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  1. Great reading through some of comments lads hope your all well. Excited for tonight I really hope we get these 3 points, be interesting to see how we set up. Regarding the contract situation I am not 100% but I strongly believe he will be here next season whether we are in league 1 or championship.
  2. I heard it from a donny fan reckons he’s took Wednesday job
  3. A few rumours about Darren Moore taking the Wednesday job has anyone else heard anything ?
  4. Mark my words Sheffield Wednesday will go into Administration.
  5. Exactly that mate, I would love him here but not under chansiri. I do believe he will be our manager one day in future but I hope not yet as could ruin him.
  6. Why would he come to us in this state ?
  7. Fair enough I can’t see it happening tbh.
  8. You meaning he’s heard something ?or just in general
  9. Now he’s gone don’t hold me to it but I just have that gut feeling that Coleman will be out next manager. He’s the man amadeu wants
  10. It’s awful mate had a few chats with Erik top lad, he was the one who put cooks name forward. The one who persuaded green to join and also spoke to cosgrove. He really was trying to get us In the right direction.
  11. Like I stated earlier before was released I said he was leaving. Dc wouldn’t listen he said it was impossible. Dc has been left with 3 coaches to choose from.
  12. Chansiri is F....D, heard it from me first Erik alonso is leaving. Chansiri isn’t listening but he’s left him with 3 coaches to talk to.
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