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  1. Would be very grateful and donate appropriately Can’t DM as not got enough posts
  2. Would be very grateful and donate appropriately
  3. I will need a refund on 2 if not all 4 tickets I bought for Boxing Day, this straight forward does anyone know?
  4. A bit crude but… Points to finish 2nd over last 5 full seasons 2021 87 2020 COVID 2019 91 2018 96 2017 86 2016 85 Average points=89, points per game=1.93. After 24 games we have 37 points so miles off with 1.54 PPG. Points to finish 6th over last 5 full seasons 2021 74 2020 COVID 2019 73 2018 71 2017 73 2016 74 Average points=73, PPG=1.59, makes our 1.54 PPG look more hopeful albeit a bit desperate trying to cling on to 6th place with all the ‘on paper’ quality we have.
  5. Wednesday played some good football in patches, but let’s be honest beaten by a better team at home who will probably win the league or get automatic promotion. They have battered us like we should have done with some of the lower weaker teams in this division.
  6. …Will Burton tickets go on general sale on Monday please?
  7. They remind me of Plymouth, tidy and well drilled. We are a very poor comparison.
  8. Hutch centre half and captain every game for me, been solid today.
  9. FFS how bad is the commentary? Pearson and what’s his name dull as ditchwater. Pearson makes me cringe with his nonsense
  10. These on general sale yet? Just that I’m getting the message that I’ve exceeded my number of tickets even though there is only one for me and one for my son.
  11. Probably best he could do, sort of admits he’s fooked up. I’m not owed money by the club so not as invested as some, but can we/should we get behind the chairman and unite ahead of next season? Calls for him to resign are fruitless and up there with calls to ‘sack the board’ we often hear from disgruntled fans, he’s a nobhead, but he’s our nobhead and I think we are stuck with him. #UTO #WAWAW
  12. Wildsmith committed to his right, deflection totally wrong footed him, not sure he can be blamed to be fair.
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