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  1. I enjoyed it but didn't really love it. It's a solid Bond movie but I'm not entirely sure it's going to stand the test of time like Casino Royale. No entirely sure it'll warrant repeated viewing either. Not Craig's worst outing as Bond but how do you beat Question of Sport in that category? I'm slightly concerned about who will follow in his footsteps also.
  2. No but I'm going next weekend for tha Jags Dolphins game. Can't wait.
  3. Jaws 4 (the revenge) Utter shambles of a film from start to finish. Horrific acting shoddy SFX and dumb plot. Watch it every time its on.
  4. Watched episode 1 last night. Loved it.
  5. Roger Moore is the only bond to successfully pull off wearing a khaki safari suit. I'll watch the film but that running time is making my arse ache already. Not heard the song yet! Who done it?
  6. That song by Crash Test Dummies, Erm, Erm, Erm, Erm...
  7. Jesus H Christ on rubber crutches!!!!
  8. 1st night of the tour last night. Pretty damn good by all accounts.
  9. Quite looking forward to this one actually.
  10. He did but he's still got that 18 years of experience to get him through games. His knees however may not be as lucky.
  11. Steelers @ Bills So excited! Let's do this boys!
  12. I wouldn't mop up an oil spillage with one. Horrific.
  13. I do agree about Jesse Eisenberg, instantly annoying. I hated this film when I first saw it, the directors cut is better, marginally better, but it doesn't save it from being just another addition to the overall mess that is the DCEU.
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