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  1. Great OMDT again Lord Snooty. Only prediction I’d like to make is we will stay 23rd but possibly only on goal difference. UTO
  2. If you just take the last minute Rotherham goal as an example it would be horrendous for the players & rightly so.
  3. You’d like to hope he’s sorted himself out but he’s not exactly coming into a positive environment. ”If I can give him an opportunity I will do. But Ravel has got to do it himself hasn’t he” -Neil Warnock ”I’m not interested in talking about him” -Chris Wilder
  4. My Grandad took my Dad, my Dad took me. Actually have some really good memories of the early 80’s with my Dad, we never seemed to lose a game under Jack & Howard My mates are all Wednesday as well so we sort of carried it on, on & off if you know what I mean. Some go to all the away games when allowed but not me. It’s in the blood & even though times are hard it gives us something to talk about. Misery loves company as they say.
  5. Don’t know mate. My point is he won’t be interested in coming back imo.
  6. He’s got a big game Sunday. After a Champions League spot. Don’t want to be distracting him with talk of the Wednesday club
  7. Morale building pointing. Rhodes responds with double thumbs. Worth a try?
  8. Different team with a different mentality unfortunately. A loss tonight and it needs to be accepted by all imo. This Saturday we’re playing one of the in-form teams in the league. Could be a right kick in the danglers.
  9. Excellent work on the OMDT again Lord Snooty. Not sure about “lashings of ginger beer” we all need something much stronger on these match days. Must Must Win. Please... UTO
  10. Better performance but yet again a game of 2 halves. Norwich stepped it up 2nd half but our fitness & concentration seems to have done for us again. MoM. Not sure, too many mistakes all round. Is that fitness & concentration?
  11. I think our lass has stuck a picture of Ken Dodd on the bathroom mirror. I’ve taken to wearing a hat in public.
  12. Could you have a double tomorrow on Norwich & that lot at Leicester?
  13. Great OMDT Lord Snooty. Good luck with the villagers. Reminds me of something I’ve read on here as it happens. At least with some of the admission fees you will have been able to do the improvements to the paddock, haven’t you? Whilst it’s been empty? Hoping for the best tomorrow, fearing the worst. Anyway UTO
  14. Are Sky already on the list of “People who’ve got it in for us?”
  15. Didn’t MKowl say the rules regarding “going concern” changed late last year so other clubs may have this problem for their on time accounts this year. Can’t you send him a box of chocolates or summat?
  16. He said “regulations” were stopping him improving the kiosks on the Kop & North & then carried on by basically saying it’s not worth it because it would cost too much. Thats what he thinks of the match day experience. Don’t forget this is the heavily edited “sugar coated turd” version as well. Pathetic.
  17. So he’s basically said nothing except some un-named regulations are stopping him improving the ground.
  18. Wherever he goes & they play him on the left they’ll probably sell him for millions next summer.
  19. 6 or 7 for me but it’s all about what you like to put on top. Pork dripping jelly for me or a “big boned” amount of butter just to set you up for the day.
  20. Sorry it’s not supposed to be a Chansiri slagging thread but it’s hard to discuss pricing structure without discussing club structure. Imo nothing will change with the pricing because it’s just the easiest thing for him to do. Consider what’s been done for the fans already. Some will say, Desso pitch, scoreboard & digital hoardings. Truth is this is what you need in the EPL. Has the “match day” experience improved? Are the bars better run? Whatever team/squad we can assemble in L1 will be playing in front of a 1/3 full stadium. If pushed DC will say “fans voted for Improvement in the team & that’s what you’re paying for” Really hope I’m wrong but there’s no evidence thing’s will be realistic with the pricing.
  21. This team is impossible to “pick up” DM must be sadly thinking what have I done. Said in another thread that we’ll look back on this & it’s January did for us. No manager no strikers MoM not applicable.
  22. Great OMDT Lord Snooty. We certainly need some divine intervention. No prediction, just hope at least for a better form of bad such are the times we’re in. Might not even catch the game today, I’m off out to buy a scooter for my brand new scooter keyring. UTO
  23. I can’t explain why but every one of these pictures reminds me of cakeball.
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