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  1. I was at his comeback game in about 73/74? I think it was that game where he executed a perfect slide tackle that took up a neat roll of turf, then put it back in place to a great cheer. He was a very elegant footballer for a centre half of that era. His book is a good insight into his take on his story.
  2. Dave Sunley was in lodgings that backed on to my Auntie Dot's house on Dorothy Road. This would be about 1973? I used to kick a ball about in yer back yard before going down to the match. He came out into their yard with a ball but I didn't have the nerve to say anything. I was star struck. After that Dot got an autograph book and he took it down to the ground and got everyone to sign it. I have a memory of him scoring a really powerful near post header at the Leppings Lane end against Birmingham, where the big deal was the comparison of the two young centre forwards (theirs was Trevor Franci
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