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  1. Oh My God. This might be the funniest thing i've ever seen. I'm on page 4, cakeball cathedral is my favourite so far. Although the original picture with your owner and some chefs is just amazing
  2. Thanks all. funny stuff. What is cake ball?
  3. Thank You very much!! That's exactly what looking for. Quite a few similarities between you and blues - especially with the incompetent owner. My plan is to make a list of Top 10 f**ked up teams, but after to do a long individual video on different clubs, and this info will really help!
  4. Hello Owls I'm an aspiring youtube content creator and so far i've only done videos about my own team (Birmingham City), but im looking to make a video or 2 about Championship teams who are in bad situations. Teams like Birmingham, Sheffield Weds, Derby, Coventry who've had trouble with the EFL, points deductions, stadium issues etc. It's not something that gets a lot of attention and i think it would be interesting and quite funny as well. So my question to all of you is, what the story with sheffield wednesday? How did you get from play offs 2 seasons in a row, to having a point
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