first, boring merry-go-round managers who retreated into themselves cos they couldn't handle a club of that size. Bielsa comes in, same set of players, basically says 'second division defences are shizzle, get at them, run your hearts out and get the crowd going'. And boom - off they went. There's no curse here. Just cat managers.
  15. It might be my imagination but it seems to me that referees in the Premier League never seem to add the silly minutes of 'additional time' like they do in the Champ or L1. I can't remember the 6/7 minutes added in like we normally get. 3-4 mins seems the most common in the Prem.
  16. Fernando Forestieri. Player / Manager.
  17. We're not cursed. I've said it before but from Carlos' second season onwards, we've had 5 years of negative management. If we ahead, we sit back and invite pressure. If we go 2 up, we sit back and invite pressure. Over half a decade, that ingrains itself into the fabric of the club. All it needs is a manager that attacks and gets the crowd rocking and this nervous 'curse' is lifted instantly. Moore out.
  18. 1-0 is the most common scoreline in football history. Source: Trivial Pursuit last Christmas. I got it wrong though. I guessed at 2-1.
  19. Is a manegger someone who eggs men or is it actually referring to a man who is being egged?
  20. This guy is great. I'm subscribed to his channel and he messed up the editing today but he's a Fleetwood fan who covers all of League 1 and he came to sit on the Kop for a day out. This isn't his best video but have a look on his channel and you'll see his enthusiasm and knowledge is addictive. Still great to see the goal from the Kop end though.
  21. Yep. Gregory all day. Tireless, was a nuisance and got the goal. Well done, Lee.
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