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  1. This is fantastic, we should all read this and let it sink in, great community and team spirit given, when it was needed the most All the best Sid, keep smiling. We are all Wednesday family, in Australia as well....
  2. Just imagine...big crowds for last game of the season........couple of weeks later, big increase in Covid cases........no thanks too early.....
  3. Springett Smith Megson Eustace Mobley Young Pugh McCalliog Ritchie Ford Henderson 3 nil to us!
  4. Oh dear, now you make me feel old born in 1953! and a at least a 3rd generation owls man!
  5. Current attendance at home games, if crowds were let back in? Would fans be vocal and show their disappointment in our team, owner and current structure? I know at the moment, the club have no income through gate attendance, but then things are just rolling on with no vocal input from fans at the games..... What do you reckon?
  6. Rumour has it that the scouting team will be looking at Concord Park and the Bole Hills....
  7. Or........"running on tired legs"
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