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  1. On evidence so far, Moore seems to be a great recruiter and coach. But would be better leaving the decisions on tactics, formation and style of play to someone else.
  2. 1 point and 1 goal from Morecambe, Plymouth and Shrewsbury. The players are up for it. The tactics are poo . Play two up front and attack please. The crowd need whipping up with pressure and attempts on goal. Can't get the crowd going playing backwards and sideways.
  3. 100% home record to continue. 4-0 statement of intent on a sunny Saturday to send us all home happy.
  4. Jeyzuss. We could have the ridiculous situation next season where Wednesday, Derby, Forest, Sunderland and Ipswich are all in L1. Unbelieveable, Jeff.
  5. After erm, being in top spot to start with just a few games ago. Hopefully we're not saying 'we're only eight points off top spot' this time next week.
  6. Two games, two losses, two different ways we've lost. We need to be able to adapt quicker. If teams are going to press us playing it out from the back, then what's the plan? If teams are going to sit back and defend, how do we draw them out? Because each time it seems to be, carry on as you were.
  7. Time to take the shades off and leave the beach, lads. poo just got real.
  8. I thought it was a joke because it was posted on the 'lost football grounds' site? They're old plans from when they were getting giddy a few years ago and now those plans are lost to the four winds - hence why it's posted on there.
  9. 0-1 to us. No opposition player has scored against us yet! We'll have loads of chances as usual but unlike last time, one will find the back of the net.
  10. Where will we finish? 1st Player of the season? Bannan Top goal scorer? Windass Signing of the season? Berhaino Most disappointing player of the season? There won't be one.
  11. I'd be more worried if we weren't creating chances. On another day, we get the first goal and go on to a cricket score. Which will come if we keep playing like this. Days like this happen every week up and down the country. That's football. Hopefully it fires up the team enough to batter the next lot we play. Plymouth is it? Let's take it out on them.
  12. I saw the interview with their manager and apparently they play entertaining stuff with a high press. This won't be easy but if we match them for enthusiasm and work ethic, our quality should win through. And I'm sure Moore has drilled that into them. Going for an unspectacular 0-1 win to the Owls.
  13. Six of one and half a dozen of the other. Opposition teams could well have figured us out as we were the media darlings under Carlos and opposing teams didn't really have to do much homework as we were laid bare and analysed to the nth degree on Sky every other week. But still feel we had the talent to adapt to that and we were playing within ourselves far too much. Just frustrating as most people could see we were just a few players and a more positive approach short of being truly awesome.
  14. Carlos Season 1) Awful first halves. 'Why do we never start on the front foot?' Second halves were indeed brilliant. Season 2) Saw how boring, defensive minded teams like Boro and Burnley got promoted and thought that was the way to do it. Had one of the most attackingly gifted bunch of players in the league and castrated them of their creativity. So very, very frustrating. And he shagged my missus.
  15. I think we should be the first club to bring Haikus to the terraces. Big Adeniran The massive owls bouncing In spite of the ref
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