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  1. Whilst hindsite is a beautiful thing and Chansiri could have ended up being the man to make is the next Man City.. However, I remember at the time of his acquisition of our club, myself, in a previous guise and numerous others referred back to a broken promise from Milan Manderic when he agreed to sell is to Haifiz Mammadov.. 'he is a good man, a football man' Well that went to rat poo rather quickly cos the cheque bounced. Chansiris pocket money cheque obviously cleared and gave MM his profit. I dont blame MM as such, he is a bu
  2. Only ever read Keith Farnsworths Wednesday books.. Might have to get this one.. I was 12 - 13 at the the time so would be great to refresh my middle aged memories.
  3. What says more is that Reda, as much as we all love him, is without a club at 33 and spent the last 4 years at Eastleigh. If you only want to use stats, without context then I'm sure Rhodes, pre Weds stats out shine Hirty's...
  4. Why do people care who he supports? I really don't get the fascination as with The Arctic Monkeys.. Bit weird to me
  5. I've seen the 'playing for a new contract' a couple of times today in regards to Jordan Rhodes recent form. Are there any previous examples of Rhodes playing for a new contract?? If you dont play regularly you cannot get form. I know a few managers haven't chosen Jordan for whatever reason. I'm a big boxing fan and many a boxer/pundit say styles make fights.. Maybe actually playing in a style that suits and playing regularly is making a good fight for Jordan Rhodes? I'm a fair few pints in celebrating an unexpected win
  6. How come Huddersfields manager is allowed to attend the game?
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