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  1. Thanks for sharing though I’m struggling to see the link with what I posted
  2. Get why he’s marmite but DM has worked with him & plainly feels he’s worth a try. That should be comforting in itself. Given our financial situation I wonder where the bargain basement proven goalscorer we are all clamouring for would be coming from if he hadn’t signed. Yes it’s a gamble but I’m sure Moore has carefully weighed up the risk v the potential reward. Time will tell & at this moment who are we to judge?
  3. Disappointing result, unfortunate OG, pity we didn’t convert a few of our many chances. No harm in players seeing it was never going to be easy. On to the next game now & let’s not forget that overall we’re off to a good start
  4. If the players he uses over the 90+ collectively achieve a win I’m Moore than happy, every time! Good to debate & consider the what ifs but it’s the final result that counts
  5. Great win. Bit of an effort but we ground it out. Well done Wednesday!
  6. Spoke with this guy last night. He’s impressed by the squad & management we now have and expects us to be contenders for automatic promotion. With a great result today that journey has hopefully begun!
  7. Great away point - early days & scruffy performance as was likely - well done Wednesday
  8. Sad isn’t it that all those experienced football managers who pass their time on Owlstalk & know just what to do to achieve a 100% win record over a season still find themselves out of work…. I can’t wait to hear their post match words of wisdom. Come on You Owls!
  9. Very impressive work by DM here. Can’t ever recall us having such a major transformation in our squad prior to the season starting. Success certainly isn’t nailed on so as others have already said let’s be patient, positive & passionate in our support. UTO!
  10. Man City away September ‘79. League cup midweek game. Went on football special train - heavy police presence on arrival & escorted us to ground. Lost 2-1. After game police nowhere to be seen. Began walking back to station with mates when a group of lads caught up with us & walked alongside for a while - next thing gets a fist in the side of my head - we legged it & managed to find set coach park - cadged a lift back as by now had missed train. Got off lightly as another lad who got on coach was pouring with blood having been stabbed - messy but fortunately not life threatening. Good old days!!
  11. Spot on this. And our recent track record with expensive experienced players hardly helped our cause
  12. He’s 100% Wednesday mate, there were no Man U colours on display - just the B&W photo & a market stall scarf playing tricks on the eye. Cheers
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