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  1. I'm going to be keeping an eye on Fink, Weiler and Andre Breitenreiter's odds. They are the only other names the star has actually mentioned.
  2. Thanks for that bit of research, I'd feel a bit better about him coming now after reading that.
  3. In fairness its a hard decision, its a risk to get a new guy who may take time to get to grips with the squad. And its a risk to leave it with Thommo as he may knot have the know how to overturn a dip in form. I'd certainly keep NT over some of the names linked, as its less upheaval. A decision should have been made by now tho, there's no way after 4 weeks he's still undecided. He's either waiting to see how it pans out with Thommo or there is nobody that takes his fancy at the min.
  4. Haha definitely, i found a article about his tactics just before he joined Shalke http://outsideoftheboot.com/2015/07/15/tactical-philosophy-andre-breitenreiter/ Interestingly he's managed Katchunga and seemed to get a good return from him as he's talked up in the article.
  5. Interesting, i haven't seen Andre pop up anywhere before, i must have missed that article as well.
  6. Considering Erik's cryptic messages, can we assume a decision has been made and Paixo's man has got the gig?
  7. Who knows. I think hes a tad out of reach at the moment. He said he wants to see out his current role until the end of the season (April). Whether we could tempt him with money who knows..
  8. Somebody earlier on in the thread mentioned Jokanovic wanting to get back into English management. It may be a unrealistic appointment, but i think it would be a very good one. I think the fans could get behind it, he plays a pressing and easy on the eye style, has a few championship promotions, he also could work in our set up as i believe he didn't have much input in transfers at watford and Fulham. The only worry would be a potentially drastic style change which may not help in a relegation battle.
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