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  1. It's based on actual events much like the others albeit extremely loosely and with a huge dollop of artistic licence. Not seen it yet but I quite enjoyed the others even though they are incredible formulaic and obvious regarding the jump scares etc. But Vera Farmiga is in it so its a yes from me.
  2. I would have been more than happy to do the physio job. I have a bucket, a sponge and a pair of very eager hands.
  3. I was playing kerplunk with a mate last night who works with someone who knows the daughter of someone's 3rd cousin who used to have a job sweeping the floor at a place where the chief sausage roll tester of the catering firm we no longer use once walked past after he missed his bus one morning and he said that we're changing our name to Sheffield Golden Elephants and painting the stadium gold and replacing Hi Ho Silver Lining with Gold Finger before games and the only food on sale at games next season will be Terrys All Gold. Possibly.....
  4. A dip into L2 will help tick a few more off.
  5. I am actually. Enjoyed Italys performance, Belgium looking good albeit against dreadfully ordinary opposition. If England don't beat Croatia then they may as well forget the rest of the tournament because they are awful. The games are incredibly slow though.
  6. Stabilised him and taken to hospital. Somehow everything else now seems irrelevant...
  7. At the risk of getting totally flamed for this, I thought he was a decent player just not used properly.
  8. Pens tanked out in 1st round so that's my interest over for another year. Struggled to get into the hockey this term tbh.
  9. 3 rather mangy cows, a Dachshund named Colin and a small hen, in its late 40's.
  10. Merely personal opinion. I just never found it really funny. It had its moments but few and far between, and I love American comedy.
  11. It absolutely is but I just never found it funny to the extent that others did. Always found the 3 girls to be a bit bland in comedy wise. Lisa Kudrow the pick of them for that I suppose. Schwimmer I always found a bit wooden and Le Blanc although a decent character he got a bit predictable. Matthew Perry is the only one I found naturally funny and physically suited. Just me though. Also that bloody song wants firing into the sun!
  12. It's an OK show for what it was but its dated terribly. Even back in the day it was only borderline funny for the most part. It was certainly no Seinfeld.
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