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  1. Found it. It's just one big tatty binder but the first thing I saw was 3 mint condition tricky Trev's barmy army hats. Photo coming soon (the camera on my phone isn't working)
  2. I've still got my scrap books from 91 and 93, though to be fair they're more like binders rammed full of cuttings and pull out specials as well as the odd rosette. I should hunt them out
  3. Mel Sterland did a job for the post office. Of is that a job on the post office
  4. Unfortunately not, but I do know someone called Austin Morris
  5. Highland league team I assume. I once had the dubious honour of watching Stirling v Buckie Thistle. The ball went out of the ground straight from kick off.
  6. Lol. I have two, they're not expensive.
  7. Can be a bit nasty but that's no bad thing in this division. He played for one of my Scottish teams (Stirling Albion) and he's a good player so I'd take him, but would he drop down again.
  8. Blackpool in a midweek cup replay about ten years ago. We were 3 nil down after about 20 minutes and I said to my (now) wife that we could leave if they scored another. I think it stayed 3 nil. She sat in front of our fire for about 2 hours and was still cold, but then she is a southerner
  9. It's a shame they didn't get Brian down, he's good at shovelling snow. I can see him doing it from my window
  10. Were there any protests about taking on an ex owl as manager, in front of a statue of Derek Dooley this time?
  11. I wanted my hair like Mel Sterland when I was about 10. Luckily my mum talked me out of it.
  12. Some great lines here. Aging fan base? My daughter's only 2 and I'll eventually take her to Hillsborough. Is that what he means? He might be saying that we're all uneducated but I'm not sure due to the poor grammar and punctuation. Maybe it's irony. I used to work in Donny, and like this guy most people from Doncaster don't care about us. But when we lose to Doncaster all of those Man U fans suddenly become lifelong Rovers fans. Funny that.
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