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  1. I guess as we are all different age groups, we have memories of certain players, but to me as a 16+ year old at the time ,whenever John Ritchie was the target, 9 times out of 10 he would win the ball, and you just knew that he had a great goal scoring ability.....
  2. That team with Springett, Smith, Megson, was one of the best!
  3. Some of the games (old 1st Division) in the mid/late 1960's when the time throwing toilet rolls was replaced by throwing darts......and apparently the odd game of throwing acid.........some reyt lads then! W@@nkers! Wednesday fans din't stoop so low though!!
  4. Could be! Thousands of UK expats here in Perth...
  5. Looks harmless(armless) to me....with a very bad case of Rickets! Poor lad
  6. The kop steps were a regular in the 60's, Gary Megson could have got that from his dad when when Don used to bring him and his brother along to watch SWFC juniors training...
  7. Looks like they are pushing to get it started in August, so a big shuffle coming up in all leagues,........so as they say...."It's not over till the fat lady sings!"
  8. I'd be happy for him to score one goal in all remains games.........and us to win 1-0 in every game...
  9. Well, we have only been in lockdown once for 7 days in the last year, so we have been very fortunate......but thought I would dig out this long lost treasure!
  10. Barnsley v Sheffield Wednesday highlights Watch video here Barnsley v Sheffield Wednesday highlights
  11. Another legend that played most, if not all games most seasons!
  12. Bring back the old Northern Intermediate League, ( the old Wednesday Juniors) And the old Central League, ( for reserves and first team injured recovering) instead of the current "Academy" and u23's.... U23 result vs Coventry made me think of it.... Ok I'm off to crouch down in the corner protecting my head!
  13. Socks look like someone with a bad case if varicose veins....
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