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  1. Many of us going to Derby on Saturday. There's a park, come large open area at the side of the ground which seems perfect. Covid rules will be followed because Wednesdayites are all one enormous family bubble. Rain is forecast, but "singing in the rain" just does not get better than than.
  2. The fortunes of our team at the moment is of no surprise. We have all the same old training staff , doing the same old things, with a clear lack of knowledge in how to put things right. Forget the Bullens, the Thompsons, and the rest, we desperately need a new start. A new manager will bring in his own backroom staff for sure, partially when he's seen what we have in the old school. I fear this season's fate may be beyond a new manager, but at least give him a chance to see what we have, what we need, and most importantly, what we don't need.
  3. The club for some time now has been very stagnant. We are rotten from the roots and faces in the backroom need to go. We simply don't have the coaches, scouts, and management to be able to do something about our situation, of seems almost certain relegation. New manages bring in fresh blood, new coaches, and different idea's.They freshen up players who look finished or not interested. Yes Pulis has gone but little else has changed in very poor back room staff who are devoid of new idea's, and player motivation skills. Most of these players know these coaches inside out, and some clearly feel very comfortable just going through the motions. Pulis was a very wrong choice as manager in the 1st place and never a realistic person to push us forward. So a new manager is still desperately needed to aid our ever decreasing chances of staying in the championship. Whats our chairman doing? Who knows, is a takeover on the cards? What ever Mr Chasiri's issues are we need a new manager now, as we did two months ago.
  4. 16 games to go and that magic total of 50/52 points still far away. where now needing an average of one and a half points a game and that's difficult even for teams at the top of the table. My heart says come on we can do it, but my head says we would have to produce promotion form to do it and that's miles away.
  5. Without any doubt. could well be the best man out there, and knows how to pick up bargains who can play a bit
  6. Manager? no manager? There is something fundamentally wrong throughout the club. I believe it's at the root of the club. Coaching staff throughout are long in the tooth and lack new idea's and unable to take the fresh approach that is badly needed. It might well be driven by our chairman? But his millions have kept us alive and still able to move forwards. We need our chairman, his money and his contacts in the business world if we change ownership at some stage A new manager is vital, with fresh idea's, motivation skills and the ability to get the best out of some very average players.(if we can't buy any) A very, very, average Millwall walked through us with ease, they found our weaknesses by half time and had the ability to react. We did not have a clue how to react to them be it players management or coaching staff. Good full backs (average or better) are much needed in any team (which ever formation) We don't have any good enough for the challenges ahead and we haven't for some time now. Our center backs look increasingly out of their depth and fold very easily. We need a man mountain, a ball winner, a person who can defend with his head and feet, and who will be an organizer with a big mouth.( Lee Bullens as a player fitted that bill to some extent. But coaching wise he's not able to pass his views on it seems) Have we got such a player in the club? Not that I have seen. The midfield is without any doubt a real issue. We have some quality in Bannan? but that's it. Yes some of the youngsters have shown promise, but it's not the right time to put such pressure on them. Bannan needs to be left to have free role to use his play maker skills to there best. We don't have a player able to take control of the midfield. We need a player who shows commitment, drive and the vision to read the game with the ability to implement change when needed. Is such a player available that fits our financial restraints, and more so wants to come to SWFC. I really don't know, but that's the reason we need fresh blood throughout the club starting with a new manager and a full coaching team. I do believe if we get the manager, coaching staff,back and midfield sorted there's enough quality forwards in the club to score goals and survival in the championship.
  7. I'm as gutted as any Wednesday fan with lack of signings, but not in the least surprised. Wages not being paid, no manager, and in bottom three, if we could bring in quality players who would want to come in to that? not quality that's for sure.
  8. If i had put the millions into our club as the chairman has, i'd want to be in control. That said we do charge far to much for on the day match tickets for supporters who are just as important as season ticket holders. People don't buy season tickets for many reasons not just cost, it could be work, family commitments, choice, ect,ect. As a club you can not sell/ give away quality player and replace them with could be, will be, might be, has been players. High wages or not we have missed everyone of the players we have lost from last season, and are absolutely destined for division one without a miracle manager taking over.
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