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  1. 7 minutes ago, Utah Owl said:

    Sorry guys but some of you need to take a good hard look at yourselves.


    It's a charity one-off for aa great cause that fully deserves our support.


    If you are nitpicking because the blue isn't exactly the right shade then you are entirely missing the point.

    Totally agree with you Utah & I’m really pleased with the shirt & getting the cause. It’s purple mate.26A56C09-AED0-4043-8916-3426E13B3244.thumb.jpeg.b7b15cdcd91df2da2550d20147868882.jpeg

  2. Imo it’s part of the job. 

    I often talk to people outside a shop I’m fitting out about what we’re doing & when it will be finished.


    Not saying they want a picture took with me but it’s part of the job.


    Any footballer that can’t deal with a photo needs  to stay away from the crowds 

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