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  1. Does he need a lift there? Quite happy to drop him off
  2. Going 'upmarket' - they're opening one on Ecclesall Road soon
  3. Always liked Warne. Does a great job on no resources. Talks well and always seems positive
  4. ‘On the grass’ - where else would they be??
  5. Just watched the clip of the team getting off the bus and no matter what happens am content knowing thats the last time we'll see some of them arrive at a game as Wednesday players.
  6. Like when Strafford went on Sky Sports News before the Palace game. Things like that come back to haunt you (hopefully, fingers crossed)
  7. Happy to either drive him to the scottish border or chip in for a mega bus ticket.
  8. I know Smith is Moore's assistant but to me it'd have made more sense having Thompson giving the orders given he's got the best record this season. Smith definitely doesnt look like someone who likes being the top man, which is fine, until you put him there for the most important games of the season.
  9. Giving the ball to Harris is essentially giving the ball away. He makes Franz Carr look effective 90 more minutes and hopefully we'll never see him in our shirt again
  10. Im confident for next season no matter what division we're in as long as DM's team is in place and he's allowed to release and sign who he wants
  11. Went for Andre Green because I saw him at Yorkshire Wildlife Park last week
  12. I've wasted this morning firstly going into the loft to find the programme to check i was at the match (i was) then the rest of it trying to find myself in the picture. Havent cracked it yet but the day is still young
  13. People slate players like Colin West but at least he knew where the net was occasionally. This lad looks like a kid who has been brought on in a grown ups game. Offers absolutely nothing.
  14. Some Millwall fans helped me get back to a coach really quickly once. They were running and waving, it was so friendly...
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