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  1. Before my time but it’s great he’s held in high regard by so many. What a kit that is though! Before the designers & sponsors got involved. No school like the old school. Happy Birthday Willie Henderson.
  2. Gerr’em up ‘ill in Longley Park. I always think we can’t keep up with the others for all of the game. I don’t know & I’m not asking you mate but how often do we train? Is it every day or twice a week? Imo it needs to be more.
  3. Alara B&B Penistone Road this morning. Vladimir Putin & Elon Musk having breakfast. Coincidence. I think not.
  4. Every time we lose I always think the other team were fitter than us.
  5. Agreed. I suppose by reporters speculating they are trying to avoid repetition and there’s their dilemma of what to publish?
  6. Sign of the times Rev. Unfortunate that we require instant, as it’s happening stuff instead of hanging about on a Saturday evening in the newsagents talking about the game.
  7. If DM changes the starting 11 from last week (barring injuries) it will confirm to me that he’s more concerned about who we’re playing than them worrying about us.
  8. We’re all so desperate for information out of our club. It’s the club that tells us a lot less than we want to know & that’s down to the owner. Fans turning on fans & fans turning on reporters is just born from frustration. “I have seen the enemy and it is us”
  9. Boro just won to go top 6. Just saying like… In the Championship. Good Manager & WGAF.
  10. 22 shots at goal. I’ll wake up in a minute & it will be Saturday morning again.
  11. At least he’s on his feet. Well done “treatment room”
  12. Great OMDT Lord Snooty. Difficult to make any predictions. I do find myself thinking about posting the same phrases as last season though like “hope for a better performance” Anyway UTO
  13. Keep at it Joe. It’s actually a pretty impossible job thinking about it. While many of us are struggling to understand what’s happening on the pitch it must be hard work to make sense of the rest of it. UTO
  14. A thing of beauty that needs the respect & responsibility of owning. We’ve sadly none of the above. Breaks my heart.
  15. Very early 80’s I’d have been 10 or 11. Used to go to the bottom of the Kop as most of the young kids did. Match ball comes over the fence and I pick it up. Trying to look cool I attempt to kick it over the fence out of my hands Bob Bolder style. Went straight into the back of the cage & bounced further back into the crowd. Much tutting around me & basically I’m scarred for life.
  16. Village goat has just said wtf. I thought we had a deal?
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