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  1. Loved Neymarv leaving him on his arse. I wanted them to give him the ball as he was the least dangerous of who they had up top. Think he got caught up in trying to win the game on his own. Would have been much more worried if they’d have brought Wickham on think he’ll have a decent career in the MLS
  2. Sack him? Don’t be silly. the only thing that annoys me is that Moore, Smith, Thompson and Jacobs were all defenders. That should be our strong point not our main weakness actually, NML up front annoys me when Berahino is on the bench
  3. Solid enough but he rivals Tom Lees in the distribution stakes. Marshalled the defence well, screaming at Hutch and Storey to push out. With Gibson, Iorfa and Dunkley in reserve we've got such good options in there
  4. Whats it called? Been looking for a decent chippy since i've been working down there
  5. Their club shop in the centre of Lincoln is somewhat better than our attempt at Meadowhall. Had a look in yesterday when I was working in Lincoln. Couldnt find any half/half scarves for the game, must only be available at the ground
  6. Jack Hunt. Smashes one in the top corner then heads off at high speed down Penistone Road in the general direction of town
  7. They had nearly 17000 there today. Assume that’s not normal?
  8. Was one of theirs a concussion sub? Missed that one and couldn’t work out what was happening when their 4th came on. to be fair they could have left all 4 on and brought the subs on top and they wouldn’t have touched us today
  9. Storey for me today. How he couldn’t get a game under Lowe at Preston is beyond me. Byers was class again too
  10. I mean i've actually found it - in Manchester Not sure why i couldnt quote the other post
  11. His style of play isn’t that different to 1980’s Wimbledon. Get ball forward quick and chase it..
  12. Liking the look of Byers. Getting stronger and stronger. Glad that Wing moved on or he might not have got a look in
  13. Chelsea Semi for me. Stupid kick off time. Never expected us to win. top top day out The last five minutes, Coming from 1-0 down to win 2-1 at WBA that season too has always stuck in my memory.
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