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  1. The sound-byte here for me would be that MK are willing to pay Wolves more money for a player with potential that our manager doesn’t see? Hmmm…
  2. At the end of the summer transfer window I was optimistic. We signed BPF which was a surprise him choosing to come to us (yeah I know, hit & miss) We signed Corbeanu (yeah I know ffs) & it all seemed positive for an instant return to the Championship. Now I’m thinking the wheels have come off & it’s all gone the way of the pear. So my expectations aren’t being met.
  3. Hope they didn’t line up like that as a defensive wall.
  4. Wolves clearly see him as a future star. A future 1st teamer for themselves in the Prem. They don’t see him as a player to just farm out as someone’s squad player. We can’t see that potential apparently. Pity.
  5. Are we talking as “a good runner” or for sale “as spare parts”
  6. The single biggest problem any manager at our club has is holding the other half of that shirt up.
  7. They’re all looking in different directions too. Must have been end-to-end stuff!
  8. Sounds like we’re the perfect fit for his inevitable future long term injury.
  9. I think our local journalists do a great job. What are people to debate without their reporting? Are we to rely on what “my mate heard in the pub”? I’m sure Biggs doesn’t offer opinion articles without expecting an alternative view or “I already knew that” BS stuff but he & other reporters report the facts in the first place for us to discuss.
  10. I fixed this stainless steel badge to my fence the morning of the 3-3 Derby game last season. Just realised it’s staring at me with those Annabelle dolls eyes.
  11. Champagne aside, what’s a professional footballers favourite alcoholic beverage on the team coach heading to an away fixture?
  12. I seem to remember a thread, or a post in a thread by someone saying he lives in Australia now & has great memories of his time with us. Great times actually to be a Wednesday player or fan.
  13. His left thigh would do better than our current back 3.
  14. Perhaps someone should sort a bingo sheet out? Might I add the future classic, ”Gi it Hutch, eel sort dressin room aartt”
  15. For anybody still in doubt our problems are deep rooted. I may have to exchange “hope” for “luck” in the future. We are in this mess because a “Chancer” is still paying for a losing betting slip.
  16. I think Laws reads the game well. Certainly for a radio Sheffield listener like me.
  17. Luka Modric. He’d love it in Josephines. Oh no sorry it won’t happen, it closed years ago.
  18. Great OMDT again Lord Snooty. The bottomless glass may start for me around 2pm. Yeah we were poor at Sunderland & deserved a pasting. I always hope for the best but the reality is if we turn up with no plan or desire it will be another long 90mins. So get at them ffs. UTO
  19. I do sympathise with Wilder here tbh. I once realised I’d caught something on the way back from Blackpool on a “works” trip.
  20. Great OMDT Lord Snooty as always. Hope everything is ok at your end of the shizz show we’ve all been through so far. Ffs The result will be decided by who ate the most food from M&S on Ecclesall Rd. Perhaps they were a “local” from the Cretins Arms? Anyway, hope the boys turn up for a hard fought 0-1 UTO
  21. Great idea for a thread. Well done & very thoughtful. We’ve all had a pretty woeful 2 years on & off in real life & in the Wednesday Club. I’ll be checking in tomorrow, maybe won’t have time to post as I in charge of some of the cooking. On your way back from Imrans if you’re driving through Ecclesfield you may see my on street arrest over some “under-cooked” parsnips. UTO & Merry Christmas to all.
  22. I hope he played left sided cb or this thread could Reach a 100 pages.
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