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  1. No wonder my bins didn't get picked up today, bin man is starting up front.
  2. BPF Palmer Dunks Brennan Hunt Fizz Bannon Theo Windass Gregors Kamberi If anyone finds I link, please share and I will donate £10 to charity not to watch/listen to ifollow!!
  3. I guess isolating is better than being stuck on the A1. Hope all ok in the accident, and they delay the game so some more of our fans can make it.
  4. Just hoping my bin man can last the 2nd half without getting second yellow.
  5. If we don't have defenders perhaps we should get the ball in their half as soon as we can. Not fannying about with it at the back.
  6. Windass coming on at 70 minutes to score the winner. You heard it here.
  7. I predict it won't be 0:0, anything else is possible. 4:3 to us... Still hoped we would play 4 at the back.
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