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  1. Was just thinking that 3 weeks ago it was the end of the world that these two were going but our recruitment has been that good that both of them would be regulars in the U23’s if they’d stayed
  2. Was busy and got stuck in. There was a couple of times he gave their defenders a nudge in the build up which gave us an advantage. Think its a decent start from him
  3. I didnt think they offered much. Hutch and Iorfa could have defended against them all day long. Their manager and assistant spent most of the game badgering the linesman and 4th official rather than focusing on the pitch Definitely think they'll struggle this season, they look like a bottom half of the table club
  4. Ideal player to bring on as they were tiring, thought he did his job really well
  5. Solid at the back, midfield ok, up front definitely needs work. Patterson ran around a lot but didnt really offer much, Green seemed scared of the ball. Brown (who i thought was a left back but had the most shots today) did better in this game than his namesake did all last season. Shame Shodipo went off early as didnt see much of him. FDB did better than Green but i'd have done better than Green
  6. had to take action. We went to see that bear outside Bramall Lane as part of her bear hunt and she stood there while I took a photo with her thumbs up. I’m not having that..
  7. Taking my 5 year old for the first time. It’s the first time for me in a long while too. Genuine good feeling that DM is in charge
  8. Had to create a second account for my 5 year old, then fill her profile in with her date of birth, then I could add her by her I’d number and it worked. Checkout gives you 45 minutes to complete the purchase. It was like mission impossible but I got it done with 2 minutes to spare.
  9. Love this. When he played at Hillsborough last season thought he was excellent
  10. Got to hope they’re going to contribute to his wages
  11. Plus the 4-4 in the cup that season. Chelsea game we came back with the back window missing from the bus as they’d launched a brick through it
  12. Michael Appleton (Lincoln Manager) has been diagnosed with Testicular Cancer - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57827790 Lets hope he makes a quick & successful recovery
  13. I use Aftershokz Aeropex for running after forever fiddling with my AirPods Pro. They are bone conduction so don’t sit in the ear. Excellent quality, don’t move, waterproof and I’m aware of any traffic around me too. was sceptical at first but a couple of the running shops have them to try on in store so it’s worth trying them out
  14. Cant put this book down. Its really good and in the context of whats been going on at S6 i've got half a mind to get it translated into Thai and send him and Att a copy.
  15. Of all of them, I never understood why we signed Kachunga. Must have given the opposition such a boost when they saw him coming on..
  16. Why would anyone under contract be walking away now if they'd been paid?
  17. 99p in the kindle store today. Going to give it a read as looks really interesting
  18. So have we got him because DM thinks that with a proper coach there’s still potential in the 2 keepers we’ve got or is it that he doesn’t want Weaver to ruin any keepers that we’re going to sign?
  19. Answered my own question with a simple google search ‘Nearly man’ to number one – Histon boss Lance Key’s life after glove | Non League Daily
  20. Didnt we have another brother who didnt play for the first team at all? John Linighan? Or have I imagined it?
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