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  1. Now that’s how to entertain us! Well done Wednesday, we’ll done DM!
  2. Think I’ve seen him before he signed for us…..but not sure if it’s the same guy….
  3. He does seem very focused on proving his ability to play a system that’s suited to top rate premier league players - perhaps the motivation is the next job ? Whatever, System-M isn’t working & is not how teams get promoted from the third tier & using the analogy earlier in this thread we haven’t the resources to bin all the beef & buy in the chicken. DM won’t be winnIng master chef let alone promotion nor proving his coaching ability if he continues to serve up more of the same & blindly ignore players’ strengths & talents as he’s so clearly done with Theo…
  4. And of course he’s likely attracted by the aura of Wayne Rooney….
  5. Know Q is about last time but there was Derek Dooley too
  6. Hardly a shock to hear this. Be very interesting to compare stats for all our attacking players averaged out per full 90min games played. Wonder what this league table would tell us about contribution & worth?
  7. No one should have to suffer abuse, harassment or bullying of any kind. Sadly those who perpetrate it always seem to find way of getting their perverse kick. It probably makes them feel big, important & noticed. They seem to thrive when there’s an audience egging them on - the school bully who beat up the introverted kid in the corner in front of a crowd of ‘mates’ who urge him on; the person who throws a brick through the window of an Asian shopkeepers window in front of his ‘mates’ etc etc. Sadly football & football crowds give these perpetrators a cause & reason in their warped minds to behave the way they do, and a ready source of a small group of like minded people to back them up & hide behind. They are not SWFC fans or fans of any club, they are simply using football as an opportunity to play their pathetic & harmful game. Let’s be a club & community who calls them out! The same people love social media I’m sure because of the direct access it gives them to perpetrate their attacks on individuals from a distance, in front of an audience but sat warm & cosy on their sofa safe from harm. They are a small if noisy minority in the overall scheme of things
  8. Creation of Premier League, Alliance with Sky etc etc huge influence on fan culture & expectations (nice legacy you had a big part there in Mr Richards, thank you!)
  9. Not many others have done that have they? And often after good performances DM drops them!
  10. What a surprise - not! Either Wolves had enough of limited game time he was getting, we made a poor attempt to keep him or didn’t want him - unless club come out & say what happened & why it appears a glaring example of poor management!
  11. Who really knows? What if Dooley hadn’t had his tragic injury - would his goal scoring prowess have powered us to greater success? What if Catterick hadn’t left for Everton in 1961 - would we have been Div 1 champions the following season & gone on to dominate the 60s & beyond? What if Howard Wilkinson hadn’t gone to L**ds - would he have led us to championship glory rather than them? What if Chris Woods had saved that header at Wembley in 1993? What if the Premier League had never happened? Would the sale of a community owned club to Charterhouse in 1997 & all the ensuing financial mismanagement in the hope that money buys success have been avoided? What if we’d have shown the same spirit & determination against Hull in the play off final that saw us beat Brighton in the semis? What if we’d performed against Huddersfield in the 2nd leg at Hillsborough? Etc etc Sadly what’s done is done & the only thing we can control as a club is how we go about improving our future - and therein lies the current challenge!
  12. Sack em all Sack em all The long and the short and the tall There’ll be a commotion if we miss promotion So let’s have a shake up, sack em all!
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