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  1. Still English me mate, got a bit of paper that says Australian, but you can't change where you are from !
  2. Doing great, take him for a walk everyday, and used to ride him to work before I retired!
  3. Hey the daft thing is me and the missis still have a Sheffield accent after 46 yrs, so do most from the UK wherever they are from.
  4. I am not having a ho at Penney mate, I think he is a good lad who has not been given the opportunity, I just don't think the coach whoever it may be, again not blaming current coach, should be saying that players are tired..........on another note and as a bit of comparison, here in Australia whether it be the A League, Aussie Rules Football, Basketball, Cricket etc. All Professional Sports here,they are zig zag going across the country and to NZ by plane once or twice a week......similar to sports in the USA......
  5. Well done finding that Redowl. Great information...
  6. I take your point, but I always wonder what the older gen of footballers would think.....1960's they played Saturdays and usually a midweek game with less players in the squad, I don't remember it being said that players were tired,..... Good job some of the current players across the board don't work 50-60 hrs a week in physical jobs
  7. I appreciate the comments, but I don't get that Penney and others are tired, this is their job......
  8. Yes he had a suntan when it was snowing
  9. 2 home wins and an away draw, but all tough games....
  10. Well fancy that, we all get around don't we.......he is 75 now!
  11. What to play satday?, "yeah" want to score a goal?................
  12. Ha!Ha! Don't forget Australia would be stuffed if it wasn't for the Royalties from mining! (Wish I had some though)
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