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  1. Moore knows what’s needed. Great news. So strikers next…
  2. 7 is the best. It’s why I’m not sure about the new one. Like to see stripes on the sleeves imo.
  3. Yeah seemed pretty decent when he first arrived. Could be a case that he never felt settled & it went downhill from there. Good luck to him, best for both parties although it’s one out when we need more in.
  4. I’m sure I got the round in the last boozer? Ok fk it.. What you havin..
  5. DM factor, up or around promotion. DC factor, up or around shizz creek. I can take the despair, it’s the hope I can’t stand.
  6. FIFA, NobbyStyle.. “You should only be awarded a free kick or penalty if you can show the match officials a mark from contact, or preferably an injury that requires at least a sticking plaster”
  7. Can’t think off the top of my head a team that would play in either blue or red having the opposite for their away kit? Donny fans can’t be happy about that
  8. Is he a winger that could claw us a goal back?
  9. Wonder if they’d do the other Neil Diamond classic… ”Club on the rocks, ain’t no suprise”
  10. Good old Sheffield dialect this. ”Does tha want awat’er wi thi donner seen as tha can’t stand up proper ffs…”
  11. Misread that as “player they would like to see most in training shorts”
  12. For me it’s not about losing the young lads Shaw & Urhoghide, good luck to them. Ffs It’s about losing the potential of them. How much of a benefit could we have had from taking a punt on a contract? We’ll never know, might not work out as divided opinion suggests? Yet more of the financial shizz storm that is Chansiri FC
  13. I just hope DC doesn’t see this as the “new normal” Will it happen again? Not a good draw to the club for any potential signing that has options from others.
  14. I would imagine they’ve been advised as others have said to carry on with their side of the contract. Chansiri is not paying up monthly & if the players stop turning up I suppose the situation becomes a bit less black & white.
  15. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of Borner he should have been paid correctly as the rest of them should have. Sounds like he’s either going to leave for nothing or we’ll have a very unhappy player for another season. Well done DC again ffs
  16. I think it’s going to be a dull cagey affair with no team wanting to concede but not committing enough forward for a threat. So a 6-5 thriller AET
  17. Did you have them done at D-Tats ”Where the customer gets what they’re given”?
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