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  1. That's not true though is it. Having the jab makes it less likely that you'll catch but if you do catch it you're less likely to pass it on. The jabs are to protect you, your family and friends, wider society and the NHS.
  2. Am I right in thinking we were 6 nil down at this point?
  3. I have never recovered from the pun that the star used when we signed him. It's a Kuqi coup
  4. My Scottish team is Kilmarnock. This could cause problems
  5. Agreed. It's class snobbery tbh, but that's part of the current climate
  6. In many ways I would agree, but these are treasured childhood memories and that binder was like a time capsule
  7. We scored some crackers that year. Di Piedi overhead kick and Hamshaw mazy run against Watford at Hillsborough being just two I recall.
  8. The game at ewood park was when Lancashire police were very heavy handed. Standing in front of the Wednesday fans with riot gear and randomly twatting people who complained their friend in a wheelchair couldn't see.
  9. I remember a semi final in about 2000. Blackburn.
  10. It was the only one I didn't go to. I was at school and my dad put his foot down. Proper roared when we lost. If only I'd been there I could've made a difference
  11. Inspired by @sherbornowl and @Willie Henderson I had hunt in the attic for my "scrapbook" from our trips to Wembley in the 90s. There's plenty more but here's a few highlights I thought this final one was a **** move by the star
  12. We'll wait with baited breath for the outcome of Moore's inquiry I suppose. It feels like we've been waiting for our injured players to come back since we got relegated from the Premier League.
  13. Found it. It's just one big tatty binder but the first thing I saw was 3 mint condition tricky Trev's barmy army hats. Photo coming soon (the camera on my phone isn't working)
  14. I've still got my scrap books from 91 and 93, though to be fair they're more like binders rammed full of cuttings and pull out specials as well as the odd rosette. I should hunt them out
  15. Mel Sterland did a job for the post office. Of is that a job on the post office
  16. Unfortunately not, but I do know someone called Austin Morris
  17. Highland league team I assume. I once had the dubious honour of watching Stirling v Buckie Thistle. The ball went out of the ground straight from kick off.
  18. Lol. I have two, they're not expensive.
  19. Can be a bit nasty but that's no bad thing in this division. He played for one of my Scottish teams (Stirling Albion) and he's a good player so I'd take him, but would he drop down again.
  20. Blackpool in a midweek cup replay about ten years ago. We were 3 nil down after about 20 minutes and I said to my (now) wife that we could leave if they scored another. I think it stayed 3 nil. She sat in front of our fire for about 2 hours and was still cold, but then she is a southerner
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