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  1. 7 at home, and as displayed yesterday we can win them all! We must capitalise
  2. "Joking" aside, I use that term very loosely, but it would indeed be a great gesture from the club to do something similar
  3. Shez for Bannan and Waddle for tricky trev and we're good to go
  4. To be fair I've called him much worse! Especially today
  5. He's right on one point, we started really brightly, their 1st goal came against the run of play, what happened after that I can't explain.
  6. Not gonna call for DM to get the sack, just as a Wednesdayite that was embarrassing! Not a single player deserves any credit at all tonight.
  7. Come to polish his elephants, no that's not a metaphor
  8. As per title I want to swap my seats on the North stand?
  9. As the title, I'm sat in the North and wanna swap to go nearer to other family members?
  10. I just think he worries too much about the opposition, let them worry about us,let them see what players we have and what players we have on the bench! But they won't because their managers have them in the belief they can get a result against us.
  11. The bus ride there, the drinks on the bus the pi55 taking the laughs, then the hillsborough club before the game, the burger, I'm out that's it
  12. I remember going 3rd away at Stoke on boxing day going into injury time then Wednesday happened and we conceaded 2 late on and were in a downward spiral since, great day though
  13. Why you guys complaining? Yeah the guy is a winger, of which we have plenty. I'm bemused you can't see the plan here DM will turn him into a centre half! Simples
  14. The players ignored DMs ludicrous tactics and senior players just decided on the pitch where everyone plays and how? I'm not advocating this at all just wondering.
  15. Yes it's most certainly the salary! The one we're paying that clown to manage the team is the one that's the problem.
  16. Does anyone know if he's actually played the same 11 twice in a row? In the same positions, I'm sure he's got one of those kids bigo games and picks first 11 that pop out.
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