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  1. 'Leaked' image of Inters home shirt for next season. Really hope this is fake....
  2. No respect for people who's way of life has absolutely no impact or relevance to their own yet because they believe in superstitious nonsense and praying to nothing in the sky they demand it??? All religion is poison.
  3. Possibly. Although the garage needs a clear out and I'm currently rewatching the Star Wars saga so that may take precedent.
  4. What if the club hasn't got a Tannoy and it's a different brand of PA system?
  5. 1. Time outs. 2. Rolling subs. 3. Get rid of the band.
  6. He's on loan. Of course he's going to leave. That's how these things work
  7. Hoping Forest rip the Blavdes a new one!
  8. Apparently they've gone back and forth over the decades. Sorry for not being an expert on Luton Town.
  9. Great 1st half. 2nd half dog bobar. Jordan Rhodes just entered the proceedings. Luton are horrible to watch.
  10. Looks like it's been ran over by a Jeep !!!! Hideous.
  11. https://images.app.goo.gl/DtUTDuUG25JAKSHw9
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