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  1. I'm already at the gym. I'm going to look ******** amazing in my £99 Pro-Fit promotion shirt in August.
  2. Patterson after the ball rebounds off the back of his knee and into the net from an attempted Derby clearance.
  3. Windass for me. Can't think of many games where he's not given his best.
  4. @Bris City. Don't listen to the negative nellys on here. He's awesome. See: https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/may/reach-bags-owls-player-of-the-year-award/
  5. I'm sure today's beautiful weather is really helping to lift the mood at the training ground today.
  6. Borner is the only defender that scores or gets into positions to score or has an attempt at goal. Despite some of his scary moments. Think he has to play next week.
  7. Both teams happy to play out a 0-0.
  8. Forest fans won't actually begrudge the loss next week if we win and it ends up placing Derby's head in the gallows.
  9. Think Bannan signed in order to command a fee in the summer. I'll be pleasantly surprised if he stays. Onnly ones I can see staying / not be sold will be Pelupessy and Palmer. The rest will either want out or Moore won't want them. Yep. Even Steve MacKenzie wannabe Patterson. Even he'll want out.
  10. Massive thread so don't know if it's been said yet but could the 'invitee places' go to the likes of LA Gakaxy and Inter Miami? Finals in the Dallas Cowboys stadium?
  11. I just can't see the Premier League having the balls to tell them to f-off. They'll allow them to do both.
  12. I'm not tight and I'm from Sheffield. In fact, I've just got back from M&S Simply Food where I bought a stonebaked pizza AND a bottle of Pinot Blush. But get this. I paid FULL PRICE for the wine instead of the stuff that was discounted by £2. Definiely room for two big Sheffield clubs in the Prem by my reckoning.
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