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  1. So he played regularly for us? I'll hazard a bet he didn't play a third of the games that he was eligible for, whether it's our training methods or him getting older or a combination of both I'm not sure.
  2. He's our striker! He's our number 9! Hands off everyone
  3. His injury record up to this season was fine, and he's not the only one we've had injured this season. But when he's played he's looked the difference Sunderland at home aside, I just think he's worth more than 1m, could you replace him with 1m?
  4. He's worth more to us than 1m, we all want DC to be a bit wiser in the transfer market etc but let's not give players away, if they come back with 2m I think he should consider it.
  5. Hirst Waddle Nilsson And along with 1000s of others I'm privileged to have seen them week in week out, I'll always be thankful for it.
  6. Guarantee that DM has a hand in this, sell snow to Eskimos that man
  7. The food they serve now is way over priced, imagine what it'd be if we had healthy stuff in there
  8. You throughly deserved the win! I wasn't delighted with the result but I'm fairly happy it was just 1, should've been at least 3. Hopefully (for us) we'll continue out super form we've shown at home all season.
  9. That's over a year ago, at that time they looked to have nailed it! Wouldn't you agree?....hindsight is as they say a wonderful thing
  10. No!! It's Semedo's song...end of thread
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