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  1. I’d imagine the current realistic price would be a Tesco meal deal and a signed picture of Dot Cotton. Doesn’t even have to be signed by the right actress just as long as it’s got some ink on it. That’s a realistic price for the state the clubs in now. But Chansiri probably values us at £300 million, because ya know, successful businessman and that.
  2. No. But selling them at a reasonable price might. Our pricing is horrendous. DC cannot justify the pricing anymore. His excuse of high prices for quality football and pushing for promotion can’t stick when we are dropping to league 1. But no doubt that will be the business model when trying to get back up into the championship.
  3. The only explanation I can think of is we don’t actually pay him. He pays subs to get a game. Fiver a week.
  4. Not even wasting my afternoon with this one. Gave Huddersfield game a chance and that’s me done. It’s only going to go one way for us.
  5. Lost count how many times Harris lost the ball and gave possession away. Might be 1-0 but that was painful.
  6. I mean, can anyone genuinely say they are surprised at this? I have completely given up on the season. Finally just going to enjoy my Saturdays, can’t be arsed with these set of wasters.
  7. I’m struggling to see us getting 1.5 points the rest of the season never mind per game.
  8. We are an embarrassment. Wonder how much our shirts and season tickets will cost in league 1 next year. No doubt all the blind idiots will come up with the standard response of “you don’t have to buy one” rather than admit we are in serious trouble. Disgusting what’s happened to us.
  9. Personally I think this is a bit of positivity. Baz could easily get a contract at a mid/high table championship side but has chosen to commit to us. I feel he gets the fans and what we want, but is ultimately limited as to the talent on the field. Hopefully we can stay up this season and we can push forward. Hopefully.
  10. This is my thoughts. We just seem to lack any attacking threat in most games. But here comes the inconsistency, because in some games we do take the game to the opposites and have a go. I don’t think Rhodes and Pato work together, both are target men. I think we need someone else at the side of either of them. But I’m concerned.
  11. But I can’t help shaking off the feeling we are destined for league one. Is anyone actually positive we can stay up after tonight? We have a torrid set of games coming up apart from Birmingham and Luton, but even then, our inconsistency is dragging us into the league below.
  12. Correct. No one forces me to buy one. I’d like to buy one though, but not at £59. When the comparison clearly shows we are well above everyone else when it comes to pricing, when we are 3rd from bottom and riddled with issues, I find it quite concerning.
  13. We are coming along just at the right time to break this record for them then. It’s what we do best.
  14. I mean....is anyone really surprised we are the most expensive? £59 for a championship football shirt is a disgrace.
  15. Food of the gods! Aldi’s very hit and miss. Some stuff is spot on then others are absolutely horrendous. Trial and error with their food.
  16. Nowt wrong with a bit of Galahad lager down neck cocker
  17. Teams must rub their hands together when they see Wednesday as their next fixture. we just don’t seem to have a style. A plan. Or a clue.
  18. Love playing one up front at home when we are desperate for wins.
  19. No. With COVID bringing the decline in income, the fact we will lose a lot of our players who are out of contract is a concern. It’s clear Chansiri is struggling for funds himself with the lack of transfer activity and missed wages. We won’t have the funds to replace with any sort of quality. I genuinely fear that if/when we go down, this will be the start of a very long, dark time for this club. We will continue to sink. I’d rather stay up, keep Chansiri and hopefully the experience of this season will have spurred him on to sell to someone who knows what the feck they are doing. Here’s to hoping eh guys and gals. But it’s the hope that kills you.
  20. My sources tell me Chansiri is currently digging in the back of his sofa as we speak for some loose change to fund the transfer of a Somalian league 2 starlet. Apparently he may be too expensive though.
  21. I’m afraid that’s the season over. It was a must win tonight. Hate to admit it, but that’s the last tenner I’m spending on us this season.
  22. Good thing we’ve had a really solid January transfer window then....
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