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  1. FFS how bad is the commentary? Pearson and what’s his name dull as ditchwater. Pearson makes me cringe with his nonsense
  2. These on general sale yet? Just that I’m getting the message that I’ve exceeded my number of tickets even though there is only one for me and one for my son.
  3. Probably best he could do, sort of admits he’s fooked up. I’m not owed money by the club so not as invested as some, but can we/should we get behind the chairman and unite ahead of next season? Calls for him to resign are fruitless and up there with calls to ‘sack the board’ we often hear from disgruntled fans, he’s a nobhead, but he’s our nobhead and I think we are stuck with him. #UTO #WAWAW
  4. Wildsmith committed to his right, deflection totally wrong footed him, not sure he can be blamed to be fair.
  5. No, too little too late. If Moore came when Pulis went then maybe.
  6. What struck me was the very muted goal celebration, it’s like they were going through the motions. Maybe windass not popular but it was a good goal in desert of goals good or otherwise. They are very clearly not the tight bunch you would want for a relaxation dogfight. No obviously rallying from captain comb over, no obvious cohesive camaraderie either.
  7. Saw nothing to change my mind today, the second half lateral pass that was 30 yards away from any player and went out for a throw in a particular low point.
  8. Windass greedy af, every game he plays. Pessy was in then. Bannan with a shocking crossfield ball.
  9. I’m not a fan, good work rate, but increasingly lost his bottle. Lateral passes or turning back towards our defence plus too many crosses that don’t clear the first man and it’s a no from me.
  10. Bannan our so called best player has been ineffective in this game and other recent ones. Brave decision if not injured but the right one. He’s lost his bottle I reckon, not comfortable on the ball at all.
  11. Bannan too many lateral or backward passes, somebody needs to point him in the right direction.
  12. Good stuff, keep it positive, 999 other doom and gloom threads to pi$$ and moan in, which I like to do as much as anyone!
  13. ...can we think of the positives. Protests about Chansiri and withdrawing our hard earned cash wont help our beloved club, he wont be going anywhere anytime soon, so trying to look on the bright side... We have the best manager since Carlos who wont be tarnished by relegation. We wont have that sickly feeling of playing the blunts. We can offload some of the dead wood/passengers and bring some of the promising academy players through. A chance to visit grounds not visited for many a year with a top day out in Blackpool to look forward to. Anything else to brighten this forum?? UTO WAWAW
  14. Men against boys, Rovrum bossing us, captain comb over once again not playing to his alleged reputation.
  15. Bannan no captain, petulant arm waver more and more.
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