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  1. Smaller. I’d recommend a size up from normal. I got a large and normally I’m a medium All other kits I’ve got are medium and they fit still so it’s not that I’m suddenly a fatso. I must say though it is a quality kit in looks and quality. Fits really well with the proper size.
  2. On field leadership can change that. A manager can give instructions but if there isn’t sufficient leadership in defence to keep them organised during play then it can go wrong very easily like it did yesterday. Dean brings that leadership and experience to keep things organised and make sure players are tracking their man.
  3. It’s so annoying because our overall play was quite good, especially the first half. Some good passing and attacking play but the defence was just abysmal in the second half. Like they all had 10 pints each in the dressing room. The ref was shocking. I normally try and look at it as much as possible without blue and white specs on but to give us so many cards, plus a sending off whilst giving them absolutely nothing for the same/worse challenges needs to be looked into. Ref performances like that need an independent investigation cos something wasn’t right there.
  4. Cannot defend crosses and set pieces. Teams will exploit this all season long. No idea how we can defend so badly for all 3 goals.
  5. Our defending is nothing short of a flipping joke. Absolutely horrendous for all 3. Schoolboy stuff what the hell goes on in training?
  6. Don’t read too much I got he Netflix documentaries. A lot of them are made by vegan directors/producers and they have an agenda to push. Lewis Hamilton himself is vegan and so is Djokovic. Lewis Hamilton forced his dog to be vegan which is borderline animal cruelty. Like I said the documentaries are agenda pushing nonsense. Too much meat is bad for you, just like too much of most things is. Balanced diets are the way forward.
  7. Completely depends on the injury. Several studies have indicated animal based proteins are much better for re occurring and chronic injuries. As for muscle synthesis they are roughly equal.
  8. Just picked mine up from Meadowhall. Quality kit and feels well made. Sizes are smaller than other years. Other years I’ve been a medium and this year needed a large. Previous years Medium still fits by the way I’m not just a fatty now.
  9. Can’t seem to string 3 passes together. chance to break, simple pass and we give it away again. Just not turned up.
  10. I think having to build an almost entire squad from scratch hindered the first half of our season. But he has galvanised the club, brought fans closer together and got us playing some decent stuff. He has earned another shot for me.
  11. I don’t get toytown fans at all. They’re always hanging out the back of the pigs backsides and they have a little love in together. Insignificant club with crap fans.
  12. Gonna be a tight 2 games. Hopefully we defend well on Friday and put ‘em away at home on Monday.
  13. Can’t see us scoring again tonight. it’ll be a torrid time wasting back against the wall second half from Fleetwood and we all know how that ends.
  14. I use laptop with HDMI to TV. Quality is fine, not quite the same as full HD through Sky or the like but certainly not bad either.
  15. I’d imagine the current realistic price would be a Tesco meal deal and a signed picture of Dot Cotton. Doesn’t even have to be signed by the right actress just as long as it’s got some ink on it. That’s a realistic price for the state the clubs in now. But Chansiri probably values us at £300 million, because ya know, successful businessman and that.
  16. No. But selling them at a reasonable price might. Our pricing is horrendous. DC cannot justify the pricing anymore. His excuse of high prices for quality football and pushing for promotion can’t stick when we are dropping to league 1. But no doubt that will be the business model when trying to get back up into the championship.
  17. The only explanation I can think of is we don’t actually pay him. He pays subs to get a game. Fiver a week.
  18. Not even wasting my afternoon with this one. Gave Huddersfield game a chance and that’s me done. It’s only going to go one way for us.
  19. Lost count how many times Harris lost the ball and gave possession away. Might be 1-0 but that was painful.
  20. I mean, can anyone genuinely say they are surprised at this? I have completely given up on the season. Finally just going to enjoy my Saturdays, can’t be arsed with these set of wasters.
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