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  1. It would be inkeeping from the start of the season to change formation and bring in Brown, so hutch can play in midfield. However, that won't happen tonight, he has a good squad that will take us to penalties...
  2. Jesus, If I had a tattoo for every hope in last 48 years it would should how stupid I am when my heart rules me head! 2:2 tonight.
  3. If he is out, he is out. Dele first leg and windass at ours. Easy.
  4. Bannan being injured wouldn't be ideal, but at least Windass is back to play in that position.
  5. I haven't been this negative since this time last year. My binman to the rescue, Wednesday win 0:1.
  6. That is a good team, fancy us to win this by a couple. I am going against the vibe on here.. Well done Moore.
  7. Maybe, but many of these phunts have been to the city in which they support...
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