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  1. The aim was promotion....we didn't get promoted so we failed. I would argue the 'trouble' with far too many of our fans is they are happy with failure and make excuses for it.
  2. Relegated at West Brom and they had no confidence they were going to go back up under him so got rid although he seemed to come out of that without any blame. Failed to achieve anything at Donny who were going backwards when we stepped in. Arguably had enough time to save us but, again, came out of that without any blame then failed last season with a clean slate (in relation to a player clear-out) and the highest budget in the division by some considerable margin. Even his biggest fan must surly accept his CV is lacking any sort of success.
  3. I neither like or dislike Moore because I've never met him but liking the manager has never been important to me. The bottom line for me is that I just don't think he's a very good football manager and has failed everywhere he's managed. What I would say is that I feel battle lines are now drawn re Moore for a lot of people so some will never praise him just like others will never criticise.
  4. I don’t disagree with thIs because we are closer to non-league than Man City (in ability). What boils my p@#s is when clueless managers (no names mentioned) try to play like City because it’s modern and cool.
  5. A post on a fans forum might stop people having a ‘good time’. Are you seven years old?
  6. If you want to play bingo, here’s a full card you can use……winner announced in May. It’s only a friendly It’s the first game FFS No other club has the injuries we have The opening fixtures have been tough Let’s see where we are after 10 games Let’s judge at Christmas The January transfer window is vital Have a look with 10 games to go Reaching the playoffs is success I didn’t want to go up anyway
  7. I know the Inspector and he's a wind up merchant but to be fair he’s bang on. Last season the fans were crying like new born babies when it was convenient to use time wasting as the excuse for failure.
  8. No argument from me mate. I don’t understand why Moore was ever appointed given his managerial record.
  9. It’s going to be a long season of argument and counter-argument about the manager after every game isn’t it?
  10. Clearly how? People keep trotting these cliché lines out but all that matters is promotion.
  11. So the outcome of the investigation is………..there’s no outcome?
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