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  1. Good for him, let's get on with our season shall we now.
  2. I thought it was originally an energy drink? An actual pukka business he bought a few years ago,might be wrong though
  3. Not a new signing but excited to see what Dele-Bashiru does this season, huge potential and just starting to have a bit of game time before he was injured last season.
  4. Not a players song but, the I've got a shed as big as this song, For years instead of singing it's got a door and a window, I was singing its got a mower and a strimmer until a friend set me right.
  5. Only the uber negative would be unhappy with our recruitment so far! Half of them on here are screaming hold my beer, great business and it doesn't need anyone to tell him I think DM knows exactly what's needed now.
  6. Credit where its due, DC held out and it worked! A good chunk towards a decent loan fee
  7. Wtf yourself did I sat that? What I said was I couldn't even get through, and I'd imagine it's no smoking so nope no cigar smoking, and who the fk in Kanye West?
  8. I'm trying to do exactly the sane, but also add another one of my daughters, all I get is they can't take the call right now? It's new business surely nothing is as important as that? The website is awful too won't let me add an under 17 as it says I'm 51 when season starts , I'm glad you got yours sorted though
  9. We're a league 1 team, this is as good a signing anyone will make in this division! I fail to see why anyone wouldn't be happy with this? Great bit of business!
  10. Steady on!! Is this one of those pre seasons where we actually plan for the upcoming season? If so I like it
  11. Would England winning on Sunday make what we've endured last season any easier to stomach?
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