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  1. Now he’s gone don’t hold me to it but I just have that gut feeling that Coleman will be out next manager. He’s the man amadeu wants
  2. It’s awful mate had a few chats with Erik top lad, he was the one who put cooks name forward. The one who persuaded green to join and also spoke to cosgrove. He really was trying to get us In the right direction.
  3. Like I stated earlier before was released I said he was leaving. Dc wouldn’t listen he said it was impossible. Dc has been left with 3 coaches to choose from.
  4. Chansiri is F....D, heard it from me first Erik alonso is leaving. Chansiri isn’t listening but he’s left him with 3 coaches to talk to.
  5. He’s still in the running if dc decides to trust Alonso then we will appoint cook. If not then he will go with Amadeu and that could be anyone. But alonso has spoken with cook and put his name forward to dc.
  6. Exactly mate that’s the only thing we have offered but he’s willing to take it ? I personally think he’s just hanging on for us cause he’s still definitely in the running.
  7. Going to be hard for a manager who actually wants to come to us due to the contract that dc wants. He’s wanting a 1month trial period and contract till end of season. Cook would be happy for this and is waiting for a phone call from dc which hasn’t happened. Maybe because he’s in Thailand playing golf.
  8. You guys have took it the wrong way I was actually backing JH with that posting cause I know so many people will be Waiting for it to go wrong. Also check the other thread next manager odds. And tbh with regards to my source it’s all been very quiet haven’t heard anything in last couple of days. Maybe you guys should start to believe me I was the first person to release that Alonso wanted cook but AP wanted others.
  9. When there isn’t an announcement today and when we finally announce a manager and it’s not ivic I strongly advise @JOHNHARKESto just not come on this for a while there will be so many people hating
  10. Wrong for saying that mate. I don’t believe what he’s posted and beleive it’s absolute S**T but no need to say things like that especially if he has actually been told that information and he’s just sharing it with us whether credible or not your bang out of order.
  11. So you think this is still likely to happen ? Yet all local journos have said he’s turned us down ?
  12. Has this so called source actually got anything correct ?
  13. Can’t wait for the announcement today thanks for sharing your reliable information with us @JOHNHARKESvery much appreciated.
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