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  1. I've got a bad feeling about this. A large part of what I feel is the start of a new, fresh era here is how Moore has reconnected the fans with the club and how players give their all for him and want to join us because of whatever it is Moore does. I'm worried that he may well get players forced upon him that he doesn't want now with Paixo back in town which may disillusion him and upset the spirit in the camp. Just hope that because we can spend now, Moore still has control over who comes in because despite losing in the play-offs, this season has just felt a lot more 'honest' for me for want of a better word.
  2. Everyone sees the game differently but the pace of the game put me to sleep. Hate to say it but the blunts' game was far faster and more exciting for me. But..... we all see beauty where others don't.
  3. Didn't Tony Pulis say pretty much the same thing about his and Chansiri's relationship?
  4. All the things I would choose as well. Surely we can have the flags back? Looks great when they're up. Still miffed that they removed the ones from Penistone Rd. Again, looked magnificent during the Euros. I like flags.
  5. It is indeed set up nice for them. They get to play at home first at 3pm on a Saturday. Forest play on a Tuesday night at home. Although our atmosphere was great, I think it would've been even better if we played 3pm Saturday. Fans can get oiled and give it their all without being tired from work in the day or having to go easy because of work the morning after. If the dates are set and playing home second is a 'reward' for finishing higher, then that team's manager should get to pick to play home or away first as the reward instead.
  6. Need goals from the central defenders too. Llera and Johnson used to score from free kicks and corners every other game. We haven't had that threat for a good few years at Wednesday.
  7. Almost. Only one man to truly compliment Gregory next season. #unfinished business
  8. Don't we normally get Barnsley early on when in the same league? Gut feeling they'll send us to Derby for first game though.
  9. Just shrugged it off. Been through a divorce not so long ago, just had a death in the family and work is stressful as it can be right now. The season has been a great distraction to get away from it all and truth be told, I've enjoyed league one and felt that the play-offs were just a stretch too far for us. So yes, disappointing but looking forward to the fresh regeneration of SWFC under Moore next season.
  10. How about the sin bin option? For every incidence of time wasting, the player initiating it is binned for 10 minutes. The time wasting team then has a decision to make as to whether to continue breaking momentum and have their player numbers continually reduced or actually play fair.
  11. I really like what Moore has done for the club by getting rid of that toxic negativity that stank the place out for the previous few years and has reconnected the fans with the players and club in a manner not felt since Carlos' first season. Hope he stays and we pick up pretty much where we left off and hit the ground running next season. However, can someone with a more technical knowledge of the game than me please explain what the game plan / tactics were tonight? Cos I'm scratching my head trying to figure it out. Yes, kudos to Sunderland for playing high, pressing and not giving us a second on the ball but.. shouldn't that have been what we needed to do? And with it obviously not working, what would've been the effective counter measure to combat Sunderland's tactics?
  12. Just think MK at home will play a high tempo game and play around the lumps of Wycombe.
  13. I think MK will turn it around to get to Wembley.
  14. Rotherham on being promoted to the Championship.
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