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  1. He would only drink Foster's in the UK, I could be wrong, but never seen it here in Australia or ever tasted it, so it must be really good/ sh@t!
  2. Don't forget.....the day of the week was named after the club
  3. Or Bole Hills, but we get to play 90 mins from top of pitch ...downhill all the way!
  4. He thinks to himself, "wow,these skirting boards are Massive"
  5. Great memories of watching Willie racing down the wing, you just knew it was going to be a pinpoint cross most of the time! Happy Birthday legend!
  6. Yep, what's with the Brummie accent? Why would he "lose" his Sheffield accent? The mind boggles...
  7. Ok, so for them that are going today, wait for it............... Seeing as I am in Australia, can you "Wake me up before you go go" Someone had to do it! WAWAW!
  8. Some of Australia...the East coast, is struggling yes, mainly Sydney and Melbourne, repeating myself again here in the West with over 2 million people in Perth we have been very fortunate with a stronger approach to tackling Covid, economy on its arse....again no not all,, there is talk of living with it, but to follow the British approach I very much doubt it.....the UK was way too slow to do anything to start with 18 months ago.......but we will all get through this, one way or another....
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