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  1. Superb idea! And it wouldn't hurt DC to go with it, although the shirt is awful.
  2. Thanks for your service, bye and good luck! Time to move on.
  3. Let's face it he's not going anywhere is he? Unless there's something happening we don't know about. So begrudgingly I'll back him, we all gotta pull in the same direction of we'll just float around league 1 for years, I say begrudgingly because even though his heart is in the right place unfortunately his brain isn't.
  4. We'll be the invincibles of league 1, you heard it here first
  5. He's pricing himself out of a sale, because he doesn't want to sell
  6. Was starting to make his mark when he was cynically taken out, so yes I think he could be useful next season whatever league we're in.
  7. Seen it said so many times, but it really is the hope that kills ya
  8. Hopefully it's not just me, but the "massive" tag some seem to attach to us is cringey as f**k! Even worse we had a period of signing players and getting them to drop the M bomb in the interview , we've not been "massive" since we finished 3rd won a trophy and got into Europe, and even then there were plenty bigger than us.
  9. We've already got one......his name is Att Chansiri
  10. S#/thousery of top order I love it! Although it's too late now. I didn't realise that Barnsley played like they do I, we matched them and beat them at their own game. A false dawn indeed but just enjoy the very few high points in this shocking season
  11. Apart from the odd game been the same all season. Blame managers all you like but this crock are not championship standard, and the ones who are have lost the bottle. Blame monk for bringing these players in, Blame DC for letting him, but the buck stops at the players feet. Gutless!!
  12. Apparently the income from us paying fans hardly contributes to the overall income to the club, DCs own words, so why not?
  13. I was talking to a friend of mine who asked the same question, I said if we went down then to get fans inside and back in the ground maybe reduce season tickets to £200 for the kop for adults and £50 for concessions. Be a good start and would hopefully fill the ground a little
  14. They'll regret this, as much as I don't like the bloke nobody else could get what he has out of what in the main are championship players, some even league 1.
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