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  1. Anyone know what is the latest with him?
  2. Let him play, without relying on him. His main focus should not be what everyone is doing or isn't doing but his own game. Everyone should take responsibility for their game and not pass to Bannan every time they're are under the cosh.
  3. Exactly what it says on the tin- Carlos or Big Ron
  4. When Hutchinson came back it upped Tom Lees confidence and made the defence tick. Now it needs a leader again in Hutchinson. It proves a point my post- like when people slag off Reach- there's no debate like his contributions when the chips were down before, he came out and worked hard and then this season played brilliant when played in position, then came good crosses and goals. Bannan playing his arse off,up and down the pitch, looking after players and stopping him playing his own game and having to play defence aswell and people quick to jump on him every chance they get. Mess with people
  5. Tom Lees performance has gone well down and he's past it. Negative play, lacking confidence,backward passing, dodgy play and needs replacing. He has a better presence in their box than anywhere near ours. We need Hutchinson to take that place and sure up the defence.
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