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  1. Or didn't use a sausage to separate the eggs from the beans
  2. Is a Brexit blamer someone who blames Brexit for everything or someone who voted Brexit blaming remainers for everything?
  3. Am I right in thinking we were 4 points behind United with 3 games to go when we went up last time? Apologies if that has been addressed on another thread
  4. Interesting that they referred to him as a raw sheffield 'blade'. I know we were nicknamed the blades early on but this is too late an article for that usage. Was blade a common term for a sheffielder at one point?
  5. We sacked him as manager on Christmas Eve, according to my dad. Anyone corroborate that?
  6. Love him, hate him or somewhere in the middle him; Liam Palmer is a well above average league one player and is generally in our team when we're at this level. At championship level he fills in gaps, but given our injuries he plays more than you'd hope/expect. It seems to me, given our record since he became a pressional, he's exactly what we need and no more than we could expect for a utility player. Puts on tin hat
  7. They could feasibly make the playoffs but it's a weird convoluted process
  8. The Ayrshire derby. My Killie supporting mate has been banging on about that for weeks.
  9. Yeah but there's only 7 teams in the division
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