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  1. Congratulations Sunderland! Hopefully we’ll not take as many attempts to do it! UTO!
  2. Playoffs to be between 3rd & 4th placed teams only over 1 match with home advantage to team finishing 3rd 3pm Saturday KO & 7.45pm for midweek - Wednesdays only of course for midweek fixtures starting line up to include 5 players 25 or under 2 subs only plus keeper teams who continue to timewaste after2nd warning from ref have captain sent to sin bin for 10 minutes - same for teams who mob referee to contest decisions clubs to have minimum 10% supporter shareholders plus supporter seat on board away tickets to be sold first come first served - no priority points 4th official to have played professional football encroaching at free kicks to result in team awarded kick to place ball anywhere in a 5metre radius of original award
  3. How ironic that the lad’s got Huddersfield into the final twice now in recent years…..must be a record to have done so whilst only playing for them in one of their 2 qualifying wins. What’s to be pleased about, really?
  4. Stop looking for scapegoats and pouring over the ‘what ifs’. We can analyse & disect every game and find a moments action that serves to evidence the point we want to make about great, indifferent or abject performances. No one did a Jordan Rhodes last night. We got ourselves into the promotion frame after a first hall to the season that didn’t promise that. Someone has to lose & unfortunately it turned out to be us. This isn’t about Liam Palmer or any one individual at all and making it so won’t change the outcome. UTO!
  5. Since Russia's invasion began on 24 February, the UN has recorded at least 2,345 civilian deaths and 2,919 injured in Ukraine, the High Commissioner for Human Rights said in an update last month. More than 12 million people are said to have fled their homes since the conflict began, with 5.7 million leaving for neighbouring countries and another 6.5 million people thought to be displaced inside the war-torn country itself. Does put things in perspective doesn’t it
  6. Tough to take but wasn’t our day. Second half of season & home form overall are the big pluses to hold on to. Need to stop our habit of gifting goals. Need to reduce age of squad considerably now & use this season’s outcome to go all out for autos next time out. Lots of positives over the season & many lessons too. Before Christmas we were never contenders…..we’ve proved we can be…..now we need to be winners from the off. Well done Sunderland, hope you beat Wycombe 1-0 in the 96th minute. Hard luck Wednesday.
  7. I’m 100% behind my team for 90+ minutes- many on here aren’t- the whole point when the chips are down is to get behind your team - a few on here plainly have a different take on the word supporter UTO!
  8. Stick that up you you whining whingers - you know who you are! brilliant goal THE WEDNESDAY!
  9. Good to see players giving it their all. Grown in strength as game has gone on. Was always going to be a helluva battle. This pr**k of a ref worries me a lot….
  10. Sky Sunderland love in - we’ve had 6 shots them 2 but yet bugging them up
  11. Sick of all the whingeing on here - all those saying it’s not working, it’s not good enough. It was bound to be a tough match. Byers so unlucky there.. come on Wednesday!
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