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  1. 1/5 on Sky Bet Gus Poyet on there now though at 6/1 My life is almost over!
  2. hovis

    Dean Smith

    You mean, like that energetic exiting football we played yesterday? I'm all for giving young British managers a chance, but why Dean Smith and not Bully (if you want to go down that route)?
  3. hovis

    Serbian double swoop

    Pleat was the one that signed Andy Booth when he could have signed Shevchenko
  4. hovis

    Paulo Fonseca

    Everton was in for him but got turned away by Shakhtar, so I can see us having any chance at all.
  5. hovis

    Poor Finishing

    Struggled for goals all season, which is why the same front two have started almost every game. For all his hard work, Fletch does not just score (or create) enough goals.
  6. hovis

    Glenn Whelan

    Linked with Villa a few days ago. They had initial £500k bid rejected.
  7. hovis

    1st Abdi thread

    Awful boots though - red...
  8. It just means Grandads down there for something..
  9. hovis

    Nick Blackman

    No often wrong though Percy
  10. I think the reason behind that is when maghoma loses the ball (which is obvious he's going to) he gets no help tracking back.
  11. hovis

    Player ratings

    Maghoma is shocking. He shouldn't get a rating.
  12. hovis

    Well that's that then!

    They can play if they sign on loan 3 hours before kick off
  13. hovis


    Some inspirational names linked with this job now,,, not!